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TGP means what?

... It could stand for The Griffon Picture; TG Pendrake;  or Pendrake from TG. TG referred to a terrain website ( www.terragenesis.co.uk -- which may now be defunct, where I once posted a lot ... under the "pen" name :rolleyes: "Pendrake"). Reaper_Bryan suggested "The Great Pendrake"; The Griffon Pendrake also works.



The Class I Managed to Sign Up For @...RAC 2014.

SUN Sculpting and Converting Mythos Monsters (Converting huge Bones Monsters) with Kevin Williams



Classes I Managed to Sign Up For...RC 2014.

THU Sculpting Monsters with Jason Wiebe

THU Digital Sculpting with ZBrush with Bobby Jackson

FRI Wet Blending with Aaron Lovejoy

SAT Converting Bones Models with Gene VanHorne



Reven Army - 1000 points


Troop 1: Nor'Okk, Ettin & Bull Orc Hunter x 5

Troop 2: Nor'Okk, Ettin + Korgug, Bugbear Bully & Bugbear Warrior x 3


Troop 3: Kagunk, Ogre + Gaaguk, Bull Orc Berserker & Beastman Woodcutter x 3

Troop 4: Dantral, Half-Orc + Goblin Skeeter x 3 & Bull Orc Berserker x 2


Troop 5: Goblin Skeeter x 3

Troop 6: Harpy x 4


Overlord Forces - 1265 points


Figures Manifest:

Ashkrypt, Lichlord of Craclaw / General Matisse x2 / Ghost Kings x3 / Vincente, Chevalier / Ymrilix the False / Bilewing, the Wyvern / Overlord Spearman x 5; Overlord Warrior x 11 / Onyx Chevalier; Mageguard Golem; Onyx Golem (...so far haven't built an army out of these)



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Warlord Threads

Boldly Into Darkness Threads: Character: Griff the Silent

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