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  1. Those look great. :D I love the armor and cape on the anti paladin. Excellent job. ;) His eyes turned out really well too.
  2. Thank you so much guys. :) I really appreciate all the great feedback. I was inspired to do a red color scheme by the Emissary from an older video game I used to play called Jade Empire. An emissary is an undead caster in Chinese mythology. As far as I know anyway. :P Thank you all again. :)
  3. That's one crazy looking mini. :P I like how you got the eyes and teeth to look. ;) Good job.
  4. Got 4 more of these guys to paint. Really like how well they paint up. The archer needs a little touching up, but I'd say they turned out pretty well. :) Thanks for reading. Comments and advice are appreciated.
  5. Thanks, and nope no sealant. Just wet paint. I was really glad to finally get the pics looking good. :)
  6. Thanks. :) I got the idea from an undead emissary from an old video game I used to play. :P The shine is probably there cause the paint was still a little wet when I took the pic, and I also used a metallic for my dry brush. ty again. :)
  7. Finally got my second order of minis in as well as a awesome studio light which has made a huge difference. I enjoy painting this guy in particular for some reason so I have one more of this one to paint. Anyway hope you like. :) btw the light has also improved my photo-fu! :D lol
  8. Just made another large order from Reaper. Cost me over $40. :P Can't wait to get some more painting done. :D

  9. That thing looks disgusting! I'd say that that's a good indicator that you did a great job. ;) lol xD
  10. So what level of skill will this be? :P I'd enter, but I'm still a noob. lol
  11. Just painted up my Werewolf. Has to be my favorite miniature I've done so far. :D

  12. Just painted up my Werewolf. Has to be my favorite miniature I've done so far. :D

  13. So far this has to be my favorite mini I have painted so far. Thoughts and advice please share. :) ty
  14. Thanks. I actually just fixed that with the pics of my WereWolf just a few seconds ago. lol ty again though. :)
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