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  1. You might be onto something. Printing two or even three copies of the same puzzle in one edition would enable sharing amongst friends or family. Printed publications desperately need to find simple ways to add value. This function has mostly become the province of local TV stations if they have a local news department complete with investigative reporters.
  2. If it’s been found before anything tried to fly that sounds like a good thing.
  3. Red Alert. Red Alert. Calling all apostrophe Ninjas… ( @Froggy the Great )
  4. Do we know yet how Dog-let is doing today? (Only about 8:15 out there on the left coast so maybe not.)
  5. 1) Grab the extinguisher in the adjacent compartment? 2) Snuff out the first extinguisher using the second. 3) Unhook the scorched extinguisher and use it to brain whoever coated it in a flammable substance and set it alight? I think that is a workable plan.
  6. Not Really. The content has diminished so much from what it once was due to digital availability it is hardly worth picking it up. But give me any sort of newsprint publication that has a crossword!! Yet Another ^ Screen Shot
  7. There is an app for that! Seriously. I looked and there is. Settings App > Screentime Option > Turn screentime to ON. But mine was turned off and has been for months thus it reported zeros for everything. My favorite game is: Really Bad Chess by Zach Gage I saved this screen shot a few days ago because of the… O.o …force composition. Notice that the OppFor is all cavalry apart from pawns.
  8. You can tell him you know a guy in the industry! @kristof65
  9. Armored Fighting ^ Vehicle Aircraft ^ Interesting shift of metaphor. From Tanks to Planes. Both military, but very different.
  10. “What planet are you from??” I never discovered my planet of origin… So, no?
  11. I had my first air fryer cooked hamburger.
  12. The history of Great Lakes whaleboats is very interesting. “Pigboat”, when referencing something that sails the seas, is more likely to be a reference to an early submarine. Due to the smell, the narsty (Buglips approved) stank, that resulted from being submerged a long while. This is not-a-thing for current nuclear subs which do a fine job of scrubbing their air and generating nice clean oxygen from seawater even when submerged. But those early boats relied on batteries for submerged power. There was not much juice to spare to spend on air cleaning and the atmosphere in them would become foul the longer they were submerged. Both pigboat and whaleboat can mean other things in nautical parlance. Context is everything with these words.
  13. Can you stand the taste of Heineken? I tried this stuff a few months back. It was pretty good. Had some with pizza. It tasted like beer and pizza. But no alcohol.
  14. Corned Beef and Cabbage here, with all the trimmings, including a piper This year I learned that Corned Beef has nothing to do with: I. Did. Not. Know. This.
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