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  1. Thank you! ^^ Thanks for the tip. I'll get some better pictures and post them. ty
  2. I agree. He could definitely be pushed further. He was definitely a speed paint.
  3. Wonderful. The wings are very successful, and I love the contrast between the blue/grey of the scales, and the red/orange/brown of the wings. ^^
  4. Very nice! I get a Dragon Age vibe from the color scheme on this guy. ^^ Nice work.
  5. I think this and brain in a jar are two of your best. Awesome work!
  6. Love the color scheme. Very nice. You should try dry brushing a new color over the texture and designs on his flesh to made that texture pop. Like a bright green maybe? Otherwise, it's looking good. ^^
  7. Thank you ^^ and I quite agree. Some Lovecraftian monsters can be really hard to find.
  8. Not Reaper Miniatures, but these are some of the extra minis that I got when I Kickstarted Cthulhu Wars way back when. They came in a dark maroon. So once I started painting them, they become 10 times more grisly and violent. I've definitely had fun mixing all the fleshy tones
  9. Finally painted my $10 Cthulhu from the first Kickstarter. I used a lot of washes to get the surface that you see. I was unsure of the sculpt at first, but ince I gotnpaintnonnit, it completely changed my perspective. I'm really happy with him. I usually sell my minis painted at coins, but I think he is going to stay with me for a while.
  10. One of the quick paint jobs I did recently.
  11. So I like many got the Vampire level in Reapers kickstarter last year as well as the Cthulhu, mini case and Kaldrax Dragon add on. I haven't really been following the forums, but I thought last I saw that I would get my stuff by the end of may. However I havn't seen or hear anything. I was wondering if something could have gone wrong with my reaper KS account or my order. :/ Any help would be appreciated.
  12. actually my friends are just finding out about my painting.It was something we never talked about Well be ready for the occasional random mini you get to paint.
  13. Agreed Think we needed those a long *BZZZT* I mean *BZZZT* Hey I wasn't even gonna *BZZZZZZT* .... nvm lol
  14. wow! These colors look amazing. Awesome job. ;)
  15. wow.. This is beautiful. Incredible work man. Truly talented.
  16. *Looks at all painted minis* ...... *Looks at the time it took to paint them all* ..... *Looks at my own shelf of minis.* ..... ................. I think I am going to have to kill you... x) jk ;P Amazing work!
  17. These guys look so bad! :D Awesome work. ;)
  18. Oh! This looks great. Great detail and love the color of the bones.
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