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  1. Lorak will do some katas, eat and then meditate on the events of the day. He will volunteer for the last watch if necessary.
  2. I'm locked in now. Since I'm still painting minis from all 4 previous kickstarters I went light this time: Pirate Ship Dark Depths Expansion Brinewind Expansion Brinewind extras Townsfolk The Spiders of Emrith Kul Encounter at Mandupar Pass Charnel Pit of the Ghoul Queen Encounter: Shadows of Ravenhome Encounter at Gallowguard The Dwarf King's Crypt Song of Sirens Yog Sothoth Extra Gem dragon ×5 Catapult ×4 Trebuchet ×4 Ballista ×4 Extra wall of thorns ×3 Extra armory Extra Loot golem Extra Overgourd Disapproving spell effect Sophie's Lucky dice
  3. Perception d20(8)+8=16 Initiative d20(1)+3=4
  4. Since we're here, I'd say check out the point, stealthily if possible.
  5. Waiting to hear a consensus on whether we sneak and grab or attack.
  6. Perhaps we should attempt to sneak up and snatch any young. But how to silence their cries?
  7. 16 for Lorak, assuming he's made his way out of the drink already.
  8. Lorak attempts to climb down the cliff to the wreck. Alas! D20(1)+7=8
  9. Lorak will take the last watch unless it's already taken, in which case he'll take the next to last.
  10. "As much as I should like to find the lighthouse, I agree that returning to camp is the wisest option at this time".
  11. Lorak will climb (move action) on top of the Boulder, (d20(9)+7=16 climb check if needed) and then making himself a noticeable target will enter a defensive stance (standard action to go total defense for +4 dodge bonus to ac for 1 round).
  12. Lorak will take pains to stay out of sight, without being super stealthy. Take 10 for 17.
  13. "I can certainly climb. But if we're not in a hurry it would make sense to take the safer way."
  14. "Why, are the younger ones better eating?"
  15. Survival d20(11)+4=15 Perception d20(8)+8=16 Initiative d20(4)+3=7
  16. Lorak will double move to J16(or as close as he can if my math is off).
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