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  1. @knarthex Stumbled onto a youtube video you might like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lh1qKxn95GE Heavy Metal.... music and visuals ...nothing but heavy metal.
  2. I've actually attended a championship competition a few years ago. Those women are VERY athletic. I had to replay the first bit, with The Red Mustang, several times....
  3. I WENT *POOF* ..........did the whole call die, or was it just me ??? (It was apparently just me.) @knarthex did you call it for the night?
  4. Pizza Hut locations vary greatly in quality IME. The only one that delivers here has been rather dismal. YPHLMV
  5. Alert! Calling W.O.O.F HQ... Alert! Evidence of M.E.O.W operative cloning program intercepted. Alert!
  6. Off at the door... (But they stay on in other peoples houses...) Which is what? Never really watched that...ditto for the Daniel Tiger cartoon. Aware of both shows.
  7. Nods sagely. I have made one giant contact out of the dozens of phone numbers they call from. Thus, I know it is them.
  8. I have made some modifications and... added graffiti made a mess on enhanced the standard catalog picture below. Hopefully, this shows how the little wedge shapes (Bryangles) are used to gauge the height of a model: The key is knowing that they are 12.7mm (half-an-inch) apart. Use one as the center of a circle. Use the other as the edge of a circle. Once drawn, that circle is useful to measure with. The circles are the same diameter as a 1 inch round RPG base (standing on edge). The long yellow line is the table surface. The long red line that grazes her wing is about 58 or 59mm above the table surface. Two inches is ~51mm; three inches is 76.2mm. (Note: they could easily upscale or downscale the Bones version a little bit without harming the details much. I doubt that would happen deliberately.) It may help to see the object providing the wedges. Normally it is cropped away right at the edge of the frame. Normally it is placed at the same distance from the camera as the center of the model. But, it makes a rare appearance here: ...on Jason Wiebe's metal Jabberwocky, 60056.
  9. I might try metal jar lids. They are about the correct height for a curb. Obviously, after the jar is empty and it is unneeded/being recycled.
  10. ...what does it mean when you can be looking at nothing in particular and suddenly you just sneeze..?
  11. Reaper’s Liner colors are purposely made for for this. If you mix two or more of them you won’t be able to tell it is not black.
  12. You're asking that on THIS Forum??? That's why I ask this forum. I know I won't get any real advice How did you used to do it? _________ Maybe a cheap-O printed sign for your cube in the cube farm: “ Asymptomatic Spreader Enter this cubical at your peril. “
  13. Not just cow jokes. Cow memes. Cow memes that are also Dad jokes..
  14. What they said! The Gryffon says, “set snack break alarms on your phone“ to get up and stretch and stuff. Really happy for you.
  15. If I could not have first post on the new thread or final post on the last thread, at least I got first post, on the final page, of the last thread. (....this was the tenth post, therefore the ninth reply....)
  16. Please tell me it was a Bacon, Sliced Hard Boiled Eggs, Chunked Tomatos, Shredded Cheese, and Bacon crumbles salad ??
  17. And now for something completely tropical... ( Sharpie brand markers on index card stock, about 70x90mm. )
  18. Cats are smarter than they like to let us give them credit for. Standard M.E.O.W training protocol. I don’t remember you mentioning this either and I have been keeping up with this silliness fairly well. Happy Birthday Lucy I don’t think you are really so terrible. Enjoy your pup cake muffins! That was nice of David to bake those for you.
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