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  1. So we've now made another 5k since the 525k stretch goal. Now we need another 35k to get to my Cthulhu Mythos monsters. SO START PLEDGING MORE MONEY PEOPLE!
  2. I'd just base it off of that minis next to it in the picture. Otherwise I don't know exactly.
  3. So I'm curious. The vampire pledge shows the minis that we'll get from all the stretch goals that we've met, but the bonus options show the minis from stretch goals we haven't met yet. I'm assuming that you can still get those even if we don't hit the goal, you just don't get any for free. Not entirely sure. :P So please if you can, enlighten me.
  4. Who else is going to name theirs Tick-Tock? I'm naming mine 'I NEED MORE MONEY!'
  5. wow. That is some amazing work. I have no doubt that it won a painting contest. :) btw Welcome to the Reaper forums. Lots of good stuff you'll find here. At the moment most of the threads here aren't quite so active. Most people have been checking out the kickstarter thread. I'd definitely check it out if you haven't already. Hope to see you here at the forums. :)
  6. This is me every time we JUST make enough money for a stretch goal, but still have to wait for the reveal to be posted... : /
  7. A refridgerator packing box and some scavenged boards will do the trick. I've already got a sweet spot picked out under a nice bridge. hehe. It sure does pay off to live in your moms basement. :D Free food, air, electric, and space. Sure you have to get used to living in a dirt basement, but it's a small price to pay for all that free. .
  8. I'm just waiting to either wake up and find out that this kickstarter was just another teens disturbed fantasies or get to the end of the kickstarter and find out the ReaperBryan has stolen the over half million and retired to a hidden island....
  9. I second that. Who the heck said ReaperByran could have a life!?
  10. I'm pretty sure the Kickstarter will make it to them. Not sure if the kickstarter will even get CLOSE to the end of this map so it is good to see that these later levels are getting more minis per reward since the rewards are getting spread farther apart. BTW am I the only cultist who was underwhelmed by the Chronoscope Shoggoth? The big eye looks more like it is caddying around some BBEG's crystal ball. Faceless horror OTOH rocks. The Eldritch Demon makes a fine CAV scale Cthulhu too. I have to admit that I am new to H.P. Lovecraft and Cthulhu Mythos, but I really never guessed that that was Shoggoth. lol And yes The Faceless horror does indeed rock. The Eldritch Demon has to be the most affordable yet cool looking Cthulhu miniature that I can find. I know that these guys make Call of Cthulhu RPG minis, but they relly don't to much of what I'm interested in. :P
  11. Please in the name of all that is holy let us make it to the Mythos Monsters!
  12. Just under 10,000 to go and the secrets of the mausoleum will be revealed. :D
  13. I just invited my buddy the really gross buff guy and my neighbor the snow beast over to watch the kickstarter. :D
  14. As amazing as this is going, I agree that we are unlikely to see the end-game of the map, but not for a lack of trying. It's been said elsewhere that Reaper has stretch goal plans all the way to $4 Million; that's just good planning on their part. It will help keep the pledges pouring in until the very end, as there will still be possibilities to unlock. If there were less goals, at less dollar value, there'd be less reason to get people to pony up extra dough at the very end. ~v Well that makes me feel somewhat better. : /
  15. I'm kinda freaking out now. Now that there is another graphic and there will obviously be more added to that one I'm not sure we are going to make all the streatch goals. Especially with the amount of money between each goal getting higher and higher. :/ I hear you. :(
  16. O_O You are awesome! LOL This looks amazing. :)
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