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  1. so what if my Reaper forum email is different from my kickstarter email?
  2. I'm sure this has already been asked, but how and when do we get our forum badge from the kickstarter?
  3. You guys definitely need to do the dragonborn from Skyrim. :D
  4. Thank you very much. :) lol I wish. :P I think if I just get some daylight blubs or whatever to replace the florescent ones I'll be good on lighting. :)
  5. Hey guys. First of all thanks for all the great feedback. :) I am also working on the lighting. I got a new camera and honestly it can be a paint with lighting and whatnot. I've been messing around and this is the best so far, but I do plan on getting more light. :P
  6. Dang. You've made some really fast progress. This one turned out nice. :)
  7. IMO, I think the roughness gives it the wrought or cast iron look. What works for me about the base is the how the metal looks to be in poor condition and not just rust covered. It reads as a pile of scrap metal so the browns instantly become oxidized metal to the eye. I will say that the piece reminds me of The Iron Giant. In any event I liked the piece and second it here. Great work. One of my favorite movies growing up. :D
  8. Reminds me a lot of the movie Rocketeer. :) Nice work. ;)
  9. Dang there is a TON of tiny detail there. Amazing work. ;D
  10. This is amazing. I love this sculpt. Awesome to see a new look to this fig. :D
  11. Thanks man. :D Thank you. Thanks. I agree. I'll be sure to do some dry brush some time. :) Now with school I've been so busy. :P Nice work Silas! MonkeySloth is right about the bird, some additional highlights (drybrushed or otherwise) would make that sucker pop! I like your colors and it's overall clean looking work. Thanks man. :) I appreciate it.
  12. One of the wizards I got for my birthday. :) Sorry about the bad color in the second photo. X(
  13. hrmm. Not sure yet. I want to paint a few of the other minis first to brush up so to speak. But I'm REALLY excited about painting this guy and will probably get to him pretty soon. :)
  14. So a little while ago me and a friend on DeviantART (MiniatureMistress) did a mini exchange. I think her user name is Lizard here. Anyway this is what I painted for her. I gotta say I was a little upset with how some of it turned out. : / I also can see some of the paint chipped off when it shiped. (she had to send me a pic. My camera was broke. lol)
  15. So here is one of the first minis I've gotten a chance to paint in a while. :) I did put to much into the background as you can see. :P lol But I may upload better pictures later. :)
  16. Hey guys. So it's been quite a while since I've really posted anything here. Thanks to the Reaper Bones kickstarter my funds to get minis for right now were left in shambles. :P And by the time I some more minis to paint the camera got broken. x( But fortunately today is my birthday and my dad got me an AMAzing camera and my mom and stepdad got me set on paints, minis, and brushes. :D Lighting is a little bad. : / I'm so excited to paint this guy! :D Well anyway I'm back and will be posting more often if all goes well. :)
  17. Got an amazing camera! Will be back with the show off thread very soon. :D

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