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  1. I saw the pix on the face book. I’m very sorry, poor Bunny. I always enjoyed reading Thumper stories and seeing pix of her. This sucks.
  2. How much Ground could a Groundhog cover if a Groundhog could cover Ground? How much wood could a Woodchuck chuck, if a Woodchuck could chuck wood? Woodchuck = Groundhog ( Same animal ) Mind = Blown
  3. Not exactly. Perhaps bad phraseology... If this is too political or something you can snip it. Memorial Day, the one in May, got started right after The American Civil War. All initial observances had in mind the 600K+ who died in that one. Armistice Day, Nov. 11th, later renamed to Veteran's Day, commemorated the day the shooting stopped and the First World War, aka The Great War, ended. My grandfather was on a train, packed in a boxcar, on a wretched little French railroad (his description; I wasn't there) somewhere in France between Le Havre and the front o
  4. If I had had one, it would have gotten rained out.
  5. It was originally May 30. But its meaning and significance was somewhat blunted by an act of Congress (1971) that redefined it to the last Monday of May ensuring that (for some folk) it created a three-day weekend. It is best not to dig too deeply for the original origins of this holiday. Even who exactly did it first or started it is a matter of debate. I don’t believe I have ever had a job that celebrated the full list of bank holidays. When I was a kid, I think the same was true of my Dad: Just 4th July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Day. No chance
  6. Silence is in a 20-radius sphere and Knock has a 60-foot range. And where does the loud BANG noise of the Knock originate? the door the spell opened?
  7. [Yipes] Does that mean operating theatre? as in surgery?
  8. The Potterverse spells: Alohomora / Colloportus (Unlock/Lock) were only as loud as the locking mechanism itself would be if it were operated by a key. And Rowling had at least two different silencing charms as well. ~~~~~~~~ How is this issue completely sorted in Harry Potter, but utterly borked up in D&D..? Is it impossible to cast Silence followed by Knock in D&D?
  9. Jersey No. Hat No. I do have one item (T-shirt) that mentions an NFL team. I rarely wear team Reaper stuff. I have only been to three events that might qualify. (Major League US sportsball franchises, games attended in person.) In chronological order: 1) Baseball game, MLB, don’t even remember who won, stayed until the end. 2) Football game, NFL, don’t remember for sure who won, went with a group, our seats were the cheapest seats in the house. Guys! they were at one of the corner sections past the goal posts AND as
  10. They sold thousands of ships? Really? Also: since no one cares or can be bothered to learn the names of things; the real, honest-to-god, a heavy piece of structure meant to hold a mast on a ship actually has a name... MAST STEP
  11. I have never done that... (If I have gone to a theatre I’m there for the duration...) I have done ^ this. Starship Troopers ...got ban-hammered by the TV remote. I read the book in High School. The movie failed to meet expectations.
  12. The phrase: “Feline Overlords” ...exists for reasons.
  13. @Reaper_Jon is going to do a RCon Q&A in her time slot instead. There is a question collections form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd_VQLZaa0RUP1HmNI7OLPlcXcDZLTZByNU_w5aojnY9qp8cw/viewform But I think you can ask things in chat also...but the answer is liable to be something like, “I will check on that...”
  14. You might like this then: This is my front yard. They really should name the neighborhood SquirrelHaven. And that was today, around Noon.
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