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  1. about three weeks off and on.
  2. the model called for more of an old dirty gold than anything i think. I wanted to keep it dark overall. heres the recipe: ScaleColor Dubai brown and Eclispe Grey 1:1 Black wash Scale Color Dubai brown drybrush all over MSP chestnut gold drybrush and highlight MSP palomino gold drybrush and highlight MSP buckskin pale highlite MSP golden blonde highlight just dot it Yellow wash then soft tone wash
  3. so im trying to work on my NMM gold and thought this guy would best to develop on that. Lots of gold trim. questions and comments welcome.
  4. Thanks, The Hellbrute won GOLD today at Reapercon! I did the gore with a hot glue gun.
  5. thought I would post a few pic from some of the recent mini pile im building up questions and comments welcome!
  6. thanks for the information! I assume its at RHQ?
  7. I can't seem to find out what time the awards and judging begin for the painting competition. I dont see a thread with schedule of events. also, is there a deadline for when entries must be entered? Thanks! Petey oh and is it at RHQ or the hilton?
  8. The green plinth is one i had laying around. it worked better for the original mini I had on it. i wanted to prop it up fro the picture so you could see the belly and such. thanks for the feedback.
  9. just some recent minis from the last few months. Can't wait for reapercon!
  10. No air brush, all dry brush technique and its true metallics and NMM integrated - weird i know but I found a way to make it work.
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