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  1. Good? If Reaper is doing OK then locally it’s OK? I don’t have a store to call my own. There are some around and my guess is they’re doing alright. Last question: I have no idea.
  2. For @ShadowRaven and @prince something(?) (there were folk in the morning stream who had not seen the RCon art) There it ^ is, gravity defiant Sophie and all.
  3. I wonder if the IRS ever sent along my refund. (?) ..it wasn’t all that large. 1) What do you have for lunch? Pizza. I would try DoorDash. Maybe I could score better Pizza than Dominos(?) That would be nice. 2) What is the first miniature you seek out to acquire? The new box of Brettonnians 3) Do you hire someone(s) to paint some portion of your unpainted horde? Sure! 3.5) And if so, who? I don’t know. Who paints units and armies on commission? I need recommendations.
  4. You need access to better / tougher airplanes.
  5. ++I have no plan. (See note) I have no bunker. ++Unless roll over and die counts as a plan. If an X9 gets us, it’s as bad as they say, then a swift painless death is about all I could hope for.
  6. I got the Acronym scrambled. It is SDO. SOLAR DYNAMICS Observatory.
  7. This is probably because there were three large solar flares during the last 5 days. Did this article mention the “Carrington Event”? of 1859? Best info (least alarmist) on this topic is available from NASA. NASA operates a probe called the Direct Solar Observatory. Learn all about these kind of events from the DSOs own webpages. The bottom line is the sun is gunning for us but it shoots very randomly and almost always misses. Once again the forum has mistaken me for a hooman (Imma Griffin!)
  8. Does that mean this ..is.. a weekend question? No . . . . That is as close as ^ I got to hobbying this month. I arranged the reds, on the desk, for a photo. I think it was done for an earlier question, in this thread. I suppose I have about 30 hours left to do something a get a pic? If the Hoooooman Verification Servers will permit it.
  9. There we go. It's totally not a baby dragon, no way. I convinced the servers I am really a regal griffin.
  10. I tripped across it a couple of months ago. I think they were covering an Eclipse (?) live. Ooh, ooh, ooh, I am now a certified, no a verified human! (I’m really a Griffin)
  11. It went 250,000 miles (or so) only to trip over a rock. “ One vast voyage by SpaceX; one small oopsie by a robot. “
  12. I am unable to think of anything. I wish that I didn’t need to wait another year for the next installment of All Creatures… I wish they could have carried on the last season with another six or seven episodes. Are British Telly series so short because the weather over the British Isles is typically rubbish for filming more often than it isn’t?
  13. There were a pair of technical glitches. They had to use an experimental LIDAR array during landing. And comms were not quite 5x5 at one point. But they managed to avoid making a new crater. That’s the important bit.
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