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  1. Nice! :) I love being known as the painter among my friends and family cause I always get misc figs like this from time to time to paint up.
  2. Nice! This looks great. Love the green color idea. This guy is personally one of my favorite Bones minis. (That are currently available. ;P )
  3. Very nice. I loved painting this fig. Nice work. :) btw That photography thing is a lifelong battle. We painters and traditional media artists just aren't meant to use a camera... x) lol
  4. I'm back in Black... Again. ^_^

  5. Thank you. lol I may predate you, but you've made a LOT more posts than me.
  6. These look amazing. I as well painted the Human Knight similarly a while back. Amazing job here. :D
  7. you is lucky. I'm still waiting to get my minis to overflow my room. :/ LOL
  8. Thank you. Hopefully a friend not yet met. A strange friend not yet met.
  9. Thank you. :) Hope so too. Will have to get some pics of my uncles Zombiecide minis that I helped him paint. :)
  10. You should check out his threads in WIP and Show Off. He's surprisingly productive. Most likely will do that.
  11. O_O Everything! You luck rich person. LOL I guess you will have to wait a little while, but that is gonna be a LOT of minis. Yes, it is going to be a lot . . . plus the 110 original Bones I already have . . . Looks like you will definitely have your hands full.
  12. O_O Everything! You luck rich person. LOL I guess you will have to wait a little while, but that is gonna be a LOT of minis.
  13. Hecks ya! Can't wait to see the Show Off thread get flooded with Bones. x) I have to wait a little longer for mine though cause I also picked out the fig case, Cthulhu, and the Skeletal Dragon. :P It'll be worth it though.
  14. So ya. If you guys remember it is me once again. It has been WAY to long since I've been here... AGAIN. lol but this time it wasn't because I had no time or wasn't painting. You see I had my browser remember my log in info for Reaper, and when I had to rewrite my pc due to a virus and crash :P I lost all the info. I even got a hold of one of the guys at Reaper to help me, but I couldn't figure out which email and user name I was using for this account. :P It was just an accident that I logged in with the right info today. lol Anyway I hope to be posting more again and get back into painting more often. Kickstarter left me broke, and woth school I don't feel like I've had to for very much at all. :P Anyway I'm glad to be back. (I'm alsi glad I got back into my account to get my KS bones badge. :D)
  15. I like. The skin tone came out very nicely. :)
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