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  1. My recent sculpt done for a sculpting challenge. A wight (as in barrow-wight) done in the old First Edition DnD style (as in Erol Otus, Russ Nichols, Jeff Dee, and similar illustrators).
  2. Did a sculpt of a monster that I wasn't real happy with and may get back to soon. So I decided to try another attempt at a female this time an elf magic user in the old First Edition DnD art style (Jeff Dee, Erol Otus, Russ Nichols etc). Trying to also figure out what sort of background to use on the photography.
  3. Thanks, I'll post more as I finish them.
  4. Thanks. Yeah I'm not quite happy with that fireball, maybe I'll go over it with some green stuff and get it better.
  5. Posting my attempts to improve at sculpting. Feel free to comment and critique. Sorceress adventurer casting fireball. Made of polymer clay, greenstuff and wire. 34mm from feet to head. Dwarven scribe about 30 mm tall from base. Made from polymer clay, greenstuff and wire.
  6. @Rainbow Sculptor Thank you for the feedback. Mainly this is a hobby to escape the world for a few hours each week but I would like to get to a point where I have some of my sculptures cast and have others be able to enjoy them for painting and gaming. I have started another sculpture and the advice from @TaleSpinner and yourself are greatly appreciated.
  7. Thanks for the in-depth critique, yes I was using 7.5 heads and this is the first time someone suggest 6. This will give me a lot of help on my next sculpt.
  8. No worries, I appreciate any feedback to help me improve. Thanks.
  9. Took me some time to figure out but I believe this photo will show more details.
  10. Old Kodak 3.1 megapixel camera, the aperture is at it's highest at 8. Let me try some things out and see if I can get something better in a few days. Thanks for letting know.
  11. A recent sculpt I have done that won a friendly amateur sculpting contest. I would appreciate any feedback to improve. Thanks.
  12. A recent sculpture. Made from wire, green stuff and a mixture of black and white Premo. 30% black and 70% white approximately. The sword is a flattened brass tube with a bit of wire in it for the pommel and covered in green stuff. 39 mm from the base to the head and 57 mm to the tip of the sword.
  13. Thank you! Thank you, I'm glad the details showed up in the photography.
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