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  1. wait... Are there no more stretch goals?! The cave ends at the pool of water. : /
  2. I think they should add the mummies to the mummy level. LOL
  3. Ya. I think we deserve a vampire for the vampires! lol That is funny though. I never caught that. :P
  4. Just made a Youtube channel specifically for miniatures and uploaded . I know it's kind of a lame start, but I hope to upload some more stuff soon. :) If you're on Youtube give me a sub. :) I may end up redoing the werewolf vid. Kinda a lame video. :P Anyway thanks for reading. :)
  5. How much do you think the mini carrying case will cost once it's available to buy outside of the kickstarter?
  6. hmm. : / I was kinda hoping more free stuff would be revealed. LOL Still those are some awesome paints. :) And an excellent price.
  7. You know I was kinda excited about getting a Reaper Bones forum badge, but now I'm pretty sure every single person here will also have one. :P lol *sigh* I wish I had more money. :( lol
  8. That's to much math for my taste.. lol That is indeed an excellent deal. :)
  9. Even though I as an avid D&D 4th ed player like to make fun of fellow gamers who play pathfinder I'm still freakin excited about these new minis Reaper has revealed! :D
  10. Why are you using Buglips' child in your photos? I think he should demand a DNA test. There's definitely a resemblance there. And I bet you were torturing him with an image of the cyborg ape when you took that pic. How cruel! This is WAR!
  11. Just like the Order of the Stick lady. Nice work. ;)
  12. Go kickstarter! My room is going to be overflowinf with minis come March. :D

  13. Go kickstarter! My room is going to be overflowinf with minis come March. :D

  14. I think Reaper should advertise this kickstarter with Reaper Bones Gangsters saying "I'm gonna make you a deal you can't refuse." :D
  15. Oh gosh.. I couldn't even decide. :P There are so many to choose from. But I'd definitely start a thread to show each and every KS bone I paint and follow any similar threads.
  16. Ah come on, it's a big field back there. Plenty of room for a tent city. Although I don't it's gonna be very plesant during a severe storm you kidding? we can take shelter under all the dragon wings... I think Reaper needs to use some of the coming kickstarter money and use it to make a homeless reaper painter shelter. :P
  17. *GASP* Has anyone notice the MSP bottle on one of the tomb stones? :D
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