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  1. Someone is up early… ….listening to the rain? @Kuroneko ?
  2. In honor of today's question… I did this for lunch. Exactly that ^ because it was a can of Campbell's "Creamy" Chicken Noodle in my instance. They have another kind that is also Chunky, but the broth is more clear. That bread bowl idea is worth borrowing! Not sure what bakery to try.
  3. I know I have too many BFG ships already, but MAN I want some of those ships I have 20 ships. I may have 20 ships of a couple of factions. I should do an inventory. I have no clue if I got any duplicates with this auction. Then again, not sure that I care if I have duplicates. I have two big resin Gunships. The package called them that. They were about cruiser size/grade ships(?) And then I have six-from-a-blister Escort grade ships which are pewter. The big ones I grabbed because I thought they looked -kool- and they were slashed to 50% off. The blister of six got bought because I really was a Dystopian Wars collector. My factions were Japan, Russia, and Antarctica. Antarctica has some really cool looking ships, but also, some really idiotic looking flyers. The six Escorts were purchased to be proxies for some of the flyers.
  4. In other news… I made a continent !! Put it in a spoiler tag because it says it is 2.8 MB. My phone automatically gives a load reduced sizes option, but 'puter does not do that. Sorry. There is this thing on Twitter called the Uncharted Atlas. It is a mindless bot that draws maps. I made this by photomashing a bunch of them together until I had an interesting looking landmass. (UA is responsible for the randomly generated names that appear to be from no language known to or spoken by anyone ever.)
  5. It was the contents of a can labeled: Chili. So labeled by the firm: Stagg Foods LLC. So I guess it was Chili Soup? It was this ^ here. I am not saying it was not good. But a heaping spoonful did not remain heaped on the spoon. Some of it poured over the edge of the spoon. If it will pour over the edge of a level spoon it is a soup (perhaps a thick and hearty soup). It must remain heaped on the spoon to be considered a Chili. That leaves aside the whole debate over whether there can be anything in Chili other than meat. (NB: The contents of that can were just about identical to the "..Chilis.." served by the US restaurant chains Wendy's and Braums.)
  6. That was me. He brought it to a Warhammer tournament.
  7. Do you ever get anywhere near the city of Goes? This is Dutch Wendy’s: https://foursquare.com/v/wendys-fish--chips/4ca35f5fd695199c7ca943e7 It’s a fish and chips shop. To be fair, your home cooking looks a lot better.
  8. Put this picture in the Getting To Know Ya thread with some suggested stats and you will achieve one of the weekend quests.
  9. Might be easier to just paint a shadow spot on the floor/table . . . whatever the ball is sitting on. Meanwhile, how are we going to take the crayons away from Pezler? He is getting up to chromatic mischief.
  10. I am sure you meant the dogs . . . Hoping with you. I like Brutus.
  11. Did your joints ache? In my case the side FX lasted about 9 hours. It was like a tiny, weak, 9 hour flu, that kicked in about two hours after the shot.
