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  1. I just got the $31 shipping request yesterday. Honestly at first I thought it was a scam because I totally forgot about backing this. I had to come here and see that others had gotten similar requests before I paid. So thank you to everyone for posting here.
  2. I would like to see extra stirges added to the pledge manager.
  3. Wow, nostalgic. Not going to back but if I ever feel the need to pick up some old school minis again I know where to look.
  4. I'm into this more than I'm into Bones 6 currently. I just wish they had come out with the human command tent.
  5. I would definitely have to use a decal to get the kind of detail shown. At the size of the rug it shouldn't be too hard to print out.
  6. I would think they'd at least want to finish up Lost Tombs and Denizens of the Dungeon.
  7. I was thinking something from the Rotstump Bog.
  8. This begs the question, If you kill one of these guys and eat them, is it cannibalism or just bacon?
  9. Maybe it's got a dragon head impaled on the end of a shortspear?
  10. "I have never considered myself a teacher, but you have the correct temperament to learn" replies Isihiro to Tchono's request.
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