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  1. These are the minis that are oozing with character, and are dieing to get onto the table and be roleplayed. Excellent job. ;)
  2. That's a good idea. I'll have to try that out.
  3. I know. :D I really like dressing up and cosplay so I'll be getting a badass costume for the con as well. :D
  4. Too me it looks like a scary/gothic carnival theme. It reminds me of this carnival in a video game called the DarkMoon Fair. Probably will get more info on it the closer we get to it.
  5. So I have 2 more pf these to paint and then I'll have a total of 6 of these particular skeletons. I'm not quite finished with this one but I'll post this pic anyway. Any advice as to what you think I should do to finish up please share. :) ty
  6. So this is my 3d Ghost and I really don't know what to think of it. :P It didn't really turn out how I wanted, but I thought I'd share it with you all anyway.
  7. So I really didn't know were I was going with this mini, but I thought it turned out okay.
  8. I think the theme for the next reaper con is a lot like the World of Warcraft Darkmoon Fair. just in case you actually have any clue as to what I'm talking about. lol :P
  9. These sound awesome. I'll definitely be going for this. I gotta say I'm REALLY excited about the theme this year.
  10. So I've seen the count down for the next Reaper-con which looks amazing, and I plan on attending this one. I was wanting to set some kind of goal to try and reach before the count down was complete, but I'm stumped. lol Any ideas please share. :D
  11. Thanks. :) Glad that I finally got them looking good.
  12. wb mate. :) Looks excellent for the first in 4 years. ;) Love how the face turned out. I'd say the metallics look very good too. Keep em coming.
  13. Thanks. I plan on working on the base later. Just been really busy with church, fathers day, and whatnot. :P btw I'll be looking into more ways to highlight. Thanks again. :)
  14. Thanks. btw thats Pearl White paint, not the metal showing through. :P
  15. Alright so.... I fixed the staff for one, second the robes are actually a dark blue with an even darker blue in some areas and a Pearl White dry brush. The color scheme just didn't agree well with the background and the lighting. May try a few different ways to light it and maybe a different background.
  16. I'm not entirely pleased with how she turned out, but I still rather like it. :) Mainly the paint I used for the skin tone was bad. As soon as my money frees up I'm going to invest in some better paint. Any advice is welcome. :) Just know I am fully aware this this is a very noobish paint job. :P
  17. That looks incredible. Excellent free hand. ;)
  18. This looks awesome. :) Love how the green dress looks. Don't worry about not doing the tattoo on her shoulder. I've tried some similar things on minis and have been burned. lol Takes a bit of courage I think. :P I'm sure it would look great if you do decide to do it though.
  19. Been a while since I've painted anything. :/ Hope to get some more skeletons done tomorrow. :D

  20. Been a while since I've painted anything. :/ Hope to get some more skeletons done tomorrow. :D

  21. These look incredible. I really like the Lizard men.
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