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  1. CAV Borsig Spline Recluse and Baron APC.
  2. I picked up my Vampire Box at the con. I did a quick review at the motel that night and discovered I was missing the haunts, griffon and had a broke dwarf. Next day at the con I mentioned this to the Reaper staff and they made things good. Now that I've returned home and had time to inventory the box bone for bone I find that I am missing 38 bones but have 41 extras from the ones I do have. For example 2 storm giants, 2 chronoscape apes, etc. 1. Has this happened to anyone else? 2. Mr. Bones was not in the box, will he ship at a later date? 3. Will there be a process at Reaper to
  3. Be nice to go back to May like last year.
  4. Thanks! I've printed the menu and will definately try the creamy jalapeno sauce.
  5. While in town for the con where would one go to find the best Tex-Mex in Denton or nearby towns? I really like El-Chicos but want to try something new. Good nachos and queso is a must! Thanks.
  6. I would like to see Reaper bring back a small scale line like their old ShadowCorps they sold. 15mm fantasy armies with all the standard types with some new ideas thrown in; 6mm Fantasy Armies too. Would love to see a magical desert type human/magic/jinn army in 15mm. Only Reaper could pull this off to great affect.
  7. I hope so, we showed up last year on Friday and was able to buy tickets and swag bags at the door. We can only one game Thursday afternoon and Friday morning so day passes work better for us. We will be driving down from Northwest Arkansas. The swag bag and metal trade is what brought us back this year. We have reserved a room at the Comfort Inn in Corinth, which has a nice breakfast buffett with sausage and such. Hope to check out a few other places in the metro area and have fun. Tempting to buy tickets for Medieval Times again. Thanks!
  8. Looks like I missed the deadline to buy tickets and a swag bag. Can I still buy them at the door as we did last year or has the con and bags sold out? Thanks.
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