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  1. Been wondering where you’ve been Doug. Hope you are enjoying this one. [? ?]
  2. That would be the most boring “Ink” ever; ...if I went with the Ink.
  3. That is debatable. The fun bit…. Looks for pictures… OK. I did do …A THING. I went for a drive, to spy out the land. During the whole entire drive, the sky was overcast and the color of LEAD (Pb). Ten minutes after I returned to my hidden lair base, the sky changed ^ to that. Again, this is debatable…. I have snoozed a lot. I guess @malefactus would count that.
  4. SAT evening. On hangout. Troubleshooting 3D printing w/George.
  5. If I recall correctly, his dog. Lucy is a Corgi. A venerable Corgi, friend and running buddy of Alice, (also a Corgi). Lucy is unwell and the prognosis is terminal, MvM.
  6. Back in the late 1980s or early 1990s an Israeli Pilot on a training hop managed to make an unpowered, dead-stick, landing in an F-16. That 30K pound thrust engine was just windmilling. I forget whether the story placed the feat at Edwards or Nellis. Yup. This year it is no Thanksgiving Dinner with anybody for the Griffin.
  7. The only time I had MR Clippy was on a corporate Windows Server edition (I forget what it was called: Win64??) but that one had options: Clippy could be changed to a cat, a dog, or a robot. All of those three animations were fun to watch, I think about half an hour per cube farm resident was wasted just looking at all the different animations those three could do. Eventually, I settled on the robot. The little bloke was a hoverbot! yah that is one powerful piece of TV. Haven't watched it since it aired live, but it may have been the first time I cried at a TV show. I watched it live when it aired. I just sorta went, “Aww it’s over”. Did they ever specify if Radar got to go look up that little nurse from Iowa he met while waiting for a C-47?
  8. Painter’s helper. (First paying job. A temp gig when I was a kid...) Donut Shop worker. (First W-2 job. I think it was 10¢ over minimum wage. I made coffee, worked the register, Worked night-shift, mixed dough, fried donuts, mixed frosting, frosted the donuts, washed things, cleaned the glass, mopped the floor...)
  9. Interior I would be tempted to try to replicate the sky background on the left and right interior sides. Photograph just the background Take it to, or email it to, a place with a color copier (Office Depot or Kinkos can do this near me; equivalent in Toronto? unknown) Have them print it for you on color copier paper Mount that to stiffer cardboard inserts for the two sides. Exterior Black would be OK for the exterior. Since you can unfold it as seen in picture two, a rattlecan could do that job. Stark glossy white might be a thought. What colour would coordinate with the display shelves it might sit on? Maybe a steampunk brass effect. Rustoleum had some cool rattlecan options like that last time I checked. Interior Floor Surface Black, Jet Black. Presumably you will create a rectangular, flocked diorama, slide-in, insert that will mostly cover the floor, to go with whatever models are put on display. You could create two or three different swappable inserts as you think of different ideas.
  10. Need to know a couple of things: ) How does the box open? to facilitate remove and install different things to be displayed? ) Is the piece with the sky printed on it a removable insert?
  11. 1. Pay 39% of it into the National Treasury. (I think that is the going rate.) 2. Go to Court, Fight off all the spurious Lawsuits that happen to people who win such things... 3. Retire, obviously. 1. Something to hold water. @Kuroneko is right about that one. 2. An implement like this: One end chops timber; the other is for digging. 3. And one of those multi-tool things I guess. That way whatever able-bodied shipwreck victim finds my bones would be well-equipped and they might survive long enough to be rescued. ( It does not matter what I choose, I wouldn’t last a week outside of civilization. )
  12. Looks like a Hollywood Buffalo to me. Kinda like the Hollywood Tiger from from Kelly’s Heroes. ( The mirrors look like the stock mirrors on F-350s from the early 2000s ?? )
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