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  1. I suggest you start at Honed Steel add-in a dropof very light grey to kill the blue tinge it has. Highlight up by mixing very small amounts of silver and greet as desired. For rust effect, I start with Muddy Brownand lightly drybrush a few spots randomly at the edges of metal. Then I add a bit of drybrushed Phoenix red for the orange of rust.
  2. Heyguys, been a long time since I last posted. I recently decided I want to build a diorama involvingminiatures and at last one muscle car model. I'm not certain of what scale model car I should beleaving toward. I want one of my characters to conceivably be able to drive said car.
  3. Wow...just...Wow! great sculpt and paint sir!
  4. Great Owlbear! I agree the claws could use more work, they seem to be on the flat side. Since they are a smooth hard material, you could try highlighting up to white.
  5. Very good work! Nice blend on the skin tones!
  6. Thanks a lot Silas, I find she looks even better in hand, not quite so flat on the muscle tones
  7. Thanks Silas, they were fun and a pain all at the same time haha!
  8. Thanks everyone! Nameless, I agree with you totally. The mini I'm currently working on should fill the bill.
  9. very cool! I love the subtle effect you give with the OSL
  10. Very cool and would be terrifying fun to face in game! I think you've made this look very believable with that custom basework.
  11. Very cool mod! I have a buddy who loves mech's that I'll have to show this to. Also you have a great looking camo effect on your older models.
  12. That green really helps make your elemental unique. I had looked at this model previously and found myself thinking "How the hell do you paint that and not make it look like Mystique???" To wit I will say that you have presented a perfect method!
  13. Thanks for the tips on eyes everyone! That method that Adrift and Kuro use sounds fairly simple, yet effective. I'll definitely give it a go on the next mini I paint. I've noticed DKS's eyes, amazing! I think I even saw one of his minis where he had taken off the bottom eyelid to make the eye bigger! That blew me away.
  14. I was very pleased with how my first attempt at OSL came out. It's not spectacular but far better than I thought I could do. Thank you all. Adrift you can definitely steal the idea! I agree with using the pebbles and some twigs though. This wasn't hard either I just made a ball of green stuff and stuck it to a penny and started twisting it, then once you have the basic shape down you want to ad a few little twists which you can pull away from the green stuff you twisted for the main fire. The little twists can go in almost any direction you want, but should sort of follow the direction you twisted the fire. And the next key that I picked up from the tutorial I read is that fire starts white and goes up through yellow to red-orange. The white spots you see at the top of the flames in a real fire come from the combustible material (wood bits) being sucked up by the heat and burning once they reach an appropriate air-heat spot. Hope that bit of info helps!
  15. I had the idea for this when our DM in one of our Pathfinder games had to draw campfires onto her map. She's a great artist and they looked really cool, but since jumping over a campfire can actually be a risk for a character (hence the usual requirement of a jump check to make it) I decided to give sculpting a shot and make my own from Green Stuff. The actual sculpting only took about an hour total and after reading a tutorial from Hot Lead on how to paint fire realistically (not sure what the link is or was anymore, sorry) I gave that a shot. The paintjob only took an hour also and was done with a lot of wet blending technique learned on the fly. The mini has a yellow wash that doesn't look entirely right in the pics due to my selection of paints only being hobby paints so far (Folkart, Plaid and Apple Barrel brands which I have used thusfar on all my minis.) The fire also has some orange and yellow highlights that make the overall piece look better in hand than in pics. Sorry but my photo-fu is not so strong, yet. All told the mini is about 2hrs worth of actual work. C&C welcome! Also sorry for the massive pics once again. Any advice you guys have on reducing their size for future posts would be great!!
  16. Thank you both very much. The wings started out with just a gradation from black to very light grey which appeared white and my fiance didn't like that. She suggested adding the darker greys and black to the wing tips to finish the base coats of them. I applied the black wash I had always intended on doing and voila...the black wash settled in the shadows but as you can see it also settled in places on the wings and I was very pleased with the overall look. This model was a ton of fun to paint and actually building it up with Green Stuff to support the wings and fill in some voids from the casting process gave me the courage to sculpt a campfire.
  17. That is one awesome looking troll! I love the colour choices you made here.
  18. Thank you for more great advice Adrift! I will have to look into the eye/face tutorials for sure. I found myself wanting to do pupils and chickening out after having enough trouble trying to get a colour dot I felt would work lol!!
  19. Thanks for the great feedback everyone. The funny thing with this guy is that I originally finished him off with 2 coats of Liquitex Satin Sealer (purchased it only cause the display at Michael's made it look much flatter than it actually is.) then I found some hobby paint matte sealer and did 1 coat of that. I agree he's still shiny and I'm thinking that I'll probably go back and do the touchups that you mentioned at some point (especially yours Adrift you're a great painter and inspiration to me!) so I'll try doing another coat or 2 of the matte I have once I actually put the new details on him, besides what can a few extra layers of sealer hurt on a tabletop piece anyway haha!! Not sure what I'll do for a freehand on him, but perhaps you all could give me some suggestions. I'm looking forward to trying the freehand as I tried my first freehand on the model I'm currently painting (Lorna the Huntress).
  20. Superb paintjob! I must say I had trouble seeing this sculpt as a cleric, but I think she would make an amazing rogue.
  21. Epic beard, sir! Also love the backstory. As a fan of dwarves in fantasy I must say you have done them a true justice.
  22. the stone on your golem looks awesome! same with the base. I love the weathered material look that the white has. I agree with the others that you need to give the red a more aged look as well, something seems out of place with it. Great job though, far better than anything I think I could do.
  23. Very cool, excellent savagry depicted here. The blood looks a bit too bright red to me but it may be my screen or the photos. Great rust effect on the cleaver though! The ribs and severed hand hanging from his back are a great touch!
  24. This is the first "monster" I've painted, technically my fifth mini, making Ishara on my other post my technical sixth mini. This took roughly 10-12 hours to complete. The alicorn was painted specially for my fiance, with a great deal of input from her on the colour scheme and especially the wings; she wanted a more natural looking horse-type alicorn as apposed to the standard blue-white ones you always see. This is going to be the mount she wants for her paladin in one of the Pathfinder games we play. The only thing I'm not happy with is that when I put flocking on the base (my first attempt at this) I clear coated over it and it turned out looking and feeling like plastic. However, this is just a learning experience and doesn't detract much from the presentation of the mini itself in hand. However, because this mini was painted specially for my fiance, she has specially requested that if anyone would like to follow my paint scheme that they would please contact me to ask. I normally would not mind at all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery after all. C&C welcome!
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