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    Warlord Tournament at RCon?

    OK, where is the sign-up thread? The way I did my classes I can just spend Saturday at the Hilton. @Vince[?]; Stubdog[?]: I need to sign up for Saturday... It is a different sculpt from the one in the link? Will the one in the link get turned into a bones model someday?
  2. TGP

    Reaper model for a banner?

    Captain Murray, have you seen the Reaper desktop wallpapers ? Those are already free to download for use on computer screens. A banner based on combining a pair of those might be a thought? But do ask first.
  3. TGP

    How to begin to learn CAV

    Maybe you both could decide to be friends and sort out the times so that there is little or no schedule overlap? I kinda doubt that either of you wants to be running CAV games continuously throughout the con. If attendees get to try both rules variants during the event that seems like a good thing. Doesn't matter to the Big Stompy Robot, yearning to be sold and escape from his blister pack, what rules he gets used with. He just wants to wind up on a tabletop someday.
  4. Andy, the spring weather in North Central Texas is really difficult to predict beyond about 6 hours. The thing that you can count on is that it will change quickly. (Pack one pair of long trousers and a leather jacket---do you have a bomber jacket?---those two items will easily deal with any April cold snap that might happen. 75% chance those items will just stay in your hotel room but if there is a cold snap it won't last long enough to need more than one outfit to cope with it.) If you are at all acclimatized to MN you should be fine in shorts and a Hawaiian shirt. (I have seen Minnesotans---wearing shorts and T-shirts---fresh off the plane at DFW look around and stare incredulously at the locals all bundled up and shivering when it is 40 or 50 degrees. To the Minnesotans, it's a warm day. ) If you add glasses, a camera on a neck strap, and some Nerf darts to the shorts and Hawaiian shirt ensemble you will have your costume sorted. You can be a either a generic Tourist Character from Nethack or go whole hog: Twoflower from Discworld.
  5. TGP

    Help identify this mini?

    A Puzzle In most of these sculpts HeMan wields an axe. I did not watch the show back in the day. (I just was not up for a 30 minute action figure commercial.) This means I could be missing some key info. But, I thought HM's 'superpower' was all down to that sword. I thought the sword was the big deal. So what's he doing with an axe? Repeating the links for easy reference---
  6. Wise of her. The idea is overpowered. I'd make you be 12th level just to be able to use the wand as originally proposed. A wand for an apprentice first level type should be much weaker. Does your version of DnD have cantrips? Cantrips were weak little spells, useful but not heavily damaging..? Here's a sample idea for something more appropriate: Your apprentice wand can do one free cantrip / day. There is a list of 12 cantrips it might do. (Because 12 sided dice need to be rolled once in awhile). Every day at ... a set time ... let's say Noon, the wand recharges and randomly loads one of the cantrips. Little spells, cantrips. I found a list of such things here. As (or if) you advanced in level I might allow the wand to become stronger or to let you improve it. (What level do you need to be to create a magic item: 7th?) Back story: your original Master Wizard made it for you because your were having trouble with ink and parchment tasks. It was supposed to have the Cantrips: "Scour Parchment" (in order to reuse it) and "Summon Ink" (in case you spilled the ink, again). But the making of it was flawed and it wound up with this random effect.
  7. TGP

    Chinese Human Rights Diorama

    02638 does come with a harp [?] on the left hand sprue. The middle sprue from the same set has a skillet that looks like the one the little girl is now holding. The first sprue in the 2638 set has a powder horn[?], a lantern glass, a coiled rope, and a harp. That other set suggested by MetalChaos, 02696C, has (for a whopping $1.76) two matched, identical lantern glasses plus a third lantern depending from a pole. (No doubt the shipping would be triple that...) Do you have a bead craft store in your hometown? I've seen objects in a store like that could be tiny lanterns. Those places have little metal bits (usually for spacing and separating the beads) in a vast variety of shapes and they'll let a customer browse and buy just one or two:
  8. TGP

    Warlord Tournament at RCon?

    Kinda hoping I don't have to trek to the hotel...
  9. TGP

    Tagging or Name problems

    Lamps & Lanterns: some items are tagged with both, other items are tagged with one but not the other. I was looking at those two tags because of another thread that mentioned a part found in a bitz box. Not sure there is anything to fix, or how to fix it, but I noticed it is tricky to hunt for all miniatures with a light source. You''d need to know all the possible names for light sources...I suppose. +++ Does Dan McDermott [50087] have the "Flashlight" tag because his torch could be converted to one? (Same question; same mini; but for the "Wand" and "Caster" tags.)
  10. TGP

    Help identify this mini?

    I second that, it looks like a mini version of some kind of he-man toys. You nailed it. I typed "He-man battering ram" into the search engine and Lo and Behold: http://www.retroactionfigures.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=42_12&products_id=2260&zenid=btsbpfocqq71h2i5n1681330c2 So apparently somebody did a pewter version. Here he is riding it: http://www.he-man.org/forums/boards/showthread.php?227751-Toyguru-Update-on-2013-Subscriptions&s=0371643781336ecb95687d64d0a2d580&p=3095420&viewfull=1#post3095420 Looks like the official name was: "Battle Ram". Edit---found it. It was part of a set: http://www.coolminiornot.com/forums/showthread.php?2367-Looking-for-old-He-Man-mini-s&s=ba975401e7e56dc7e09ad18dfceb2b33&p=27814&viewfull=1#post27814
  11. TGP

    Help identify this mini?

