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  1. Thank you! ^^ Thanks for the tip. I'll get some better pictures and post them. ty
  2. I agree. He could definitely be pushed further. He was definitely a speed paint.
  3. Wonderful. The wings are very successful, and I love the contrast between the blue/grey of the scales, and the red/orange/brown of the wings. ^^
  4. Very nice! I get a Dragon Age vibe from the color scheme on this guy. ^^ Nice work.
  5. I think this and brain in a jar are two of your best. Awesome work!
  6. Love the color scheme. Very nice. You should try dry brushing a new color over the texture and designs on his flesh to made that texture pop. Like a bright green maybe? Otherwise, it's looking good. ^^
  7. Thank you ^^ and I quite agree. Some Lovecraftian monsters can be really hard to find.
  8. Not Reaper Miniatures, but these are some of the extra minis that I got when I Kickstarted Cthulhu Wars way back when. They came in a dark maroon. So once I started painting them, they become 10 times more grisly and violent. I've definitely had fun mixing all the fleshy tones
  9. Finally painted my $10 Cthulhu from the first Kickstarter. I used a lot of washes to get the surface that you see. I was unsure of the sculpt at first, but ince I gotnpaintnonnit, it completely changed my perspective. I'm really happy with him. I usually sell my minis painted at coins, but I think he is going to stay with me for a while.
  10. One of the quick paint jobs I did recently.
  11. So I like many got the Vampire level in Reapers kickstarter last year as well as the Cthulhu, mini case and Kaldrax Dragon add on. I haven't really been following the forums, but I thought last I saw that I would get my stuff by the end of may. However I havn't seen or hear anything. I was wondering if something could have gone wrong with my reaper KS account or my order. :/ Any help would be appreciated.
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