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  1. We appear to be Crow's Nest-less…. @Serenity ?? Jimmy and Evalinna were there for a hot second
  2. The problem with space aliens is that they are liable to do this… …to US. Seven galaxies away, final answer.
  3. Three to five galaxies away… Especially those. Why not tiny grey eyes and great big bodies? Just the space suit is fine; if it’s wearing someone […thing] else’s forehead, it can stay six galaxies away.
  4. You are much too kind. When Emperor Pendrake's Inquisitorial Army gets around to having a word with them, the Inquisitors in Charge will be far less kind . . .
  5. My electric company has a lady robot voice that sez: "Oh, you don't have to press buttons…! I can understand complete sentences." No she can't. And… I WANT TO PRESS BUTTONS
  6. In the USPO, objects like a softcover Osprey rules books are called “flats”. The giant machines used to sort them by zip code (that I have made exploded technical drawings of in a past life) are referred to as the FSS, flat sorting system. Anything roughly A4 paper size —that is not meant to be folded— the USPO calls “a flat”. They don’t care that in the UK a flat is a residence. That would get so confusing: “failing to deliver a flat, to a flat, because a Mail Truck had a flat …tire (tyre)”.
  7. The house I live in has a metal box the postman can put things in. I do not have a paid for PO Box anywhere, although I have in the past. I think it is considered or even properly called “a letter box”. But I have discovered small packages from Reaper in it sometimes. So… Maybe they will or Probably intended just for letters.
  8. As this is the Random Thread it didn’t seem necessary to be verbose. Got it in one. Although it’s a bit more complicated. I was experiencing -sudden disconnects/zero internet. -super slow internet speeds. -intermittent internet connectivity. It was just randomly bouncing between those conditions starting at about 1600 hours today. In unrelated [????] news at 0300 today I spotted a Raccoon on the window ledge right outside the spot where my computer sits. She (?) was 3.5 feet from the point where the physical wire pierces the exterior wall. That confirmed that the strange noises I have been hearing from the roof-attic are likely raccoon activity and made them the lead suspects. This nonsense has happened to me before. The wire from the pole to the house was replaced about four weeks ago. It took Spectrum four (!) tech visits until they finally decided it was critter damage and replaced the wire. It has been all good for about four weeks but now it’s intermittently down unless it’s up…. Wow. Page 700 even.
  9. One has a foot on the end? the other has a hand?
  10. Keep notes. (I don’t really know what the first miniature I painted was for sure. There’s three it might have been.) One of the first three was either a ghostly rider or skeletal knight with a Lance. But I have know idea who made it, what company it was from, or how to find it, or look it up. No Notes.
  11. Almost all. No. I have tried: Black, Grey, White, Tan-Brown, Green, and Red** (**but just the once) This is something I want to try at some point.
  12. They’ve yet to change the signage…?
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