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  1. This looks great/ Excellent work for only an hour and a half.
  2. Thanks guys. :) I really appreciate the great feedback. @Metalchaos Ya, sometimes it'll mess up the color like that. I just didn't feel like messing around with it at the time. :P
  3. Thank you. I probably spent around half an hour on the wings alone. :) As for the inspiration gallery I think I'm going to wait till I re-base her with one of these bases.
  4. Have you guys tried advertising the kickstarter through youtube yet?
  5. Alright so I want to pledge $100 for the vampire level, but am not sure how the add $10 to get these minis Works. Do I add the extra money immediatelyor do I get an option to add the extra money later. And also do I have until the end of the kick starter to add the extra, or do I have longer? I'm guessing another dragon. If your talking about the one with the wings. If you look at the marker for the Ebonwraith it's shaped like the ebon dragon.
  6. I really need $100. :P Yet I already got an offer to buy D&D 4th ed books at $4. :P Neeed more time to get the money for this. lol btw Do you still get the rewards for donating after the 30 days have run out? Cause if not I'm screwed. lol
  7. btw. Do you think this would get accepted into the inspiration gallery?
  8. I did exactly that. :) And it worked very well. ty
  9. Well I was going to do a full WIP and post tons of pics, but I ended up getting to focused. lol Anyway here it is. I'll also be posting this in the Show Off forum. http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/45114-14434-succubus-warrior/
  10. So I know there are plenty minis much better than this one, but I am VERY happy with how she has turned out. :D I've probably spent more time on this mini than any other that I've painted so far. I could have done more blending, but I was #1 hands were sore, #2 back hurts from leaning over a desk for 5 hours, #3 didn't want to go overboard and ruin the mini. :P Anyway I'm very pleased with her and am already planing on basing this one. It will end up being the first mini I've based. :P btw the black under her eye is supposed to be a free hand to look like goth make up. After seeing how this one turned out I'm going to have to go back and revamp the Blue Orchid Assassin. :P *sigh*. Anyway thanks for reading. :D A full 360! :D I love this mini.
  11. Going to start painting this one. Any advice?
  12. This guy was a quick and easy paint. I'm pretty happy with how he turned out. I hope you like and thank you for reading. lol auto-color correct has done that to me a few times now. :P
  13. This one still needs a little touch up and I gotta say he didn't turn out quite how I wanted him to. :/ :P Anyway. Thanks for looking.
  14. I just picked up some supplements for the Call of Cthulhu rpg at an auction the other day and just ordered the core players guide. Are you going to run it online?
  15. Oh man. I just blew all my money at a gaming auction the other day. lol I'm thinking I'll shoot for the $60 pledge. Can't wait to see some more Bones! :D
  16. It wasn't hard to paint. It was just different form most minis. There was a lot of places I'd miss and have to paint. :P Over all though I like this sculpt very much. :)
  17. Thank you. :) I know usually the stark contrasts don't look to well half of the time, but I really liked how this one turned out. Thanks. :)
  18. Thanks. :) I will say this mini turned out a LOT different than I expected. Like I said I originally had done the base coat grey, and I planed on blending the white highlights with the base coat more smoothly, but after the washed ended up glazing it I just went with the flow. :P I probably will go back and try out the shading though. Thanks again. :)
  19. My second wraith complete. You probably didn't know, but I have gotten some MSP paints. Mainly the core colors. I also got white and blue citadel paints to see if I'd like them better or not. I did not. On this mini I did the stark contrast with the white, but the citadel white didn't go on very well. :( Anyway I hope you like. btw I know the stark white was a little much for a brown robe, but it kinda just happend. I originally was doing a grey base coat, but when I did the brown wash it was a little to thick and turned out like a glaze. :P Anyway thanks for reading. :)
  20. Yes, but know is half the battle.... G.I. JOE!!!!! Sorry about that. Hi, my name is Kevin and I am an 80'sflashbackaholic... I can't believe you just did a 'knowing is half the battle' quote. LOL xD
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