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  1. Howdee Broonkah box will be ready again for this round East Texas No international
  2. Broonkah box has completed its circuit and returned home.
  3. Just off the top of my head For bikers - In metal - copplestone castings has a few In hard plastic- Warlord has some biker sprues in their project z game. I just ordered a few sprues from them on clearance. I think there are some Reaper Bones biker figures (or almost any chronoscope Bones) and those are always good for some conversions. For hillbillies - In metal- Blue Moon manufacturing (thru Old Glory) has some hill billies. Copplestone might have some hillbillies or rednecks as well. Brigade games - I think also have some hillbilly minis In hard plastic- maybe some of the Warlord project z civilians Again Reaper Bones Chronoscope could give you good sources for conversion. Copplestone is not an American company or Warlord either, but I think both could be sourced through American stores or evilbay. Converting Bones figures is a lot of fun and I think could give you some good variety with head and arm swaps.
  4. Thank you all for the birthday wishes. Especially the big puppy, he reminds me of my Gus who passed last October.
  5. I’m in again East Texas no international Have box from last round ready to be reviewed and shipped. B
  6. I would like to see and play, Stargrave Frostgrave Ghost Archipelago Silver Bayonet Draculas America Pulp Alley Blood and Plunder Blood and Valor Strange Aeons Witchin Hour Bolt Action Yes I like skirmish games and am easily distracted by shiny new games. Every year I tell myself I will run some games and every year something happens. Hoping to bring something this year to run. Might dig up my man o war ships. B
  7. Sorry for delayed response. Broonkah box completed circuit 12-23. I thought I had responded at the time.
  8. I suspect I will be in the minority, but I have always approached the BoGW as an example of one person’s discard is another’s treasure. Some people prefer metal, some bones, some resin, some lead, some board game pieces and some basing material. For me, 3d prints fall in as another subcategory. I have selected some 3d prints in the past that were obviously imperfect/ incomplete prints. I liked what part of the figure was there and thought “hmm a little green stuff and this would be cool”. I understand the argument against 3d prints and perceived value when compared to commercial minis. One could make a similar argument for any of the subcategories. Some people are seemingly terrified by lead miniatures. I’ve been collecting since the 70s and have a large number of lead figures. I think the danger is overstated, but to each their own. Perhaps the approach might be to have BoGW boxes by category preferences. I think this might become more headache for Chaoswolf than anyone would want to endure. And I suspect there would be an issue with that solution within 2 cycles of the BoGW anyway. I enjoy the BoGW. I look forward to it more than I would have expected. Some part of the joy comes from seeing the enjoyment of others selections. But also thinking about if others will find what I add useful or amusing. If consensus is for more rules, so be it. In the end, my hope is we all appreciate the varied aspects of the hobby and remember that most of the rest of the world dismisses our interest in “toys”. Ok, ramble over. Have a great day. B
  9. Rooms you might add: Bridge Brig Life support control center Holo deck Gun turrets/weapons bay Smuggling bays Escape pods Transporter room Shuttle bay Captains quarters Observation deck w/ hot tub (Ok maybe that’s just my ship) I saw a post somewhere about a portable set up for a space ship where they didn’t do hallways but used small plastic bins for rooms, then put them together in whatever configuration that was needed. The bins were stackable. You might be able to use your rooms as storage holders for your hallways, making the transport footprint better. B Found the posts I referenced above both on this forum and LAF. Froggy the Great had a topic from 2014 …. Starship build cheap. Amazing stuff.
  10. Hi, I am Broonkah, and I have a Kickstarter addiction. 184 backed 166 delivered 5 soon to deliver 5 still in development 2 running late 4 unsuccessful 2 dead/scam this over a ten year span. I have struggled hard this year to back more sparingly. I think it’s only 12 this year. Several more I barely made my saving throw. Shipping has obviously played a part in decision to back, but I have lately just backed for pdfs on some projects I normally would have selected physical books. I am trying to limit further backings this year to less than 5. But the new “shineys” are so tempting. B
  11. Broonkah box on its way to msfnc this date. 10-31-2022.
  12. I’m in with starter box from last circuit. East Texas no international shipping Broonkah
  13. Very sad as well, I could spend hours picking thru the bins. Was great for metal conversion parts. And I always found several way too cool minis I had forgotten, that were now must haves. Plus it was, for me, a connection to the old days when Reapercon was in the factory.
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