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  1. Appease it with rabbit food..? _______________________ My cellphone keeps me informed about currency rates. (Link goes to a free app.) _______________________ My randomness--- I posted a cartoon in the beekeepers; the cartoonist had Putin and Obama playing a chess-like game; but on a very odd chess board: it was seven squares by six squares. It turns out... ...There are about twenty chess variants that use a 7x6 board; some are 42 cells but others are only 38.
  2. TGP

    If EFS planned D-Day

    So Sorry Beagle. Like your Avatar BTW. My Kickstarter list (is that an actual function on the KS website? I never knew...) has only three items on it: 1. Impudent Mortal 1st Kickstart -------- Delivered. 2. Bombshell Babes Rocketship -------- Delivered. 3. Bones II from Reaper ------------------ Waiting Confidently & Patiently
  3. TGP

    Does Sophie have guidelines or specs?

    Sophie is a quasi-magical entity and as such can morph her appearance, accoutrements, and appendages as required.
  4. TGP

    repair and recovery

    Pictures are so blurry it is really hard to see the problem. Is this mini perched on one foot, the destroyed foot? Leave the mini unattached to a base until the paint job is satisfactory. Scrap the old base. Design a new base where the wreckage of the foot is believably buried in sand, or snow, or mud, or gravel. Something that the limb could conceivably sink into.
  5. Mine handles it fine, what sort of laptop do you have? Same problem. I have a recent Win7 laptop and it kinda threw a fit trying to run Age of Wonders: Shadowmagic. (Is that a different program from the one the two of you refer to? I kinda remember there were several AoW titles.)
  6. This reminds of a bumper sticker I saw two days ago. It said: W W N D I was confused. But I closed in a bit at the next light. It stood for: What Would Nixon Do ? __ It was a newish bumper sticker. Someone please explain. I remain confused.
  7. That damaged package would have probably still been usable. You were gonna crumble it up and cut it anyway. I have had excellent luck texturing Owen Corning's Foamular with rocks. Just mash them into the foam and 'damage' it a bit. It may depend on the type of rock, though. I use basalt gravel. It is a volcanic rock. It is very hard. Generally has shard-like edges. And a fine micro-texture. All of which will transfer to pristine Foamular. I visit places that sell it by the cubic yard. But if I just fill a plastic cup or something, sometimes they just charge me a buck, sometimes they just give it away, calling it a sample. (Sometimes they ask what it is for... And this is one of those situations where I usually wind up muttering something about "...model railroad layouts..." It is interesting how almost everybody likes puppies, kittens and model trains.)
  8. TGP

    Ask Reaperbryan Anything*!

    The Fifth Musketeer . . . _______ You have stated it would not be cars, or a cruise, . . . These folks have some very, very nice furniture. . . If money were no object what would you whip out the check book and buy?
  9. TGP

    300pt Sample Armies

    I could almost do the list above with metal models that I have except I don't believe I have any Goblin Warriors. _____ This is a Reven list using (metal) models I already have (300 points even): Troop 1 Kagunk, Ogre Beastman Woodcutter x 3 Troop 2 Dantral, Half-Orc Beastman Woodcutter x 3 Troop 3 Harpy x 4 Gonda, Goblin
  10. TGP

    Ask Reaperbryan Anything*!

    I guess we'd fashion polyhedrals out of coconuts and bamboo and play D&D with the rules in our heads. Buglips lives on a coconut palm-free but ice-bound island. So carving dice out of ice is more probable. Do you have tools or crafting abilities that would allow you to make/carve polyhedrals out of something (wood? plastic?) something else? I once had to read something called Giants in the Earth, a dearthly boring story about Norwegians out on the high plains. It is not to be confused with Giants on the Earth (available from Gutenberg.org) which sounds like a rather promising tale involving [!] Jovians. Have you ever read Giants in the Earth? You could, for free, thanks to project Gutenberg Australia, but I do not recommend it.
  11. TGP

    Ask Reaperbryan Anything*!

    Wouldn't that be a d1, since it does actually have one side. A d0 would be a mathematical point or line. In my opinion, it counts as a d0 since the "top" is the "inside". Incidentally, I also need to collect a d1... A d0 is a sphere. A sphere is a solid with no (zero) faces. A d2 is any coin (a solid with two faces). A d1... ? Possibly, a piece of buttered toast. (Always lands with the unbuttered side up, yes? Maybe that is just a 'loaded' d2.)
  12. TGP

    Asgrim dwarf bust

    Nope. It wasn't that one. I am pretty sure that the guy was bald. I almost want to say it was in one of the D-n-D movies. You can google mad irishman and a few pictures of him will turn up. Lots of dark brown hair. Narrow diagonal stripes of blue (woad?) across his face.
  13. TGP

    Asgrim dwarf bust

    http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/real-life-stories/mirror-man-finds-out-what-3116043 Have a look through the slide show.
  14. TGP

    Ask Reaperbryan Anything*!

