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  1. Meanwhile the Minotaur Blood Lord is unlocked! :-) There's also a chance to win an Elegoo Mars Pro 3D resin printer incl. resin :-)
  2. Orgug Giant unlocked... On to the Infected Knight followed by that awesome shipwrecked scene!!
  3. Hope we unlock some more of those awesome 24"x24" terrain pieces The shipwreck aera (blood reef grotto) is my favorite!
  4. Mother Hydra... Anything from the (deep and undeep) seas Prehistoric beasts and plants (land + water + air) Aztec scenery Huge insects Shipwreck Pirate-stuff Fairies, pixies, gnomes, ...
  5. This is Grace Flynn from ShadowSea (AntiMatter Games), what a lovely figure to paint :-)
  6. Thanks a lot for all the nice comments! It's so nice to paint with colorfull paintshemes. Years ago I used to paint almost only brown and green with LOTR-minis. Now the DeepWars minis give me a nice chance to try out a unique pretty world. And even better is that there are quite a lot of Reaper-minis which fit the genre very well.
  7. We've got the zombies now aswell! Really hope to get that cyclops aswell... what a nice concept art!
  8. I've recently finished a few more minis of the DeepWars and ShadowSea games of AntiMatter Games. - the one with many colors: Dire Fish-Lizard from the Scaly Horde of DeepWars: - the purple one is the Hag-Ray, also part of the Scaly Horde of DeepWars - and the last one is Captain Balthazar Drake, a Fortune Hunter of ShadowSea Hope you like :-)
  9. Thanks all :-) Here's some slow progress... been fighting all week long with the little lights... It's still not 100% of what I'm trying to achieve, but I'll get there some dy. I'm also still trying some things with the carapace on his back. I hope further progress will give me a better idea...
  10. some small and slow progress... I'm getting more and more an idea where I'm heading to colorwise... Not so purple in the end though I'm afraid, more green and red and some blue...
  11. trying out some colours... It'll be someway going purple / blue / green I guess. The blue is just some sort of basecoat (slightly watered down Citadel foundation Necron Abyss), it does leave a pretty shiny result which not all of my paints seem to dull once painted over... but I'll find my may though I'm sure.
  12. It's been a while since I painted some Reaper mini's... but now that this little sweetheart crawled upon my doorstep, I really couldn't resist assembling him hoping to start painting soon. It'll be a little longer than 7 days I'm sure, and I have to hide him from my 3-year-old daughter... (to avoid her having nightmares)... but I'm glad I can finally start :-) It's also gonna be the first Bones fig I'm painting... and I'm pretty excited to try it out :-) Btw, compliments to the creators of this figure, what a lovely sculpt and concept!!
  13. Nice start and great to see the progress pics. Especially glad you posted a pic with only the liner applied... Now that I understand it's 'thickness' a bit better I may go look for some aswell :-) How many bottles will you need for Ma'al, or is it sold in buckets? ;-)
  14. I once worked with a self-made wet palette and the paper never stayed flat, so I gave up pretty quickly (probably my selfmade palette was just ... rubbish...). Now I recently came across a forum-thread on Beasts of War where I read an announcement about an upcoming wet-palette kickstarter at the end of this month.. with reusable membrane. http://www.redgrassgames.com/ Might be worth keeping an eye on it... I still have my doubts though, but I may give it a go...
  15. Some more stretchgoals have been added... Now.. don't hesitate... (all can be swapped into points to pick the mini's of your own choice, including the entire Deepwars and Shadowsea range)
  16. Yay! It's ready to pick up at my local post-office! Shipped on august 20th Stayed 6 days from Aug 27th to Sept 3rd at the customs-clearance-status.. (sweet, did they already remove the moldinglines then?)... € 34.34 to pay in Belgium Can't wait to pick it up and unpack the madness...
  17. Fantastic use of Sugar! Great idea and nice and subtle conversion! If I was the big bad wolf... oh boy... She'd better run! :P
  18. Goodmorning at last! :D Hi there! We're shipping out your Kickstarter stuff! You're getting:Kaladrax Reborn x1C'thulhu x1Clockwork Dragon x1Sophie Box Set x1KS Sophie UL x1vampire x1 Your shipment was postmarked on 08-21-2013 and is being shipped USPS. (Belgium)
  19. Lovely! The shirt looks very realistic I think, aswell as the trousers, love it! Very nice job on the eyes and the watch aswell!