  12. I mighta, kinda, already did a map recently: (This was my first Inktober drawing) The party have stumbled into a played out amethyst mine. Workmanship indicates Dwarves or Duergar delved out this chamber. Party can enter via the narrow passage, or the wider passage where the shattered doors were, or by the irregular cave walled passage. They find four great pillars holding up the ceiling. It vaults up high into the darkness. Around the base of the two farther pillars there exists a fungal forest with shroom growths in a variety of sizes. See chart A. There are multiple species in the forest if the GM wishes. (There could be shriekers mixed in and a nest of purple wyrms somewhere below). A) Shroom Size Chart D12 One foot tall with 2 foot wide cap Two foot tall with 3 foot wide cap Three foot tall with 4 foot wide cap Four foot tall with 5 foot wide cap Five foot tall with 6 foot wide cap Six foot tall with 7 foot wide cap Seven inches tall with a One foot wide cap Eight inches tall with a One foot wide cap Nine inches tall with a One foot wide cap Ten inches tall with a Two foot wide cap Eleven inches tall with a Two foot wide cap Twelve inches tall with a Two foot wide cap The mushrooms in the forest are numerous colours, they detect as being magical, and if approached too closely some of them can shoot brightly colored spores at passers by (they sense movement). If struck by a spore (Save versus poison) a character might have to endure illusionary or hallucinogenic effects. See chart B. B) Shroom Spore Hallucinogenic or Illusionary effects D12 Illusion the victim disappears, apparently replaced by a mushroom Illusion the victim appears to have been transformed into a toad Illusion the victim is transformed into an Amethyst crystal Illusion the victim appears in two places Illusion the victim vanishes (invisibility) and is nowhere to be seen Illusion the victim suddenly appears to be twelve feet tall Hallucination, the victim believes he is a toad Hallucination, the victim stands stock still, believing she is a statue Hallucination, the victim believes he has become ethereal Hallucination, the victim believes she has turned into a rabbit half her original height (possibly accompanied by a compulsion to hop) Hallucination, the victim believes the mushrooms have sprouted arms and are attacking with melee weapons Hallucination, the victim starts backing away from the Amethyst Dragon now visible her (and her alone) beyond the shroom forest. The GM should feel free to invent new, different effects (in case the same result keeps being rolled). At the working face, a diligent search lasting several turns could discover up 2D12 amethyst crystals which might be worth 10-50 gp each. Also, a carved figurine of a Dragon made of Amethyst Crystal will be found. (Possibly it is a figurine of wondrous power, possibly it is an Amethyst Dragon transformed into a crystalline carving (and needing to be rescued), OR the figure is just a carving worth maybe 75gp in the right market.) He took a few pots of….. Reaper Pro-Paints …..no idea if they are still viable. So no. And he is welcome to any stanky, hole riddled sock he might have found. Given a choice between hunting a goblin and hunting for new socks: I choose the second quest, the first leads to nothing that is not stanky.
  13. Those who fail their save are afflicted thereafter by Cursed Faerie Fire In various colours…
  14. The Orc advances toward the party moving the blade rapidly in figure 8 patterns. This slings multi-colored glowing glitter everywhere. Roll to Save versus Death Magic !
  15. The Orc is wearing Polychromatic Armour and it holds a Glitter Encrusted blade.
  16. American Wendy’s disappeared from the Netherlands in 1986. Is Dutch Wendy’s really that bad?
  17. A Bullette train! That is hilarious. It could dig its own RR tunnels !! (not sure how it would lay track though)
  18. So far behind… Prompts Gnomon, Dragon, Cat, Black Cat, _________ Hashtags #smalltownspells #Hauntober #DungeonsAndDrawings #eloveartinktober Title Sundial Day 12 / 13 (…Ask Cranky Dog for the secret prompt word) (...picture added from phone)
  19. I don't even know what it was exactly or who it was made by. (But I replaced its lance with a stiffer one, It was a horse ghost or skeleton with a wraith (?) rider both covered in flowing ghostly robes or barding…) I did like the rolling stones and painted it black…
  20. Is there any chance of a Taft Shroom? To go with FDR, you could have some fun with the vest and that mustache.
  21. When we are little, and our hands are little, they give us Big Crayons and Big Pencils... When we are Big and our hands are Bigger they make pens, & crayons, & pencils ....small. I don’t get it. Look closely at the pen on the extreme far right, that is a ReaperCon pen. @Crowley
  22. Sell the excess you don’t need on the Bay of E or the River of A. Relabeled as 40K terrain components for scratchbuilders with a suitable markup. First world problems require first world solutions
  23. Tell them you’ll need $xxxx extra per month for a stipend to obtain extra space. (Either a bigger apartment/flat or a second apartment.) What if ‘going to work’ meant going out the door, down the hall, ride the elevator down one floor, short walk to a space right in your same building that perhaps is meant to be apartment but you use it for an office?
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