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  1. Reminds me of something from the Legend of Sinbad!
  2. I've used those cheap 3D wooden puzzles you can buy from gift shops and ebay. A fair few are pretty suitable for 28mm and only need a bit of extra work and a lick of paint.
  3. I would google search (or use Figure Finder) the sculpters as that should give you some results of figures that "fit". There's also the Mailfaux range of course and this is in a similar "heroic" scale.
  4. I have these infantry. Planning to use them as Zhodhani for Traveller. Nicely done!
  5. ahhh, Confrontation. I like the colours, especially his bulbous nose! All that dwarven ale I suppose.
  6. That is one nice table. Great work. Is the river the plastic Pegasus Hobbies river that has had a bit more paint applied? Was the pryamid and other structures scratchbuilt or made from Hirst Arts blocks?
  7. I like your work! As for unarmed civilians I'd recommend looking at Blue Moon, Old Glory, Black Hat and RAFM for starters. As I don't game the period in question, I can't give you much in the way of specifics but I'd also trawl the Old West board at The Miniatures Page for ideas. The figures are definately out there.
  8. Thanks! It was a really fun project.
  9. Here are some buildings that I put together this weekend. Some commentary on terrain and more pics at the blog: http://sentientbeanminiatures.blogspot.com.au/2012/05/warhammer-townscapes.html
  10. Great use of colour and light and shadow in the terrain. I'm not a fan of the chibi stuff, but I can appreciate the effort and the results.
  11. As first minis you have done exceptionally well. Frankly, you've nailed it from a "tabletop quality" standpoint. Someone might want to chip in with a proper critique, but I think the brushwork is neat and tidy and the colour selection excellent. Well done! Finish the bases and apply a protective varnish and you're done. All in all, an excellent start! Cheers, Peter
  12. No probs! It was actually pretty fun and easy to do but I had put it off for a long time as the prospect seemed a bit daunting.
  13. Here's a game mat from Zuzzy that I painted tonight. Details on the blog. http://sentientbeanminiatures.blogspot.com.au/ Cheers!
  14. Look, I normally HATE gnomes (too many "gnomish tinkerer" 3rd edition DnD power gamers) but these are bloody well done. Great work!
  15. wow, that hound is top notch.
  16. My money is on the anti-paladin! Seems poised for a nice upward slash.
  17. wow, they are great! I wasn't aware that these existed. The colours pop really well.
  18. Where's the bug spray?? Aim for the guts! :)
  19. Great stuff. Nice tones on this one and I'm usually not a fan of this sort of base work, but it really fits. Well done.
  20. Very nice! Particularly the base work. Love it!
  21. Very effective! Inspiring and a good change from the standard greys, greens and blues for ghosts
  22. Love the various shades and the subtle veins. you've made it really come alive.
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