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  1. TGP

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    I had to give up on the notion of finding some new place to go Nosh on food. Didn’t pan out for yesterday. Just not hungry enough for that today. That leaves trying something new art wise. I decided on drawing backwards. Usually I start at the middle, with whatever will be the center of interest, Using very fine tip pens. Then I work outward. Bold outlines get added. Background gets filled in ‘round the edges. But this time, like Dr Doolittle said, “ strike that! reverse that..! “ I am starting with the big thick, bold outlines first, adding the background next, using the biggest pens... ...wish me luck.
  2. M.E.O.W strikes again. Attacking your food supply. Yikes! I don’t know what you did to anger the Feline Cabal, but you might want to redouble your tribute payments.
  3. That’s what Noah said. That’s what Nebuchadnezzar said. And yet, humanity keeps blundering along. There was also @Marvin but then things got all mathematical, mathemematical, ...something. One of them went past 20. @buglips*the*goblin warned us against that. Is “the coop” your new gig ? Or is that something else? (Who works on Sundays outside of a retail operation?)
  4. TGP

    Halloween ideas?

    That is an interesting question. At this point The Nanny State is annoyed at its corporate citizens for putting sugars in every foodstuffs and it’s annoyed at its actual citizens for noshing on anything with sugar... Candy, Sugarcane = evile, evile, eeeevil !! (That works ^ better if you voice it like Abe Simpson, Homer’s Dad.) I don’t remember the anti-homemade candy hyperbole. My mum never made candy. Cakes mostly, but not candy. My grandmother made pies and cakes.
  5. That would be awesome of our friends at Reaper. And very surprising.
  6. No one said that... Nothing to see here Pezler, nothing to see...move along...move along...
  7. TGP


    But they should..!
  8. TGP


    And now all caught up... Day 19 : Hive Mind and Robot
  9. TGP


    *Thank You. Did they fix the audio in post? Or get it fixed for the Friday update? Is the YouTube version of that last Reaper Live listenable?
  10. TGP


    Day 18 :: Possessed This was a tiny bit inspired by the Dire Pumpkin King, Jack-the-Lantern-Beholder, THING they previewed a sketch of on the Thursday Reaper Live podcast (or is podcast different from Twitch?). I tried to catch the name of the artist that did that drawing but it was lost in the reverb. Anyway, when I saw it I thought, “...will that be on a flight stand?” And then I thought, “...well maybe it doesn’t fly.” And then, “...if it doesn’t fly, it needs some flying minions, it just does...” Thus, a possessed flying(!) pumpkin had to become a thing.
  11. TGP

    Halloween ideas?

    It was non-existent (the trick-or-treating) last year. Probably a different story in the late 50’s when these houses were new. But now, all sorts of nope. One house on the street behind me did a thing in the front yard: ***digs up prior attachment*** Caspar Class sheet ghosts around a faux campfire with big inflatable spiders lurking in the shadows. My 18th of October drawing for “Inktober” will likely be my only observance of Halloween. Here is a link to the Inktober thread. Do go back to the beginning.
  12. TGP


    Pingo, This last drawing of yours strongly reminds me of the style of certain book illustrations I remember. Here is an example: (Artist : Pauline Baynes; Book : Voyage of the Dawn Treader) But your dragon is much happier.
  13. Custom spider bases: Guys there’s always Litko. (Can’t link to them ...commerce rule.) But if we work up an order now they’ll have it done long before the spiders ship from China... @TaleSpinner are you allowed to give spider’s exact ground foot print? @ksbsnowowl for gridded map rpg purposes is everything always, always on circles? Does anything ever get assigned a square with rounded off corners? Are rectangles, like a 6x5, ever allowed?
  14. It looks like it would be a better fit on the largest Oval base. It hangs over more forward and aft than it does at the sides. Home Depot or Lowes might. Funny places hardware stores...they sell large figure bases...but they label them “wall protectors” (I have no idea how well they’ll stand up to collisions with doorknobs swung in anger but they’re a good quality base.)