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  1. JeffWoodall

    Double Barrel Critiques

    Old Kodak 3.1 megapixel camera, the aperture is at it's highest at 8. Let me try some things out and see if I can get something better in a few days. Thanks for letting know.
  2. JeffWoodall

    Double Barrel Critiques

    A recent sculpt I have done that won a friendly amateur sculpting contest. I would appreciate any feedback to improve. Thanks.
  3. JeffWoodall

    swords woman

    A recent sculpture. Made from wire, green stuff and a mixture of black and white Premo. 30% black and 70% white approximately. The sword is a flattened brass tube with a bit of wire in it for the pommel and covered in green stuff. 39 mm from the base to the head and 57 mm to the tip of the sword.
  4. JeffWoodall

    Female archer/ranger

    Thank you.
  5. JeffWoodall

    Metal Queen

    Thank you! Thank you, I'm glad the details showed up in the photography.
  6. JeffWoodall

    Metal Queen

    Thank you.
  7. JeffWoodall

    Metal Queen

    Based on a quick drawing I did recently, the final sculpt looked like it should be in a heavy metal video hence the title. 34 mm high from feet to head and 37 from the bottom of the base. Made from polymer clay, greenstuff and wire.
  8. JeffWoodall

    Female archer/ranger

    Female archer. 33 mm high from the feet to head, 37 mm from the base. Made from a polymer clay mix of 75% white, 25 % black, green stuff and wire.
  9. JeffWoodall

    Attempt at a dragon

    Thank you.
  10. JeffWoodall

    Attempt at a dragon

  11. JeffWoodall

    Attempt at a dragon

    For fun I tried something larger than usual. 95 mm high dragon in a somewhat old 1980's DnD art style.
  12. JeffWoodall

    Question about close up lens

    I have a really old one (flip phone) but with these suggestions I might try my wife's phone to see what will happen. Thanks. Thanks for the advice, I'll be trying that out this weekend with my wife's phone and see what happens.
  13. JeffWoodall

    Acrobat-Thief and Undead Goat

    Thank you. That was a lot of great advice. Kinda of like taking art classes in college and you had your work critiqued before the class.
  14. JeffWoodall

    Acrobat-Thief and Undead Goat

    Very open, I value the opinions of others on here in order to improve.
  15. JeffWoodall

    Acrobat-Thief and Undead Goat

    Thank you very much.