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  1. And the oficial answer is "no Pants" there is now a painted version on the Freebooter website. http://freebooterminiatures.com/myshop/min...-dun004-e.html#
  2. you want shelob? check out this alternative: http://www.heresyminiatures.com/images/pages/hm010.htm
  3. This ruler doesn't need to start at the edge, The ruler is just there to show actual scale. If one wants to know the actual height, one just has to be bright enough to be able to transpose the figure - or horrors use a photo editing program to move the figure to the place where the measurments start. Tom is kind enough to include a metric ruler in almost all of his preview pics - that way anal people like me know how they fit into the scheme of my collection. For those who want to know. Toms elves are approx 30mm high so stand almost exactly the same height as most reaper minis, but are much "finer" - meaning their "scale" actually looks smaller than most Herioc scale minis, even if the might stand taller - their heads and hands are more realistically proportioned to the body. I use them with GW LOTR dwarves and hobits, but not their humans as their heads are too big. here is a pic of a comaprison of a reaper and thunderboltmountain elf. http://www.flamingdirtclod.com/pictures/reaperelf.jpg
  4. Ron, Thanks for the official response - very gald to hear they weren't changed. You might want to think about changing the photo of the finished model - its none to flattering.
  5. I think I have already accounted for the different angle of the photo. based on the way foreshortening works the wings in the green should actually appear shorter as they are pointing more directly at you. I also don't think it can be accounted for in the pose difference. Admittadly I may be wrong, but I suspect that the eagle was sent back to shorten up the end feathers, and I wanted to find out for sure.
  6. Are the wings on the newly released Warlord eagle shorter on the final model than they were on the original green???? they look a bit stubby to me, like they belong to a smaller eagle, but the green looks fine.
  7. its just an opinion o.k.? I like the concept of the badger-wolf, I just thought the execution of it left a lot to be desired. Maybe the painted version will change my mind - it is open. At $25 that eagle will still be worth every cent.
  8. Great to hear that medusa slut isn't wasting a release slot. its so much better to have a casting slot wasted with a silly badger-wolf Can we have confirmation that the Giant Eagle is going to be cast?
  9. all in agreement here, Has the potential to be one of the most beautiful sculpts out in a long time. Now I can't wait to see Annes paint job
  10. Actually I have that mini....the model has "dirt" printed on the bag , but I think I prefer the twinkie idea. The figure is too large to be a hobbit, I always assumed he was an extremely deformed human youth, suffering from pituitary and weight issues.
  11. I must admit that at first I was a bit dissapointed that the female elf was not going to be done by Klocke, but now that I have actually seen Gael's work I am very excited - Reaper should definitly try to produce more of his stuff. if not, I need to find another way to get my grubby little hands on the rest of his stuff
  12. tom meier i doing the parkinson mini's and if you liked the elmore minis, The parkinson ones are really going to make you flip. I have seen greens for two of them so far and they are so perfect its scary.
  13. That would definitely be beautiful.
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