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  1. That is very clever. I only have one light source right now, but will be buying a desk lamp that clamps down on the side of my desk some time this week. .ty for the link. :)
  2. So here is my second of the three. This one represents water. The last one I painted was fire. I plan on basing these guys to reflect on each ones element later on.
  3. You had a typo, I fixed it for you! HAHAHAHA!! lol
  4. <sigh> If only... Perhaps next year. I know right? I've been saying maybe next year about the Blizzard con for years now. :( lol
  5. That is sick! :) Excellent paint job. ;)
  6. While watching some "Everybody Loves Raymond" I managed to get this guy painted up. :D I know most of the colors are greys and metallic, but I really like it that way. I wanted to get the frozen/snowy feel to it. Wanted him to like like he was right out of Northrend. :P Anyway hope you all like.
  7. Man. Those things put my kobalds to shame. :P Those things are so freakin small. lol Good one. ;)
  8. That thing looks pretty awesome. Good one. ;)
  9. lol When I read the title I was like 'you spelled scams wrong.' lol xD grats to you mate. ;)
  10. 2 words. you tube. lol I actually may have to look into these mini dvds. :P
  11. Steam punk, and gothic horror. Just various minis based off of these themes would be great. You already have a good number of gothic style minis, but I mainly want to see more Steampunk/medievalfantasy minis.
  12. A fan showing Reaper how to run their web site? What is happening to this world!? LOL xD
  13. I'd like to see the bigger more expensive ones such as dragons make it to bones. As well as various sculpts of the skeleies and other monsters that would make a great army.
  14. hotohothotHOThotho... erm I mean good job. ;) lol
  15. Agreed. :D Someone sculpt a steampunk dragon for this guy! :D
  16. This is amazing. I love the diorama. ;) I've had my eye on that mini for a while now, and this makes her look even better. Great work mate.
  17. I want a unofficial one for me and all fellow noobs. :) LOL
  18. You go that long with out painting and then start out again with this? You make me sick. lol Great one mate. ;)
  19. Your paint jobs are always so badass. :) Keep the minis coming mate.
  20. I think the paint job was very clean. Great job. :)
  21. I love the Bones. I started painting minis again when Reaper Bones came out. :) Good work mate. ;)
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