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  1. Interesting idea. Would you say about 120# grit? 300? 80? You have me designing tools for this in my head.
  2. Great minds think alike....just sayin’.
  3. No pumpkins in this eyrie… Uhh No. Not even once. Pumpkin Pie > Pumpkin Bread > Pumpkin Muffin
  4. Hi Virgil, you need to be asking about that software here: https://www.gearslutz.com/board/product-alerts-older-than-2-months/1290152-reaper-v6-5.html Or maybe here: https://www.reaper.fm ...if they have their own forum. Cheers. (Edit: and they do, it is here: https://forum.cockos.com/forumdisplay.php?f=20) (NB: This forum is about collectible fantasy figures.)
  5. Finishing a drawing. This was my Hatchling Space-Dragon from earlier this month (Inktober). I finished it up yesterday. (Yup. Moonlets are space-dragon eggs... ...who knew?? Those spacemen in that Saucer knew, ...that’s who.)
  6. Not the way die Familie Strawhat does it. Sugar or syrup on the outside, sometimes both, maybe apples or cherries on the inside--unless you want more sugar or syrup, that is. It's an idea, but I fear Grandpa Strawhat would spin in his grave... They probably stopped making them, but I had some at IHOP a few years ago. They did a crepes dish involving chicken. I bet bacon, egg, and cubed ham in a crepe would not be bad. Maybe add some shredded cheese… Muenster, or White Cheddar or similar.
  7. [?] SAvory crepes with meat inside of them. Nix the internal. interior carbs in the crepes.
  8. Actually Sadie ran long enough I was able to pop in toward the end... ...I should fish out my Phoenix and paint along, I really should.
  9. I rarely get super excited... If only I could raise steam... Not applicable? Always feels good to finish something, typically I “celebrate” by taking a few pix. I like to think I have a shelf of hope rather than a shelf of shame...(that’s as close as I get to being an optimist ) Never! That is what a bitz box is for!! Last Wednesday... Not sure, kinda shredded my circadian rhythm at some point and it now switches off/kicks in randomly... Yup, No (hence strikeout), Yup, to the rest of that. I also, have no cabin fever. For those some reasons. [Rant] Why do the powers that be keep saying Social Distancing?? When what they really mean, actually need to have happen, is Physical Distancing!!! Why can’t they use the correct word??? [/Rant]
  10. Do they actually take as much as three? (Blood banks around here only pull out one 450ml bag unless you do Apherisis — Double Reds, but they give back everything that is not a red cell in that procedure.)
  11. Thank you for checking in! Not that we were worried…. Legs elevated all the time I am guessing?
  12. @Glitterwolf glad Brutus is doing better. @Crowley made another dungeon for you. Used DungeonMapDoodler.Com to build it. (It is a fun little draw online, in your browser window, mapmaker.) Leaving this unlabeled so you can use it as an emergency sub-level / number it as required / insert monsters to suit: It is agnostic as far as whether these are 5 or 10 foot squares. Entry is by the long straight staircase at the bottom right.
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