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  1. aromaticpose

    Happy Birthday aromaticpose

    Thanks, all. Reaper peeps are the best peeps.
  2. aromaticpose

    Happy Birthday Mocha

    Happy Birthday, Mocha!
  3. aromaticpose

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Perfect! Thanks.
  4. aromaticpose

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Does anyone have a link to the full picture of the final Bones 4 core set? I'm trying to inventory. It's impossible based on what is on the Kickstarter main page, and the pledge calculator won't allow me to see any of the pictures.
  5. aromaticpose

    Happy Birthday Aromaticpose !

    Thanks, everyone. Looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible at next year's Reapercon.
  6. aromaticpose

    Happy birthday, Mocha!

    Happy birthday!
  7. aromaticpose

    Halfling Wizards and Apprentices by Midlam Miniatures

    Well, I posted that I was waiting, and they arrived the next day. These guys are on their game.
  8. aromaticpose

    Halfling Wizards and Apprentices by Midlam Miniatures

    Still waiting here in the US, too.
  9. aromaticpose

    Happy birthday, aromaticpose!

    Thanks, everyone! Forget Disneyland. The Reaper boards are truly the happiest place on earth.
  10. aromaticpose

    Can anyone help me base coat faster?

    Are there any examples of this I can look up online, or is this strictly stuff that he has shown off in his (presumably) ReaperCon classes? He has an entire video tutorial series for sale. However, if you want to see a partial example for free, search for "Wappel" on Youtube and you'll find his channel. He has some samples up which show of pieces of his process. The Painting Your Skeletons samples shows the tools that he starts with and the process for laying down the basecoat. I picked up the Shaded Basecoat video and Glazing Away video last year, and they're completely worth it. They lay out the basic process he uses for a figure.
  11. aromaticpose

    Star Wars: Rogue One

    Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Where's the 100% CGI sets? Where's the totalitarian temper tantrums? Where's the creepy stares and creepier stalker dialogue? Not sure if I can get behind this film. (But seriously, it looks pretty good.)
  12. aromaticpose

    ReaperCon 2016 Class Descriptions

    Thanks, Bryan! I'll be smiling the rest of the day over getting the classes I wanted.
  13. aromaticpose

    Stan Lee Is Not Dead

    Sigh. This one seems to be a perennial one. He was signing autographs at the booth across from the one I was working at this past weekend, so I'm glad to hear that our local show didn't do him in.
  14. aromaticpose

    Heresy Miniatures - Return of the Monsters

    If you are still waiting on this one like I am, Andy just announced on Twitter that he had to let his helper go. Looks like it will be a while longer before this one is complete.
  15. aromaticpose

    Happy birthday, Mocha!

    Happy Birthday! Hope it's a good one.