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  1. Onyx Because it exists in lots of colors. And they used to make chessmen out of it. ~~~~~~~~~~~ Basalt Because it is a really dark gray and it imparts a nice texture to XPS foam for terrain making purposes. Some days it is Pink Floyd and other days it is Alan Parsons Project. I like long instrumentals.
  2. Does an Equinox have more hit points than a Gazebo? Or less? My electricity shut off for no reason about ten minutes ago. Something seems out of whack… this particular Wednesday is acting like it wanted to be a Monday. I reach for a cane.
  3. That looks like it is meant for the power cable that goes to a computer? maybe a printer?
  4. …Let there be much rejoicing. It means 100 degree days. But weirdly this last summer was mild and there were only 8 such days. 18-20 such days is normal.
  5. A quote from the article: Forums and Discord are apples and oranges. I agree with that. Sort of. But not entirely. I think it would be more apt to say Forums and Discord are apples and rutabegas. These ^ Gnarly looking things are Rutabagas. ~~~~~~~~~~ Whereas Apples:
  6. I was hoping that someone would show the Eagle. My wife loved Space:1999. That is the Hawk - fighter bomber version. Rather than the Eagle.
  7. Weekends are —/thinks/— 52 hours long [?], there are only 18 hours left in this one, and I have entirely failed to perpetrate any fun. Haven’t managed to draw anything, Didn’t get any painting in, I’ve played no games, I was too tired to stay awake during Reaper Errant, Didn’t get any new packages or toys, Didn’t go anywhere or do anything out of the house, . . . . . .
  8. Yesterday it was prolly pain … coming from multiple locations. Later, I tried distracting myself by watching David Petersen draw an Oriole-mounted Mouse Guard knight. I just wanted to reach into that photo and scritch her little ears, rub all the spots under her chin, and tell her what purrrrfect cat she is! It was probably that time Savannah the Palomino horse introduced me. She got a big laugh! Me, I ain’t never gotten a laugh operating solo.
  9. I got the notice that Reaper was going live on Twitch (Ann … Pro Tips) but …I see no livestream to click on?
  10. "Shadow" him? Are you cheering for the other side? Naw. I just want to see if the legend was true, and if so, how did it work? How many teams of mirrors did it take to light off one ship? Why did they fail to burn the whole fleet? (I have a feeling smoke played a part.) Not cheering the Romans here. Ultimately they sacked Syracuse and killed Archimedes.
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