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  1. Thanks very much! Yes, I'm enjoying painting in earth tones at the moment. It's my current phase.
  2. This is the guide I use to paint gems, although I use only 3 layers, then a gloss. I find it a really handy reference: painting gemstones *edited to correct link*
  3. I think I need to build her a dancing hut!
  4. Redambrosia, the gem is painted. Thanks for the feedback!
  5. Originally by Grenadier (?) and now by Mega Miniatures.
  6. Thanks for the comments and feedback. It was a fun mini to paint with all the little details.
  7. Good point gents! Thanks for the feedback also. I'll have a play around with the camera.
  8. The best defense is a good offense! Good opportunity to muck around with the belt gems.
  9. Ogre Chieftain in metal. I really like this mini, the club is a classic! Got to fit a little bit of gem work into this one too.
  10. Here's another Red Box Games mini that I picked up back in 2008. I finished it over the weekend along with a few more to come.
  11. Man, that's a great paint job and a great mini. I also like the base work, nicely done.
  12. This one is the metal one from a few years back. I will post it over there, good idea!
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