    I don't know if I get seasick. But I would want to go. And, if I attempted to paint at sea I would be willing to solemnly swear that I would wear much more than swim trunks. But I would game more than I would paint, I am sure. ______ Maybe they could provide special tables, with an edge, to mitigate the lost dice problem? Or dice rolling trays / boxes... ______ Bryan do you detest dice towers and similar things? or do you have one? (if you do pictures please...)
  15. That's a wallaby ( pictures of wallabys ) ...the poor thing might well have mange.
  16. TGP

    Minis we would like to see

    Bull Orc Head sprues 1 Bull Orc Head sprues 2 Those are not retro pig-faced Orcs. I believe Doc Bedlam is talking pOrcs. Like these guys: ...from a British outfit: http://otherworldminiatures.co.uk/2011/10/pig-faced-orcs/fitzorcs1/ ...those are proper Pig-face Orcs.
  17. TGP

    Looking For: TWF Shifter Ranger

    Or there is this guy... http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/dual%20wield/latest/03362
  18. TGP

    Looking For: TWF Shifter Ranger

    Is adding a sword (to an empty fist) a problem? http://www.reapermini.com/FigureFinder#detail/02879 That left paw/fist is just begging waiting to have another sword added.
  19. Two words for you: Snow Fort.
  20. TGP

    You folks okay after the storm?

    If you decided to mess with one of the apps (for that matter iOS7 has a generic weather app) you could just keep an eye on it for the weeks running up to the event --- your own assessment will be just as good as the pros. http://www.weather.com/weather/wxclimatology/monthly/graph/USTX0327 So better than Detroit. How about anywhere from 30 to 100 Fahrenheit? 56 to 77 in the fatter portion of the bell curve. The point everybody is making in assorted ways is it can vary rather wildly. (See next ) __________________________ Reaper Con Weather Table Roll 2D12** - Roll twice daily to establish low and high temperature ranges for the day. 2 Low 30's; cloudy 3 Upper 30's; downpour 4 Low 40's; heavy rain 5 Upper 40's; clear 6 Low 50's; rain 7 Upper 50's; cloudy 8 Low 50's; drizzle 9 Upper 50's; clear 10 Low 60's; downpour 11 Upper 60's; cloudy 12 Low 60's; light rain 13 Upper 60's; clear 14 Low 70's; heavy rain 15 Upper 70's; cloudy 16 Low 70's; light rain 17 Upper 70's; clear 18 Low 80's; heavy rain 19 Upper 80's; cloudy 20 Low 80's; downpour 21 Upper 80's; clear 22 Low 90's; heavy rain 23 Upper 90's; downpour 24 Over 100; clear. **Note: I have it on excellent authority that the D12 is the most perfect and sublime of all the polyhedral dice.
  21. TGP

    Happy Table Top Day Everyone!

    Unicorns and sparkly pink dice... ...you are raising her right. ______________ On a more sour note: I played the game called: sleep most of the day because I was monitoring a sick relative's move from one hospital to another at 0'dark-thirty this morning.
  22. TGP

    You folks okay after the storm?

    Fire, brimstone, frogs, small mammals... There is no telling. There are TV meteorologists in DFW that will give a five day outlook. But those guys don't ever put up the screen-shot of the five-day outlook from the previous Sunday on the following Friday evening. (Summer is of course a different story; the five-day outlook stays almost constant from June to August. Uninterrupted Brain Baking heat... ...guys from Fort Hood deployed to the Middle East don't notice much difference.) If you have an iGadget Phone you can get weather apps from some of the local TV stations: FOX affiliate: http://www.myfoxdfw.com/story/17123512/wapp-fox-4s-weather-app NBC affiliate: http://www.nbcdfw.com/weather/stories/NBC-5-First-Alert-Weather-App-147435995.html ABC affiliate: http://www.weathercasterapp.com/ CBS affiliate:http://weather.dfw.cbslocal.com/US/TX/Dallas.html (I don't see any phone apps; I guess they figure just use the browser on your device to look at this page...) With one or two of those you could follow the weather trends in the few days leading up to ReaperCon. The only guarantee is the weather will have changed a lot from Thursday to Sunday of the event. __________________________________ Back to the original question: Denton - Dallas - Fort Worth is this huge, sprawling, vaguely triangular, rounded-cornered, metromess with DFW international airport near the middle of the triangle. The storm damage for this event was in a West to East swath mostly up North of the airport. There was a Walmart that got hammered pretty badly. Most Walmarts have skylights every twenty feet on center over the entire expanse of their enormous flat roofs. (And they are enormous; WW1 fighter pilots routinely landed on dirt fields that were smaller than the roof of an average Texas Walmart. I guess WM builds them that big in other states ?? as well.) Turns out those skylights = not hail proof. So hail stones like golf balls and bigger were busting holes in those things and shards of glass and hail stones were raining on the people shopping at that one Walmart that night. Interestingly, Walmart has the capability to summon work crews to a store that has been hit like that within just hours of the event. There were crews and work trucks there patching things up by midnight the day it happened.
  23. TGP

    Ask Reaperbryan Anything*!

    I think the D12 is the most neglected polyhedral die type and this is very sad for it is the coolest and most versatile. Are you with me? 12 is darn near a perfect number, having so many ways to divide it - my D12s act as D3s, and I bought special D12's printed with 1-4 only (3x each) that I use instead of D4s. The D12 is also a zillion times cooler looking than the d10, which I find to be a cop-out die, much like the D14's and D16's that are made the same way. It's not a true Platonic Solid, unlike the majestic D12. Errmmh, Yeah: Fused pyramidal dice...Numbering an icosohedral D20 from 0 to 9 twice would have worked for a D10. But I do have a bunch of the pointed end style for Warlord. Do you have a D24? (there are two kinds...see above) ...or a D30? (each face is a rhombus and it is called a "rhombic triacontahedron".)
  24. I thought it was a shampoo or soap-like product? I swear I remember seeing some stupid commercial that involved suds ...
  25. The Rust-O-leum brand of spray-on stone texture does not melt foam. I believe Doug is correct about all other brands. But the Rust-O-leum is different. This will not melt foam: I don't know what is different about this stuff...