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  1. I like the finger nails. Wouldn't want to get one of those thing tickling me. xD
  2. That's an amazing job. :D Especially since it is your first. ;) Keep up the good work.
  3. I've been wanting to give sculpting another shot, but need to invest in some green stuff and armatures. :P
  4. O.O Incredible paint job! :D I like it. ;)
  5. Awesome color combo. :) I'll go check out you DA page. :)
  6. This is awesome. :) He looks like Link in the Twilight Princess when you turn into a wolf. Excellent job.
  7. Man that is SICK! Fantastic job. :D If I ever roll up a cleric in D&D this is what I want him to look like. :D I like how you did his face and the pages on the tome. Keep it up. ;)
  8. So it's been sitting in your desk since a year after I was borne... xD Nice job on the mini. Looks like something form Starcraft 2. :P I mean that in a good way. lol Excellent job on the shades. ;)
  9. hothothothotHOTHOThothot!! I mean Nice job! xD Keep up the good work. ;) Nice conversion.
  10. I'm liking the paint job there. ;) The reds and oranges look fantastic together. :)
  11. AHHG My LPATOP IS ON FIRE!!!! oh wait..... xD Nice job. ;)
  12. These are fantastic jobs. ;) The the style and look of both of them are awesome.
  13. Man, I need to start honing my mini painting skill. This is awesome. I love the amount of detail and color in there.
  14. You just started painting miniatures and you made these?? All hail the ZabbyMonky!! xD lol That is a very excellent job on all of those. I especially like the wizard. ;) BTW I'm kinda new to painting minis myself, but I have leard a lot from here. Keep up the good work. :)
  15. That is awesome. That dark coloring is very well done. Fantastic job for only 2 hours. :)
  16. That is freakin awesome. That thing looks like it's dying to be in a rpg. :P lol I like the way you did the base and her surrounding. Her dress is also very well done. :)
  17. Wow. I love the shade and coloring of the Warden. Very well done. :)
  18. Nice job. That's a lot of detail for such a small mini. Congrats. ;)
  19. That in an excellent job. ;) I can't even tell you changed anything to him. Good going. He looks like a Tiefling Warlock my uncle used to play in my D&D group. :P
  20. Nice!. ;) I love the shading and coloring. Congrats.
  21. So this is, only my second miniature. As you can see I did the paint job as basic as I could so I didn't flat out screw it up. I'm a little weary to try washing or dry brushing a mini cause I don't want to pay $8 for a mini that will end up as a dud. :P This is my most recent mini I have done which would make it mearly my 3d. :P When I get paid I'll be getting some more Reapers, and hopefully I'll be able to improve at it. I appreciate any advice. Thanks for reading. :) BTW I'm sorry for the poor quality of the photos. My camera kinda sucks. :P
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