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  1. Thank you. :) Need to buy more test subjects for my evvilll blending experiments! BWAHAHAHAHA MWAHAHAH. lol Thanks again. ;)
  2. lol ty. That's not the first time that I've heard that the arms are a real b****. lol Be sure to share them when your finished. I myself can't find many paint jobs done on the werewolf for inspiration.
  3. All right so it took me longer than I wanted, but I've done a few things since my last post here. For one I went over and cleaned up the lousy highlights. Note I took care of the white that you see after I spotted it in the picture. The brown highlight was also a little brighter than I wanted, but it still looks good. I had one more werewolf left, but before I tried out blending I first practiced it on my first werewolf I painted a while back. Honestly I thought these highlights look better than the next werewolf. So ya. I didn't expect my first attempt at blending would be so great, but I'm still excited to learn how and practice. :) I had a hard time smoothing and blending the highlights, but I still think it's okay. Still need to touch up some of the final mini, but anyway thank you all. :)
  4. Welcome to the forums. :) You'll learn a lot from some of the guys here. Anyway that mini looks pretty good so far. ;) I love any kind of Dragonborn looking mini I can get my hands on. And don't worry about the pics. Taking pics of minis can be a real pain.
  5. She looks amazing. Soon I'm going to be ordering some Reaper paint. I can't wait to try it out especially after seeing this. :) Keep up the good work. ;)
  6. Now teaching myself how to blend and highlight over the Forums here, and on Youtube. Should be fun. :)

  7. Now teaching myself how to blend and highlight over the Forums here, and on Youtube. Should be fun. :)

  8. You guys should put those MSP paint samples in peoples orders more often. I got one and the color I got wasn't really one I needed for any of my minis, but I've been needing to get off of that craft store paint. :P I just tested the MSP on a skeleton and fell in love. :P Now I need to go make some money to buy the paint. lol
  9. So I think I may have screwed this up. lol I tried highlighting, but haven't really done it like this so as I expected I did a bad job. Now don't read into the pics to much below because they are really bad. Tomorrow morning I'm going to re mix the original light brown highlight that covered most of the mini and star over on the highlights. I ending up just putting to much off white/brown on him, and what I put on it was going on too thick. Anyway don't fret over the pic to much. I'll post a better one tomorrow once I redo the highlights. If you guys have any highlight 101 advice please share. lol ty. :) ya.. These pics are really bad. :P lol You can examine it more tomorrow.
  10. Thank you. :) I have to agree getting your photos to turn out right can be a real pain. :P lol
  11. Thank you. I was very pleased with this one. I'm glad you like it. Those pics look very good too. Maybe a little sharper? I myself use GIMP, but always forget to mess with the brightness. I usually just auto color correct them.
  12. wow. That paint job really pops. ;) I love painting dwarves. :)
  13. This had to be one of my favorite paint jobs of this mini. :) Nice work. ;)
  14. I've never really cared for the mice minis, but after seeing yours I'm really tempted to get a few. :) Excellent free hand btw. ;)
  15. lol Yes it's the Reaper Bones line. :P Very fun to paint. I'm glad that I went with the Bones. I may use a lighter color for the highlights on the fur, but I think for now that he's pretty good. I actually only have one tube of brown paint. :P Soon I'll be taking care of the lake of paint. :)
  16. This is my second Werewolf and I myself am very pleased. I felt while painting that my paints and brush were some of the bigger obstacles and were kinda holding me back. Fortunately that will be remedied soon. Thank you.
  17. I do almost the same thing accept I use peg board. Nice work. ;)
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