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  1. Will that prevent adding new rows? That is how I add new things when I find/confirm I have one.
  2. Just noticed some big changes to the spreadsheet — lots of green, lots of bookkeepers ledger green. What does the green signify?
  3. Try not to let fear of the unknown get to you. Just because they spot a new variant does not mean that it has adapted to kill us more better. The goal of a virus: is survive and spread. It is not: survive, spread, and kill. It is a mindless thing but if it could collectively think, its goal would be: to propagate fast, spread easily, but inflict no noticeable symptoms on its hosts. So “new variant” does not necessarily mean worse.
  4. As a kid, almost ^^ this. As a kid, There were times I had one friend that was not a book. But books are friends that last. The only friends that I still have, from when I was a kid, are all books.
  5. Yes. Not as much as I once did. Not entirely happy about this.
  6. I am having a horrible Monday. Not a good Monday. I glanced at something Cash Wiley posted. And that (whatever it was) led to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4MKQMTHplI It gave me a laugh.
  7. Or Maybe I mean Polo Shirt. There is a difference. I looked it up one time. But I have forgotten what the difference was. Because I am not a fashionista. Might have been something to do with the pocket.
  8. Golf shirt. No Logo. + Trousers …on a good day. I do, and they have not. (I am very much the polar opposite of a fashionista…)
  9. I believe that counts as a blanket Plaid blankets are a thing. Plaid is a woven pattern. But Brutus really is not plaid, he's more of a modern art design. He counts as a self-propelled, heated, blanket.
  10. @Froggy the Great my reply to your DnD post went astray, and is hiding in another thread.
  11. I never had, or played in, a group of first levels that wanted to chop up goblins… Heads on goblin pykes? worse? Were these goblins orange, green, or blue? [edit] How did this end up here? when I was quoting FTG from the random thread; this was meant for that thread.
  12. Errr, are you saying 15 weeks between shots? 3 + 12 ? That is a very different implementation. Am I misreading that ? I had the Pfizer, on a Saturday, and they simply said, try to come back three weeks hence. Get it scheduled… pick a time… and that was yesterday.
  13. Dark Glasses, Motorcycle Jacket, Big Hair, Large Fire Arm, Tagline: (In Arnold's deadpan accent…) " There are no mistakes; only Happy Accidents…"
  14. I got dose #2 yesterday at around 1300 hours. It is 0330 hours, no side effects yet. (Unless that nap attack was a side effect — I went to sleep at about 1800 hours on Saturday.) I didn't have any side effects from dose 1.
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