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  1. I think the new Fire elemental reveal needs some . :D
  2. ug. Day 2 after I pledge my money and I'm dying for March to be here. *sigh* I'm never going to make it. :P Still really excited to see what the mausoleum has to hide. I have no doubt that we will make it there. Things may be a little slow now, but towards the end of the kickstart people will be going crazy putting in any last minuet pledges and adding for the bones options. I know I'm waiting to see what extra cash I'm going to add until we get all the stretch goals.
  3. 1 Don't give the wife your check book 2 Leave your wallet at home as often as possible 3 Have someone change the password to the most commonly used device you use to shop online. 4 Come to an agreement with you local hobby shop owner to not sell anything to you for so long. 5 Resist and stay away from casinos. 6 Shred your credit cards and debit cards. 7 Don't look at the Reaper Bones Kickstarter rewards 8 Put your friends, families, and children's birthdays out of your mind as well as Christmas. They do not exist. 9 Don't be afraid to "BORROW" things. 10 Start a savings account?
  4. hehe. I'd love to, but between the parentsand gf I'd be killed. LOL XD OOooo. I love that tray. :D I don't have to worry about the shipping right? Since I'm in the US.
  5. Just put down my vampire level pledge. :) Forget Christmas I want March. X) LOL
  6. If this project is funded, how do I get my reward? When your reward is ready, Reaper Miniatures will send you a survey via email to request any info needed to deliver your reward (mailing address, T-shirt size, etc). So when will I get this e-mail. I rarely check my email. :P
  7. Alright so in a little bit I'm going to be pledging $100 to the kickstarter. As much as I know it will be worth it in about 7 months I still feel sad when I have to part with my hard earned cash. :( *sad background music* So when March comes around and I don't get my minis I'll be out on an epic quest to reek revenge upon Reaper for the loss of my cash. >:) MUHAHAHA. .lol Anyway. Cheers.
  8. Agreed. That's just kinda depressing. :/ But I'd probably do the same to do something I knew there was nothing wrong with doing. :P
  9. Tomorrow I'll make enough money to pledge 100 dollars for the Vampire level tomorrow. :) And if I'm lucky I'll get some extra together before the end of the kickstarter and get some of the giant figs. :D
  10. I can't wait to see what's in that odd ball tomb stone that will be revealed next. :D
  11. This has to be the longest thread in the reaper forums ever.
  12. A good story... Well one day my sister and mom went to see my grandparents, (on my dads side) and I stayed home to read. They had only gone over for a little bit so it wasn't a big deal. But mainly I had stayed home because I had been reading Harry Potter none stop, and wanted to stay and read. My mom wasn't going to complain. (me and reading usually don't go together. until recently that it. :P) So when they got there my grandmother asked were I was. Now for some of the humor of this story please remember that my sister was 7 or 8 when this happened. My mom told them that I had stay home to read Harry Potter. Then my grandmother kinda went nuts to say the least pretty much lecturing my mom. She was saying that the author (JK Rowling ) was a wiccan and that the spells in the Harry Potter books were real spells. She also refused to say the name "Harry Potter" xD She just called then HP books. I can't really remember the order it went in seeing as I actually wasn't there, but at one point when she said she refused to say the name of these books (kinda in line with how wizards won't say you-know-who's name huh? XD LOL) my sister goes, "HARRY POTTER HARRY POTTER HARRY POTTER!" Ya.. I guess I've been a bad influence on her. LOL Sadly most of these kind of stories involve the family on my dads side. They are extremely paranoid and whatnot. lol Anyway I'll be back soon to tell you more of the adventures of me. :D LOL XD
  13. I couldn't agree with you more. Every time someone say D&D uses witchcraft I want to ask them if they actually know and study witchcraft to know. :P Usually all that does for me is piss them off. lol I agree in can wear on you after a while, but sometimes you can look back and have a good laugh. :)
  14. This is my life right here. I as a Catholic who plays D&D, World of Warcraft, reads Harry Potter, and many other nefarious and sinful pleasures get a lot of this sort of thing from many people I know in the church. Our Bishop (also my uncle. :P *sigh*) is one of the many who is convinced that D&D is witchcraft and satanic, and is also "CONCERNED" about me playing World of Warcraft. One of the older members had seen some photos of sketches and whatnot that I had posted and took me aside one day and asked me if I was a devil worshiper. xD These are just a few of the many stories I have to share. Excellent story mate. Gave me a good laugh. :)
  15. This is beautiful. :) I love the red dress and her hair. Excellent work. :)
  16. That's because someone has to manually make all the changes. ahhhhhh. :P my bad
  17. we've reached the 155k goal but it won't show us anything about the msp paint set reward! WTF!? :O never mind... :P
  18. Hey, welcome back. :) I wondered if you were coming back. I thought you may have left the forums or something. :P Can't wait to see you work around here again. Thank you so much. :) I've been keeping busy.
  19. I meant 5+shipping, but ya I'm probably going to charge more than 5.:P
  20. mkay. It's one of my older paint jobs. But I showed him these two. I asked him to pick out which one and then we'd go over the price.
  21. Some someone on DeviantART wants to buy one of my werewolf minis. Since they aren't the best paint jobs I thought maybe $5.00 would be fair? Anyway I appreciate any and all help. :)
  22. Once we hit the 155k goal for the frost giants we'll be able to see what the MSP paint bottle head stone has waiting for us. :D
  23. That's kinda what I thought would end up happening.
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