  20. The amount of excitement doesn't help indeed. I'm not much bothered about their communication, we had an update a week ago and somewhere I expect we'll get another one soon... (although they could have explained the reasons a little more in detail, so we could actually have a chance to understand what's taking so long) But what buggers me most of all is that US-orders went out at a speed of 14000 orders in about three weeks, while rest of the world takes three weeks for about 1500 orders... US-customers were important enough to make a max crew work non-stop to get the orders out as fast as possible. As soon as the ROW-orders started, this as-fast-as-possible-statement didn't matter anymore... Of course, "unfortunately those figures don't package themselves and we have a factory to run", I can understand that... but I don't see why this makes sense though, they had to be packed for US-customers aswell... (or not?). Now it's more important to run the factory then finishing the row-orders while earlier it was like "sorry, we won't have to time reply, we're kinda busy right now". I'm not saying they do this on purpose, but it leaves me with a feeling that we are not important enough to keep as potential customers, as if ROW is more like a burden to them at this moment or as if... it's only ROW... you know... the bloodbags who consume oxygen at the other side of the ocean... I've ordered directly from them in the past and was really happy with their service. But this kickstarter-service turned into a huge disappointment last three weeks, and if these bones would have been my first Reaper-mini's, it'd probably be the last aswell. There's still a lot of candy in their shop that I'd love to buy, and some of their sculpters have been added to my list of favorite artists so I hope I will still feel like buying their work, but they're getting really close to convince me that rest of world really is more of a burden to them, so why should I care to buy miniatures of them in the future if I'm nothing more then a burden? If my order isn't important enough to them, then I won't bother them anymore buying something. I'm not saying that's what it is, it's what they make me feel right now, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. They're losing potential future international customers here, and the longer it takes, the more it makes me think, the worse it gets. I still hope the exitement of opening the box of bones, if it ever comes, will erase all the negativity.
  21. Fantastic work and what a great tutorial! I especially like the way you build up your armature! The end-result looks so perfect! Well done!
  22. Jaysus! i can't do any of those things. I'm going to shoot myself now:) I didn't say a good, great or awesome painter can't do an outstanding paintjob though ;-)
  23. To me, an outstanding painter is someone who I can learn something new from, so that could be just anyone... :-) But based on painting-skills, the most outstanding painter would be someone who masters the combination of perfect techniques to do flawless skin with wicked tattoos and make-up, smooth cristal NMM-blades and unique expensive gold and silverworks, transculent shiny glassbottles filled with different powders and liquids, colorfull pearls and gemstones, perfect OSL, clothes that obviously look like certain fabrics with exceptional freehand artworks on them, someone who can perfectly paint the differences between night and daytime or summer and wintertime or good and evil colorpallettes, and cover this all under a lovely sheer or wet multicolor-freehand-artwork-cloth. Those who can make you forget there's actually solid metal, plastic or resin under the paint... Another category of 'the' outstanding painters is imo for those who have created a personal style so when you come accross a mini of them, you know immediately it's theirs without seeing their name or logo.
  24. How I feel today... (hope tomorow will be different): I've long embraced the power of patience and all the respect for the entire crew who are still handling all this, but I'm nearing the stage where patience tries to mutate into foolish naivity. I'm getting absorbed into the disappointment and frustration quarters now aswell. Most of all it frustrates me that about a year ago I stepped into this kickstarter for the box of Sophies, which had an estimated delivery date of September 2012, so I though... "Oh yeah, in about two months I'll finally have all the Sophies I've been lurking at"... but then again, the Vampire box became too seductive and my greed for more took over the management of my purse and more and more troops of bones and wings turned into sugar for my heart. In November / December, I made the hard choice to wait a little longer for my Sophies so Reaper could combine the shipment for my humble 'Rest of World' location... Understanding all the shipment would cost Reaper loads of money, I used my patience thinking like 'What's 3 more months anyway?". And of course I couldn't take the risk letting 10 cute sexy little Sophies do the trip on their own, without her protective horde of bones and dragons to keep drooling customers-hands away from her... Now, almost a year after estimated delivery date for these Sophies, those cute little girls, locked in their box, are gasping for freedom. I don't dare telling them we were pointed again to the back of the line for all the small to enormous Vampire levels (ok, that includes myself aswell) and once again.. again... again... (hearing this echo circling around in my head) to let the undertakers have their part first... I feel like I'm starting to know my place now... always at the end of the line... But a sarcastic of course, I guess it's only obvious that US-shop-customers -who didn't care for this kickstarter-launch- should have their grab first, before the rest of the lesser world -who did nothing more then only just backing and supporting this project- get what they paid for several months ago... It's a thin line between love and hate... but I'm still seeing myself on the love side though (I already once banned a huge UK-company out of my hobby-life because of disappointment, hope this doesn't repeat itself) and I know I will be supercalifragilisticexpialidociously excited when I finally get the Sophies and her bones-friends in my hands, but seeing the difference of speed and importance between US-backers and rest-of-world-backers is something I never expected to experience here. I hope my disappointment won't pull me further into this paranoia and unite with my stubborness because then it will all become wasted money and none of the minis will ever come out of the backlog. This is how I feel today (for which I really feel bad and sorry for sharing in public), I hope tomorow I will regret posting these thoughts. PS: I'm moving around the next Christmas-period... should this be a problem to get my stuff at the right destination? (sorry, couldn't resist)
  25. Awesome! All the junk allover the place makes it look so realistic! You've thought about just everything! Very well done! Love this!
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