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  1. TGP

    Tarnished Golem

    It is a nice rust effect. What WizKid figure is it?
  2. One of them has extra objects bolted on the back end. Are those fuel tanks? Or maybe fuel bladders?
  3. Hangout opened ... no Knarthex; no Dilvish.
  4. I like to draw dungeon maps on graph paper, with pens, I find it relaxing. And the side of each square is the same length as a ten foot pole. Enjoy:
  5. **Joins the Wulf, the GEM, and the Squid, and waves** If you keep it long enough that it forms ice crystals it counts as long/term storage. Not that I would know anyone dumb enough to do that.
  6. Glad you got some supplies NM. Taped Badges may not really be Taped or there is black banding worn when officers are killed. I have to wonder if that is what is being reported. But I have not seen any footage of your local PD.
  7. Not really, it has moved many times. It has even flipped. But no one knows if those processes happen overnight, or over 1000 years, all it has done while under human observation is shift a few meters per month or maybe per year....
  8. Say what? Just how bad are the phones where you live?
  9. GPS could die at any moment; magnetic North is gonna be there no matter what.
  10. Whuuuuutt......? There was talk of clothes pins. Which were these little spring clamps used in ancient times to hang wet laundry on a line to dry. Better known to modern man perhaps as a device used to close potato chip bags between feedings. "Bloated with the future" was the part that ... Bloated with potato chips I understand all too well. I have specialized clips for potato chip bags:
  11. Whuuuuutt......? I know about two kind of clothes pins. Wondering which kind you are thinking of. Both were traditionally made of wood: one always had a metal spring the other had a round knob on the top. (The only thing I have ever seen the second type used for is crafting wooden soldiers.) Why does there need to be printed bases? This sounds much fancier than using big metal washers like I am used to. And by dry you meant cool down? Hurrah! more terrain. If you can't find a credit card transaction (you called your CC Customer Service ??) for whatever amount it would be, then I think it didn't happen. Your memory might still be correct, you did all the steps, put them in your cart, but there was one last click or final screen in the checkout process you did not do and it timed out.
  12. Out of scope for sure. I don't think thoughts that deep WRT mini painting.
  13. I like to draw dungeon maps on graph paper, with pens, I find it relaxing. And the side of each square is the same length as a ten foot pole.
  14. I had a contractor job making exploded drawings of the machine that did that. The sort of drawings a maintenance tech would consult while they partially disassembled the machine to rescue something that got jammed up in the works. It is called the FSS (Flats Sorting System) and it is about the size of a school bus. The type of envelope in your picture is referred to in house as a “Flat” by the postal service. I will no longer accept mail-order pharmacy schemes. Insurance Companies do love to promote [foist] them onto the patients they insure. Just because you do not wish to make additional sacrifices to the sock eating monster that lives in the dryer, this doesn’t mean you [email protected]
  15. Ok that explains why the one @TheAuldGrump was looking at has a hoop in it.
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