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  1. That is "mulching". @OneBoot if it were possible to aim that at a flowerbed it'd be good for the soil.
  2. Which is Sillier... @Pezler the Polychromatic ...the Flumph or the Flail Snail? Cf: http://siskoid.blogspot.com/2010/05/fiend-folio-10-silliest-monsters.html This guy ^ does not ^ take flumphs seriously. And while I am on the topic what is the proper plural of Flumph? What would @anyofyou think of a Flail Snail in Chainmail?
  3. That really happens.... ....?
  4. They have a ton of recipes: https://www.whitelily.com/white-lily-biscuits Those of you with ovens should perform this research and report back.
  5. This does not look like coffee ...it looks like a gigantic jar of that Boba Tea [?] ...the second clue is the words "...BBLE TEA" on the T-shirt. The first clue is all those chocolate marbles in the bottom.
  6. I don't remember him exactly saying what time the test was. (?) It is 12:40 in NY right now. He might be only two hours in, to a three hour exam.
  7. This is one of the three I can remember buying. The copy I got was known to be incomplete. No battlemat. What game came with a lot of grey, plastic, dwarves? And many were spear-dwarves...
  8. All very puzzling. No? need to apologize?
  9. Yes. Not remembering the name(s) or titles. I can picture the minis.
  10. @Glitterwolf in the Garden with Stroopwaffels @Crowley in the Kitchen with a coffee cup @OneBoot at the Sophie Sez table with .....a boot @pcktlnt at the melt table with a glove @Heisler at the auction with a microphone @Dilvish the Deliverer near the fireplace with a Kraken @TGP in a classroom with a cane
  11. @Glitterwolf in the Garden with Stroopwaffels @Crowley in the Kitchen with a coffee cup @OneBoot at the Sophie Sez table with .....a boot
  12. Conquest / Waterworks (Both links ^ go to pictures hosted at boardgamegeek . com showing these games.) Conquest was a board game with plastic figures: Spearmen, Chariots, Knights, War Elephants, Ships, and Galleons. One of the cool features was that the pieces could stack and be carried by other friendly pieces. Waterworks was a Card game that was highly visual: every card was a segment of pipe. The objective was to build a successful and contiguous pipe with no leaks from the cvalve to the faucet downspout, while sabotaging the pipeworks of opponents. I played these with my brother when we were kids.
  13. TGP

    Karkarion faction?

    Is the Karkarion faction logo to be found anywhere? (I remember a very toothy shark-jaws design.)