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  1. I managed to resist the temptation of jumping back in all the way until last year when they had those abandoned pledges available. As they had pictures of the Sacred 40 up and a number of forumites had received their packages, I felt it was safe to jump in at that point. You live and learn!
  2. I rather like the look of these for a post-apocalyptic game I've been messing around with in my head. $30 for 4 resin minis seems really low though, especially given the sizes of the minis in question?
  3. Would it be safe to assume that everyone has received their Sacred 40 at this point? I picked up one of the abandoned Lion pledges back in January but haven't seen/received anything since then. Nor have I had any notifications on what's been happening to keep me appraised of things. Unfortunately, not being a backer via Kickstarter, I cannot post there in order to follow up although I have been following their updates there. I've mailed all of Greenbrier/Artistic Justice Games email addresses every few weeks for more than 3 months now with no response. At this point, I'm beyond despondent and have been ignoring all their more recent KS's as I don't feel I can trust them to communicate effectively in case of issues. If someone got back to me and at the very least let me know that there was an issue and that I would still be taken care of, I'd be okay (weary, but okay). As it stands now, though, all I want is my money back so I can move on from this mess. Anyone have any idea how I can get hold of them?
  4. A potentially silly question: The campaign ends on the 19th but I'm strapped for cash until the 25th. I'd like to go in on the $140 pledge. Would I be able to pledge at $1 and then upgrade in the pledge manager later or is the $1 pledge only for addons?
  5. Whoops! I had scanned a ways down the page without seeing it. Guess I should've known better than to assume you'd have missed something!
  6. Surprised not to see this one up yet as it's already halfway through. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1673445480/netherworlds-edge-keystone/description
  7. I'm torn between facepalming and applauding. Maybe a slow golf clap?
  8. I hadn't even realised there were guys in any of the pics.
  9. The launch was at 5pm here so that was ideal - except that this is South Africa and we have wonderful things here like "load shedding"...which is basically a euphemism for "we haven't taken care of our power stations properly over the last decade so we have to turn off the power to certain districts on a rolling basis to ensure the whole grid doesn't come down". And of course, at 4pm today they brought our power down and it only came up again after 6pm so I missed the mad scramble for EBs that everyone enjoys so much. I'm in for a third-tier Commander at the moment and I'll keep spamming F5 until I get in at $240 flat. Any savings on shipping is always a big thing given how high it usually is for me. I'm mainly in this for the possibility of using the fantasy stuff in Warhammer Fantasy and given all the rumours of how they're scaling that down to more accessible skirmish-size games, this may be perfect.
  10. Thanks for the heads-up. I grabbed one although the postage ended up being $25 for international, rather than $10.
  11. You may find that their older minis are more appealing to you, Darsc. I have the two-player boxed set and the detail on the minis is crisp and the quality superb. I also appreciate the aesthetic as it reminds me a lot of BraveStarr, which was a show I loved while growing up. I have to admit, however, that the new factions have left me a little cold. I've put in a pledge in the interim but I may well withdraw in a few days once I've had a chance to see whether my initially-negative impressions of the new factions has held steady.
  12. I think the Beagle has spotted some dwarves he must own. His love for the little fellows is well-known, after all....
  13. I've been meaning to thank you for keeping us all updated on new kickstarters of mutual interest. Saves me having to try to keep tabs on everything (and fail miserably). Much obliged, Sir.
  14. I'm not a big fan of the "gold coin" model ala Titan Forge, but I'm in for a Necromancer's Pouch for now. I don't particularly need anything that's been revealed yet but I'm keeping my eye on those ogres... Good luck with the campaign guys! I'll be rooting for you. P.S. I guess I can cancel that Conan pledge now without any regrets.
  15. This would actually have been a nice blast of nostalgia but it doesn't seem to ship to my neck of the woods so my wife (and my wallet) will no doubt breathe a sigh of relief.
  16. Ah! I see it's just revised figures for the US and Europe though (who I assume would be the bulk of the backers they would be trying to placate). The rest of us are still left with the uncertainty and so I'm still wavering on what to do with this one. I regret not getting in on Arcadia Quest which ended up being great value for money even though postage to South Africa was $80. The question now is whether Conan is going to be a similarly good deal or not? Or whether I'm going to get in on this one and be left doubly disappointed - for not getting in on Arcadia Quest and for taking a failed risk on this. Maybe I should ask our oracle Beagle what his spider-sense is saying (and then do the opposite).
  17. I'm obviously going blind. Where did you see the new shipping costs listed?
  18. I'm in the same boat, only worse. The cost of shipping to South Africa is estimated at $100 - making the shipping higher than my actual Barbarian pledge. I pulled out of Zombicide 3 for similar reasons (they also quoted me $100 for their base pledge) and I'm not sure I can justify that now either.
  19. I note that Africa is not included in the above lists. Does this mean that you will not be shipping to us at all or are you simply unable to subsidize shipping costs to Africa for those pledge levels but will be able to ship to us for others?
  20. The pledge manager was locked on 31 December so suspicious indeed.
  21. *sigh* I find myself slowly caving on this one, especially after the new sculpt they've just revealed. I'm trying to justify it to myself by arguing (internally) that they wouldn't spend a small fortune on sculpts of this caliber, only to see it all wasted with ropey boardgame miniatures in soft, detail-less plastic. Right? Right?! *lies in the shower, holding himself and crying softly*
  22. If it helps, they are a fairly established miniatures company. I've bought some of their orcs before and their service has been prompt and the quality of their work is good. http://www.shieldwolfminiatures.com/
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