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  1. wow. These look amazing. ;) I like the steampunk look on these minis.
  2. Tomorrow is going to be a wild ride! Heck ya!
  3. Ya it kinda is. LOL Na I'm just kidding. I'd probably be doing the same if I were going.
  4. I'm kinda thinking it will come close to 3 million, but as quickly the speed of the pledges are changing it's hard to say. I myself will be happy so long as we get those necromancers. :)
  5. haha. That's awesome. Like the chain mail one too. :)
  6. Dang. Those colors look amazing. Very vibrant. :)
  7. Might make a nice kickstart reward perhaps? :)
  8. hmmm. I'll have to look more into it then.
  9. You did a really good job on the blood. I usually don't care for gore on minis, but these are one of the few I'll make an exception for. I also like the dark grays that tie all the figures together. Nice work. :)
  10. lol I thought that ceramic dragon was your first. :P
  11. I myself thought the Swords and Wizardry was kinda a random thing. :P I'm assuming this was before Swords and Sorcery? I myself have not heard of this rule set until now.
  12. 260k to go. :D I'm loving these Necromancers. I thought the Swords and Wizardry pdf was kinda random though. Hope you guys aren't running out of ideas. :P lol
  13. I LOVE REAPER! Dang. Those giants look awesome. And for FREEEEEEEEEEEE!
  14. ug. I couldn't get into the Dark Tower. : / I'm assuming they got better. I just assumed that it wasn't the best by Stephen King seeing as he did it when he was much younger.
  15. She's already in the LE pre-paint line, and in discussing the exact composition of the Undertaker pledge, it has been mentioned that Naomi was already slated in Bones for release this year. You shouldn't even have to wait until March for her. ~v Oh sweet! I was gonna say I really don't care for pre-painted minis, but that's awesome that she'll be released as one of the Bones. :D
  16. I KNOW! :D I've been dying for a vampire. :D Was kinda hoping we'd get this one. : / 14017 But heck. GO REAPER!
  17. Anyone interested in getting that scult is probably much better off buying the Ravenloft board game. It comes with 40 plastic minis, one of which is that exact same dracolich, but unpainted. lol Can you spot the older Raveloft in this pic of a recent haul of D&D books? lol
  18. So I'm probably going to drop the Sophie mini and either get the Dracolich or the mini carrying case, but I'm really torn between the 2 that I want. : / One the dracolich is [email protected]$$, but the minis carrying cases are usually really expensive anywhere else. : /
  19. After I've buried most of them I'll melt the rest in a fire. :D jkjk I'll probably spend an ungodly amount of time painting them then may try getting into selling some excess minis that I've painted as well as RPGs and whatnot. :)
  20. wow.This is incredible. I LOVE the color scheme. This has to be the best steampunk mini I've seen here. Amazing work mate! :)
  21. This looks really awesome. Nice to see a new color scheme on this sculpt. :)
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