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  1. 6 hours ago, Werkrobotwerk said:

    July 23. Have any experience with horses?



    (This is not counting attempts to draw horses. I wish I could draw horses better, but most of my attempts have been sad.)


    Both experiences were positive, so based on a very tiny sample size: I like horses and they like me.

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  2. 23 hours ago, Werkrobotwerk said:

    July 22. What's the longest delay you've had for a kickstarter or preorder that did eventually arrive?



    Just counting the unplanned time, so if you preordered in 1981 for something meant to ship in 1990, that arrived in 1992 it would only be 2 years.


    I have no idea. I don’t track things like that closely enough to know. 



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  3. 4 minutes ago, Unruly said:


    Pretty much. The phones and the new software beat the pants off of our old handhelds for just about everything except working in the rain. They take better pictures, they have a built-in license plate reader function that's about 70% accurate, it remembers the details for vehicles we've written prior tickets, they're smaller, the battery lasts a whole 8 hour shift, and they automatically update our records(in part) as we write the tickets. The downsides are that the battery isn't replaceable, and so will eventually stop lasting the whole shift unless they get new phones every couple years, and that they foul up quicker in the rain.


    All in all, it's a big upgrade. But it does suck when you're in the rain.


    Can you do the tickets inside your squad car / RMP ?


    Not understanding why the gadget has to be out in the weather...there is something you’ve not told us....??

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  4. 2 minutes ago, WhiteWulfe said:

    I was leaning more towards the latitude based system of setting things up.  We're 53.5ish degrees here...


    Latitude factors in at least two ways. It affects the raw amount of energy available (there is more near the equator). Then the best angle for the collector to get as much energy as possible varies with latitude. 


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  5. 1 minute ago, WhiteWulfe said:

    Don't forget that in some climates it, uh, uhm... Well, isn't quite as effective in a place like Alberta, Canada, compared to California.  I still wouldn't mind doing such when I get a house though, but there is one perk if you put it at the "correct" angle - it's self cleaning.  No need to shovel snow off when gravity does that for you! 


    Solar is beset by parameters that enhance or hamper the usefulness. 


    Just considering the angle. There is an optimum angle to collect energy. That can be different from the optimum angle(s): to disperse snow accumulation, the ideal angle to survive hail impacts, the best angle to survive sustained high winds...

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  6. 2 hours ago, Froggy the Great said:
    On 7/19/2019 at 11:51 AM, TGP said:


    Redbubble put up some resistance but I got there in the end...


    Right: so the effect of giving it those tags is that it displays a little generic, mostly grey,  icon with a Rebbubble logo and an [oak?] leaf. Labeled with the words “mature content”. 


    It does that, instead of a thumbnail of the art, if it decides there is a tiny chance the visitor on the other side of the screen  might be a kid.  


    I love your line-work on those trees.  Yow.


    To be absolutely clear, that Artwork with the lovely linework on the trees, was all @Pingo ! (Who also draws horses much better than I ever have.)  I was just giving her independent feedback on the functionality of Redbubble. 


    I have done trees. And rocks.



    (This is something Old from 3 years ago, also appears in one of my art threads.)



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  7. 1 hour ago, Chaoswolf said:

    Today is off to a weird start. I still have to go to work, but I'm going in late due to a first thing in the AM doctor's appointment. So, I got to sleep in a little bit. It's messing with my head to look at the clock, though. Every time I do, the first thought I have is 'I should've left x number of minutes ago'.


    I may have a Doctor Appt today. I made one last week, but I can’t remember if it was for Wednesday or today.  :unsure:


    I went round and round and round two weeks ago trying to get this appointment set up only to have it cancelled the day before because all the little worker bees failed to get an “insurance referral” approved. 


    Today is (maybe) the second attempt. 


    It would be nice to know if my wrist is broken.  :mellow:

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  8. 1 hour ago, Doug Sundseth said:





    In about 8000 years they’re gonna dig up the crumpled remains of Blucifer plus assorted articles with ^ that etched on them. This will result in a small Army of newly minted PhDs who will forge careers debating the profound religious significance of the “Bronc Cult of Ancient Deeen-Varrre”.

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  9. On 7/19/2019 at 6:48 AM, Werkrobotwerk said:

    July 19. Do you go to any conventions?




    If so, which ones, and what do you go there to do?



    I go to that. Classes. Melt table. Hanging out with folk. Used play Warlord a little. Tried Frostgrave. I take photos of the paint competition entries. I have yet to enter. 



    Once Upon A Time there was a convention put on by a band of historical gamers. The acronym of the sponsoring group was HMGS. But it fizzled out and disappeared. I can’t remember the name of it for sure. Both hotels they used for venues have been torn down. ::(:


    It was always fun, always had games with model figures to try. I battled in the War of the Roses, against Commanches vrs US Cavalry vrs Missionaries vrs Miners (that one was based on a Western movie), the Boxer Rebellion, Pirates, I refought that Army of Darkness movie in 15mm, Age of Nelson sailing ships, they always had a variety of games to try. 

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  10. A piece of MDF from Lowe’s (or some such place) half inch thickness is about $22.


    Is it vital to be able to roll up the insert?


    $22 is a sheet 49x97 inches. You would have leftover pieces of 49x37 inches and 13x60 inches, in addition to the 3 x 5 foot insert. You could paint whatever Dungeon stone or terrain texture you wanted on that. 


    Is a soft surface a key requirement?

  11. 1 hour ago, Pezler the Polychromatic said:

    *sighs* Farming in Saskatchewan.


    I would suggest getting one of the magnets on a stick and sweep through the trail, they're handy for finding most of the nails that are covered by dirt and such.




    I don’t understand why this ^ equipment is tow-behind rather than push-ahead but ...... :unsure: rent one?

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  12. Re: Bacon...


    3 hours ago, Gadgetman! said:

    Did you make enough for everyone?


    I zapped up 10 slices...so...IDK?


    Glitterwolf is in transit and not about therefore maybe??


    6 hours ago, OneBoot said:


    It's a dire cookie. Very fearsome. 



    --OneBoot :D 


    It didn’t have the characteristic spikes like dire things have...  [insert-light-bulb-emoticon-here]


    @NebulousMissy  if one carefully set Hershey kisses on the top of it partway thru the bake I wonder if they’d stay spikey for a proper Dire-Cookie effect?

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  13. If cushy-ness is not important I had a fourth idea. Plastic pipettes. This will involve raiding a Starbucks for those plastic stirring straws they have.  And superglue. 


    4) Build up the thickness of the brush handle with plastic straws. Start with thin ones meant for coffee stirrers. Slit the straw along its length. Dot of glue inside. Snap over the handle. Repeat numerous times. Graduate to thicker drinking straws as thickness increases. 


    5) Put a cushion pencil grip on a Bic pen barrel. Remove unneeded ink cartridge. Slide the brush handle inside the Bic pen barrel. Combine these items frogciddentally. (Broken pen parts, superglue, green stuff, and common pencil grips are all your friends.)


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