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  1. Ya know, when I first heard saw it I said it's a nice ship, I'll get one. But I certainly don't need two, even if one of them is a ghost ship. And then I saw the new update. And now I'm getting two
  2. "Well, I could use a bit of a rest. But afterwards we might as well check it out since we're here."
  3. A better sailor than a swimmer he is, nonetheless Lorak will attempt to swim. D20(1)+6=7. Critical fail. Good thing he can't drown since he's holding onto the side of the raft.
  4. 13+4=17. "Hey, will this big buoyant log help?"
  5. Lorak nods his head in thanks to Sabine and agrees with the others about visiting the shipwreck.
  6. D20(8)+7+4=19 "Thanks for the help. I knew I might get stung but figured it was important to ground the creature."
  7. Ok, Lorak will ready an action to grapple it when it comes within reach.
  8. Lorak will move to Q11 and enter a defensive stance kata while psyching himself for battle (think Maori haka).
  9. 55% Survival d20(1)+4=5 Stealth d20(11)+7=18
  10. Well, there are multiple types of gem dragons, so that's that, and I've played through adventures where multiple seige weapons would have been nice to have instead of improvised items. I also think that you can always use more townsfolk. Mostly I'm tired of painting adventurers and monsters, but still enjoy painting terrain, so I went heavier on terrain this time.
  11. Lorak agrees that we should find another good spot to camp first before we move from this one.
  12. Lorak will do some katas, eat and then meditate on the events of the day. He will volunteer for the last watch if necessary.
  13. I'm locked in now. Since I'm still painting minis from all 4 previous kickstarters I went light this time: Pirate Ship Dark Depths Expansion Brinewind Expansion Brinewind extras Townsfolk The Spiders of Emrith Kul Encounter at Mandupar Pass Charnel Pit of the Ghoul Queen Encounter: Shadows of Ravenhome Encounter at Gallowguard The Dwarf King's Crypt Song of Sirens Yog Sothoth Extra Gem dragon ×5 Catapult ×4 Trebuchet ×4 Ballista ×4 Extra wall of thorns ×3 Extra armory Extra Loot golem Extra Overgourd Disapproving spell effect Sophie's Lucky dice
  14. Perception d20(8)+8=16 Initiative d20(1)+3=4
  15. Since we're here, I'd say check out the point, stealthily if possible.
  16. Waiting to hear a consensus on whether we sneak and grab or attack.
  17. Perhaps we should attempt to sneak up and snatch any young. But how to silence their cries?
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