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  1. Hi folks, I've been out of the RPG scene for a while, but I have picked up D&D 5e, and was hoping to join a PbP game. Like I said, haven't played in nearly a decade, but I'd like to give a shot. Anyone starting a new game soon?
  2. Two things: 1.) How do they get the sparkle effect on the robes? Is there a tutorial or something? 2.) Am I the only person who thinks Yensid from Fantasia when I see this miniature?
  3. So, I'm excited that CAV is available to the general public. Been needing a giant stompy robot game. BUT I don't know anything about the factions and which CAVs belong to which. Can someone help me out?
  4. Advanced Songs of Blades and Heroes expands on the originally rules, adds spells and other abilities. What do you think? Have you played it? How's it handle?
  5. So, I hate working with black and white. It seems like I can never get the coats even, especially white. Anyway, for your enjoyment.
  6. I think I got it from Miniature Market but here is the manufacturers site.
  7. Sorry, but my phone is the only camera I've got right now. And I haven't invested in a neutral background.
  8. Hey folks, been a while. Webhead here has been sitting on my shelf, because frankly...I knew it was going to be a challenge and put it off. And work has been insanity in it's purest form. Anyways, presented for your viewing pleasure, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. In our next issue, the Green Goblin (or maybe Venom...haven't decided yet...)
  9. The detail is phenomenal. The lines on the shield and the uniform are all etched into the miniature, making it easy to paint. I'm very impressed with all three of the ones I've painted so far.
  10. Sorry it took a few weeks to post. The holidays in my line of work are crazy, so I'm just now getting around to this. My favorite of the Knight Models so far (and my favorite superhero). It was a real delight to paint. In our next issue, Spidey takes on Venom and the Green Goblin!
  11. So, Cyclops had a lot more detail than Black Widow. The gold lining was the most time consuming part. Still love these figs though. In our next issue, Captain America.
  12. I have three more on the way. Captain America, Spider-man, and Cyclops. The details are wonderful, but I'm having to plan out Spider-man very carefully, to get the webbing look just right.
  13. Knight Models - Black Widow. My first miniature from this line. I was very intimidated by the amount of detail and the very fine sculpt. It was a real pleasure to paint. Based her in the snow, ya know...being a Russian assassin and all. I suck at eyes, but I gave it a shot.
  14. What is the game play like as compared to other fantasy skirmish games? Quality of the miniatures? Entry price, etc. I see pics and I've always been a fan of "The Weird West" style. But I've never seen it played. The minis look very cool though.
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