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  1. Great advice you guys. I really appreciate it. For some reason, leaving the metal on and just covering it with other materials never occurred to me. That'll save me a ton of time and frustration in trying to remove the metal. If I recall correctly, I tried cutting some off a Reaper mini before and it was a real pain. I'll just leave it on and cover it. Thanks everyone!
  2. Hi folks. A few years back I started painting minis, and I started with Reaper. Fast forward to now and I'm eyeing those first couple miniatures I painted. They aren't based - they're on the little strips of textured metal that they came on and I simply painted them green like grass. How could I go about cutting that piece off so that I can base them properly, without damaging the minis?
  3. Thanks for all the info! I've enjoyed paying Dark Legends minis and I've since gotten back into tabletop gaming, so I think I'd like to give Warlord a shot. I certainly like their factions and the models are top notch as always, I figure it's time to try the game. :)
  4. So it's a print the cards out yourself sort of deal? Thanks btw for the link Inarah, this data card engine looks really cool.
  5. Hi folks, where do you get the data cards for Warlord miniatures? Do they come with each miniature? I was looking at some on eBay and zooming in on the pic of the blister, I couldn't see where a data card would be included. Thanks in advance!
  6. Newb question, I'm sure, but where did you get these? My first purchase into miniature painting was a Reaper Learn To Paint kit that looked exactly like these. Mine, however, came with about 4 paints in dropper bottles and about 6 cheap paint pot sampler things, like something you'd see from elementary school. I'm not complaining about my purchase, but I'd love to know where you got these and how much they cost? That's a lot of dropper bottles for a Learn To Paint kit! Awesome thread, by the way. I love threads like this. So fun to scroll through and read and look at the pictures. Awesome projects you've got going!
  7. Hi guys and gals. I just ordered a few miniatures, mostly dark elves. I'm shopping around now at which colors I should buy to paint them and I sort of stumped myself, so I thought I'd ask here for some advice. So the Dark Elf Skin paints seem like an obvious choice. I've picked Ghost White for the hair. Think that will work? I like drow with a shock of white hair and I thought the shade of Ghost White might make it look a little more interesting than plain white. My real problem is the armor - I had wanted to go with a black leather sort of look, but I worry about contrast between the armor and the dark elf skin. Also, I'm not even sure which color to pick for dark leather. I was thinking maybe Midnight Blue or Nightshade Purple (depending on whether I paint their cloth blue or purple), or should I just lighten a pure black with a touch of pure white to darken it? Sort of a charcoal look is what I'm going for, I think, for the armor... or would Stormy Grey do the job? That's it for now. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out!
  8. This topic seems sort of related to my question. I was wondering when we might start seeing some of the new Bones for sale? I couldn't find an estimate anywhere.
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