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  1. I've been debating about using CAV vice BT minis for a generic sci-fi army. I have to pick one over the other since they vary too much in scale. While browsing through the CAV models here I noticed there were zero air units. No helos, no jets, nada. Why?

  2. Beat 2013 total of 227 painted minis.


    More importantly though I want to finish:

    -Organize new wargame room. (Should be moved into new home by middle of this month.)

    -6mm WW2 US Army.

    -6mm WW2 Russian Army.
    -1/600 Allied Air Force.

    -1/600 Axis Air Force.

    -1/6000 Axis Naval Force.

    -CAV Force for our club rules.

    -Finish 15mm WW1 British.

    -Finish 15mm WW2 Italians.

    -Start organizing minis for 15mm fantasy campaign.

    -Paint up some Reaper Vampire Bones monsters for dungeon delving.

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