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  1. Having fallen out of painting. I got this at GenCon and the first disk (along with seeing Anne and Jen painting in person) has really fired me up for painting. My first mini in a long time can be seen here. I do intend to write more about the process and take better pics. Ultimately the first disk alone was inspiring, I've not had time to get through the 2nd or 3rd yet. Thanks Anne.
  2. I didn't see this in the rules (wouldn't expect it to make it there), but as a general Miniature collector and game player I would suggest keeping figure prices where they are now as opposed to increasing the prices of certain figures because they are more powerful and should therefore cost more. I know many wargame companies do this and I know it causes many miniature hobbiests and even several players to look elswhere for miniatures. Just a comment thanks.
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