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  1. It inserted into the quote. I don’t know why. But that is what the pic is, a Bull-Tzu.
  2. I like to plan ahead. But I like to build-in backups and contingencies so that I can do the second one as circumstance requires.
  3. Navies have been coping with cooking at sea since the 1600s ? https://ussconstitutionmuseum.org/2014/11/25/a-stoved-boat/ This is from the USS Constitution museum. There is a 1914 photo of the stove that was aboard in the 1820s, which is not even the ships original stove.
  4. The 1945 Cookbook of the USN https://www.nationalww2museum.org/war/articles/united-states-navy-cook-book There might be ^ some clues ^ in this article. All the recipes were: “serves 100”.
  5. Possibly. But No cards or comics. I have some figures that might be rare at this point. I had a Durthru the Treeman at one point. A Citadel Green Knight.
  6. For something more affordable I might go for a Mouseguard drawing by David Petersen. There are occasions when he opens up commissions. At Starbucks out in the Stars they play chess, they have waitstaff.
  7. There is a painting by classic Science Fiction Illustrator Kelly Freas. It appeared as a magazine cover many years ago. It shows two space aliens playing alien chess and a third alien bringing them refreshments.
  8. OK, the thing that puzzles me is why the Governor General is not paid in GBP? He or she is an appointee of HRM but? they get paid in dollars—presumably CAnada Dollars and not British Pounds.
  9. I have ordered Pizza. Wish me luck.
  10. “It’s only logical Captain” ——Spock
  11. And! it pays more than being VP of the United States. Not by a ton of currency, but still, more. $342,100CAD > $235,100USD Plus, no worrying about taking a hand-off of any nuke codes. Cushy job.
  12. So in a perfect world, Mad Jack becomes former marine corps Gunnery Sergeant Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Got it.
  13. @Crowley routinely pops up when Anne is streaming every morning. He always has to bail at 14:00 hours (his time zone) for a standing daily meeting. Did Turkey have a new quake? I remember there were some bad ones a few weeks ago.
  14. Ed Greenwood and Lord Gosumba are playing old style D&D r/n live on the internet at Gary Con.
  15. If I Am Honest, I would settle for any two of these four: …considering that I am a failure at all of them. (Not sure if any of those are job descriptions, but Aim High! regardless.)
  16. The salary is not that great. Less than 250K. Annually. Professional Athlete, if your sport was Golf and you could finish in the top ten a few times a year, could earn you more moolah while avoiding all the later in life physical problems.
  17. Then, Let SalesGuy be on the hook to be deposed by various attorneys if the situation devolves to a court battle.
  18. It occurred to me you could just give the sales guy contact info. But to some other site two provinces away from the the one that could end up in a court battle. There is bound to be someplace (some other place) that ought to upgrade and hasn’t in ages.
  19. I know I was. Back when. (I had a grandmother who insisted children, ie: me, needed an afternoon nap.) I think she was the one that needed the nap.
  20. And we’d miss the —never ending sagas of the car wash industry— (rants). Speaking of: what happened with that sales guy who demanded contact info from you before he would cough up an estimate for a (seven?) bay wash site? (Where Little did he know there was litigation afoot with not much prospect of new business…)
  21. Oh Dear He is, in effect, trying to make your firm complicit in charging people for washes they didn’t receive?!
  22. You might be onto something. Printing two or even three copies of the same puzzle in one edition would enable sharing amongst friends or family. Printed publications desperately need to find simple ways to add value. This function has mostly become the province of local TV stations if they have a local news department complete with investigative reporters.
  23. If it’s been found before anything tried to fly that sounds like a good thing.
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