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  1. True, that would allow me to space out my painting instead of painting a 100+ anhurians like I'm doing now.
  2. Well, given that I have 5 of each siege weapon coming, metal, especially with the rise in cost, might get a little pricey.
  3. Just thinking I would like to see an Anhurian siege weapon crew to go with the existing Anhurians and siege weapons.
  4. You can always just pick up Liriel Silverlocks female elf bard, sku # 03398 if you want a sitting bard.
  5. Hot glue gun and some clear plastic. Won't stay clear forever, but it's cheap and sturdy.
  6. Winner, winner chicken dinner.
  7. A bone Naga. Also convert the Warlord calvary; dwarf ram rider, dwarf griffin rider, orc scorpion rider, goblin warg rider etc. to Bones.
  8. Reaper makes a brush on sealer that's all I use on Bones after several disastrous attempts with spay sealers. I wonder if it could be used with an airbrush?
  9. I use dental plaster as well. It's not chip proof but is fairly stout, I've had wood glue fail at the joint before the piece actually broke.
  10. Some folks do use resin in their molds, however it's said that resin will cause the mold to break down quickly. Idk about that because I've only ever used resin in one mold, the graveyard fencing 10 years ago, and it has held up fine. The standard advice is to make a copy of the mold you want to use resin in and then use that.
  11. Glad to see I'm not the only one still working on Bones 1 stuff.
  12. Fortunately I won't have to transport them anywhere. I just have to build some more shelves downstairs. The easy solution is just have the game come to you.
  13. My group shut down for a month, and then it was back to business as normal. Although now I'm on a 2-3 month break, as my son was born on New Year's Eve.
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