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  1. I used to have that facility. But the cell phone took over. And now I could not call a friend from a borrowed phone. I hope everyone else has the good sense to not publicly post any answers about this. A few. I "know the way" to a few others. I have some memorized. But which ones will remain redacted. I put things in writing; I save scraps of paper with things pre-printed on them; I let the cell-phone store some things… It's all a nightmare — and I dread ever losing my cell phone.
  2. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bevo_(mascot) @Glitterwolf did heavy metal Rock and Roller peeps even exist in 1955? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hook_'em_Horns I see that hand symbol and I automatically think University of TEXAS (at Austin)
  3. Not at all. I have none of the five things listed in the examples list.
  4. Uhhhh. No. Alfred Nobel discovered-invented dynamite. He is buried in Stockholm. In just one spot. As befits the founder of the various Nobel Prizes.
  5. Indeed not. And that is the short list. A bit more comprehensive (for North America North of Mexico): Tsunami, Earthquake, Volcano, Wildfire (forest), Flooding, Wildfire (prairie), Tornados, Severe hail, Hurricanes (wind damage or storm surge), Asteroid strike, Solar flares† Plan not really. Shelter in place is not much of a plan. Supplies, I have some water stashed. Food in cans + can opener. My younger brother has a farm and a big garden — he has a plan. They can their own produce. (I suspect he is a "prepper" ) (†Bro even worries about X-class Solar flares)
  6. Did they give them names yet? Does that mean NHC has burned A to E? No, the Gryffin eyrie is well inland. And always has been. (A good six or seven hundred feet above sea level I think.)
  7. Honestly never wondered why they look so different. Except for platypods, O course.
  8. Taste for, or choice of, figures has changed many times. But painting styles? I barely recognize the style of the paint and for me it does not correlate to particular kinds of figures. I started off with Humbrol Oil based paints; but changed to acrylics; If those two things are styles?
  9. I celebrated a day early. Yesterday I had donuts. Today I have none.
  10. That is another one I have seen because I had the habit of tuning in early for a following show that I did want to watch. A local station runs WoF from 1830 to 1900. 1900 is when the prime time evening shows begin. That meant I would see the final puzzle, where they would spin a small wheel once, that would grant them a hidden value prize card, they reveal a few letters, then they get a 60 second countdown to guess the final phrase.
  11. Scooter, Electric ? I’ve heard tell they can be rented (?)
  12. TV Game Shows: Not enough to regularly tune in to any of the current ones. (I used to watch the end of the one that had lifelines: Call a Friend, 50/50, etc. It was time-slotted right in front of another show I did want to watch.) A Pub Quiz might be fun, but I never go to pubs.
  13. Is that a comical label for the under sink disposal unit? (I could envision a cat reacting badly when it was activated.)
  14. I didn’t know they had Possums in the European Renaissance. Kinda believed the critters were native to the Americas. So, basically just Jamestown.
  15. I want to see them. I will be glad to offer advice, suggestions, and assistance regarding posting pix. Do you have a cell phone? and has it got a camera?
  16. Both. As I reckon things, 5 months in, it’s been closer to the expected norms than anything else. But, not according to: The Chief Oh No. No, no, no! You see we need to get the app, on our phones, we need to tune in everytime! Because… The Chief …has to save us by warning us. From what? You’d rightfully ask. From those deadly Thunderstorms that are going to hunt us down that’s what! (The Chief Meteorologist at one of our local Telly stations goes into conniptions anytime radar detects anything bigger than a buzzard.) A couple of nights ago… The Chief (they really say it like that) was first up on the 10pm evening news. Ahead of all other stories. THERE WERE THUNDERSTORMS OUT THERE !! and we needed to know. They were just a little North and a bit West of Abilene. For those unfamiliar with the geography of Texas, these storms were so far away you could fit the entire country of Ireland in between @Chaoswolf’s house and where these storms were. They were about six hours out. Six hours is a eternity for a Texas thunderstorm. Anything can happen in that timeframe. But, The Chief …had to let us know. That he didn’t know. If it would be bad, or how bad, or where exactly it might be bad. It rained for about twenty minutes around 3 am.
  17. Oh no, they say, he's got to go Go go Godzilla! yeah Oh no, there goes Tokyo Go go Godzilla!!
  18. I checked drought.gov (my taxpayer dollars at work!) and the official indications are there is a slight drought in my home county. But to all points East of here, normal levels of rainfall and wetness. Lake levels are 1, 2, maybe 5 feet below design level. (Lakes around these parts are almost ALL artificial, created by the US Army Corps of Engineers. ) There could not be the population density that exists here without the water supply all those reservoirs provide. TLDR: …It has felt a little cooler than previous springs; It has been drier—less rainfall.
  19. Thankfully, no wild fires to report. More detail later.
  20. If I worked for some A-list corporation, or had a heap of lottery money to burn, or some other way of going on other peoples dimes . . . I would cheerfully stand out like the sore thumb. I would not fit in either, but right circumstances? I’d check it out. As it happens I failed to find any way of streaming or tuning in to either event. So who won @Jasper_the_2nd ?
  21. I wonder if either of those is streamed over the Internet? No. Furthest East on the globe I've ever reached is either Cape Canaveral or St. Augustine, Florida. Never been to GenCon either. If some benefactor was footing the bill, sure I would go! But it is not something I would try to save up for.
  22. I HOPE they didn't rebuild the tank? There is such a thing as too big to fail.
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