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  1. Lorak will take the last watch unless it's already taken, in which case he'll take the next to last.
  2. "As much as I should like to find the lighthouse, I agree that returning to camp is the wisest option at this time".
  3. Lorak will climb (move action) on top of the Boulder, (d20(9)+7=16 climb check if needed) and then making himself a noticeable target will enter a defensive stance (standard action to go total defense for +4 dodge bonus to ac for 1 round).
  4. Lorak will take pains to stay out of sight, without being super stealthy. Take 10 for 17.
  5. "I can certainly climb. But if we're not in a hurry it would make sense to take the safer way."
  6. "Why, are the younger ones better eating?"
  7. Survival d20(11)+4=15 Perception d20(8)+8=16 Initiative d20(4)+3=7
  8. Lorak will double move to J16(or as close as he can if my math is off).
  9. Let's say Lorak is bringing up the rear at E21
  10. D20(1)+3= 4 Lorak is in no hurry...
  11. "I think we should head to the west, if rumor is to be believed that's the direction of the lighthouse."
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