    I think you have found a 26th candidate for this: http://chestofcolors.com/25-worst-miniatures-ever-made/ IMHO It could definitely take the slot held by Reaper's Tiki man.
  12. For basing -or- terrain... It can be a very bad idea if you are in the habit of working with washes.. ..It does and will do a good job absorbing moisture...
  13. TGP

    From the Obscure 90's Minis File

    <---This is an old Citadel "Fimir". <--- Could this be a Spacemarine/40K version of a Fimir ?
  14. TGP

    He-Man colors? I dunno.... :-)

    He-Man had a girlfriend / sister / female counterpart.. ? ..she had a pegasus or a unicorn for a steed (instead of the huge cat) and her own show?? but she had a near-twin of HM's magic sword. I was never a fan back in the day but the local cartoon channel is re-running the whole saga. Something like Shara? Sheera? Honestly, I think the cartoon character had a more extensive costume than the mini in question... [quick google search] Like I said, the cutlery is a matched set.
  15. I do have some of that craft store---pour it in jars for decoration---stuff. Hobby Lobby had some on clearance one afternoon and I bought 3-4 colors. The least expensive sand I have is roadkill sand. We get short, but violent, Thunderstorms 'round these parts. 'Gully-washers' is the technical term. After one of those happened a lot of sand/silt got washed over the curbs, into the road, near my house. After driving past the point where the gutters were choked with it for many weeks, one afternoon I grabbed a 32oz. plastic cup, stopped, scooped a huge cupful out of the gutter (doing my civic duty to help save the storm drains from getting silted up ) and secured myself a lifetime supply of basing material. Cost $0.00
  16. TGP

    Camoflage Experiment

    If you are still going for M81...I think you have matched 3 out of the 4 colors. The second color applied, the darker brown, is significantly lighter and yellower than the brown in the M81 pattern. (In fact the burnt umber would have been a closer match.) This might be useful: http://www.colourlovers.com/palette/1801790/M81_Woodland
  17. TGP

    Reaper Paint Club

    If it has not changed: Brushes, Pallet, & Miniature at a minimum. [ Blue-tack, Greenstuff, craftknife, Spray-Primer, needle-nose pliers, side-cutters, paint nozzle clearing needle, Handle for the mini... all optional but potentially useful. Particularly that last one.] Paints, Tap Water, Paper Towels and Cups were provided.
  18. TGP

    Tagging or Name problems

    This is not a tagging problem, perhaps a resizing problem? http://www.reapermini.com/pages/figure_finder_image.php?sku=02907_G.jpgℑ=3 (It won't let me link it in the post) Image for "02907: Quint, Warrior" looks squashed
  19. TGP

    March Miniature Challenge

    An idea for anyone else (I'll stick with Dirk) but start with: + Hat number four, top row: + Plus a sword swapped in to replace that wrench = Some character** called Steiner: **Sorry, I have no XP with Final Fantasy.
  20. TGP

    Dip method mess

    Good to know. I decided to stick with inks and washes anyway, as I found I dislike having a mini given an entire body wash of the same colour. I much prefer a more selective placement of wash of various colours applied sparingly with a brush. This Stuff? ( It says it's oil-based... ) [ ...bold and red added for emphasis.]
  21. TGP

    Help finding my PC mini

    This guy is 60103: Anti Paladin (by Bobby Jackson) and surprisingly there are no boneyard pieces listed for it. But, there is no way the shield could be cast in position---it has to be separate element. (Though it might be on the same sprue as the body.) He could be de-armoured a bit by painting most of his armour as if it was leather. The head I quoted was from this guy: http://www.reapermini.com/FigureFinder#detail/60100 http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Pathfinder/latest/60113 <---- goes to 60113: a bit less armour, no shield, left hand ready for a wand, he would just need a head swap to a horned helmet. Have you used/found the figure finder or the store search? Edit: Here is the link to the head for 60100: http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/60100/latest/60100#boneyard Look below the main figure for the bone yard parts.
  22. TGP

    Reaper Con 2013 Hotel Information

    This: ...sounds like some sort of small tax: Local taxing authorities are authorized to impose an additional local hotel tax that is collected by the local taxing authority. For more information [ click this link]. $2 difference.
  23. TGP

    Help finding my PC mini

    Building one is a real possibility. Don't glue the shield on. Convert that left hand to hold a rod (basic weapon swap). Add some horns to the helmet. (Or add a totally different horned helmet the 14508 body has swap-able heads. "P60100B: Head" might work...) ...if a redonkulous sword is required:
  24. TGP

    March Miniature Challenge

    Somewhere I have a paint free copy of this guy.. ..three word idea: