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  1. Played GURPS back in the late 80s. I was/am more of a fan of its fantasy predecessor The Fantasy Trip. TFT has come back to SJGames and been re-released. It’s a lot of fun if you like more tactical combat. I have many of the various GURPS sourcebooks. Especially found the GURPS Mystery book a good read.
  2. I’m in agin location: East Texas, USA international : no starter: no
  3. Yay. You got it early. I cut all of the butterfly stickers off the box and put them inside.
  4. Brilliant ruse. I remember a lot of odd rpgs from the 80s, and couldn’t imagine I had missed buying that one. And if you are not up to another ruse, I will look for BBB the rpg. Which I assume is along the lines of Macho Women with guns. Thanks for the laugh
  5. Please tell me there are more of those That was the old twin D34 system, right? ;-)
  6. Hello, I’m in again. Really been looking forward to this. location: East Texas International: no starter: would prefer not to do so
  7. I’m up for participating. I understand it might be a smaller group, but I’m with Inarah... I could use a morale boost.
  8. +1 on halfling outrider. Especially on an armored Bassett Hound.
  9. Suggestions for new Bones Treasure/loot golem Convert the metal Boy Scouts over to Bones halfling outrider on armored hound pulp/Cthulhu bad guys Gangsters Thuggees Longshoremen A Battle of the Bands expansion with various musicians of different fantasy races insectmen Rectangular sections of logs (like the raft from Dreadmere expansion) but 4 to 6 inches in length (preferably both 4 and 6 inch lengths). Could be used as fence, walls, gangplanks, bridges, piers, or even frontier
  10. I’m definitely in. I would prefer sooner, but would be fine with whatever.
  11. River Windows in Bones 5. in clear bones. Sculpted by Ed
  12. What are the details for the Giant Monster entries? I couldn’t find them in a listing.
  13. I’m working on cobbling together some terrain to bring as well.
  14. All three interest me as well. Was hoping to see a few more miniature games than last year.
  15. How about some Reaper Ron for president dice?
  16. Maybe you could encourage Ed to sculpt a dancing bear?
  17. Could it be the launch of the Ed sculpts arachno-skeleton Bones Black Kickstarter for a new Warlord faction?
  18. Sorry for delay. Box arrived 4-22-19. Sent out to Gamingdog 4-30-19 ... about ten minutes ago. Reportedly will arrive Thursday.
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