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  1. Fortunately I won't have to transport them anywhere. I just have to build some more shelves downstairs. The easy solution is just have the game come to you.
  2. My group shut down for a month, and then it was back to business as normal. Although now I'm on a 2-3 month break, as my son was born on New Year's Eve.
  3. Peace on earth, goodwill to men.
  4. My gaming group just started a Star Wars game. I have a feeling I'll be backing this (sigh, more minis to paint).
  5. Ya know, when I first heard saw it I said it's a nice ship, I'll get one. But I certainly don't need two, even if one of them is a ghost ship. And then I saw the new update. And now I'm getting two
  6. "Well, I could use a bit of a rest. But afterwards we might as well check it out since we're here."
  7. A better sailor than a swimmer he is, nonetheless Lorak will attempt to swim. D20(1)+6=7. Critical fail. Good thing he can't drown since he's holding onto the side of the raft.
  8. 13+4=17. "Hey, will this big buoyant log help?"
  9. Lorak nods his head in thanks to Sabine and agrees with the others about visiting the shipwreck.
  10. D20(8)+7+4=19 "Thanks for the help. I knew I might get stung but figured it was important to ground the creature."
  11. Ok, Lorak will ready an action to grapple it when it comes within reach.
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