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  1. Are you allergic to him ? Did you luck out and they found one that is, to you, hypoallergenic ? He looks friendly/curious for a cat rather than disdainful.
  2. I saw “Belgian Sleuth and his faithful companion” and I was absolutely expecting: Hercule Poirot and Cpt. Hastings
  3. Random strings of numbers ? Somebody please explain this one? I get that Somehow they have been turned into what looks like a pencil drawing. But how is that funny?
  4. I hope you can post pix of some of the bikes. So we can learn what sorta machines they are. No interest in riding one myself. Other people? They can do what they like. I have a dim view of the street-takeovers by Ninja bikers. Also doing wheelies with a Ninja bike while running at 55-70mph along an Interstate. @Chaoswolf it was on a stretch of 820, westbound, just past Mark IV Parkway exit, late at night, it was full dark. The guy held the wheelie for about a mile and a half, he passed my pickup while doing so. I was going about 55. He and his two wingmen passed me in the left lane. Never have I ever. And I have no such aspirations.
  5. Over 40-60 miles = long. (A one hour drive.) Never met anyone that bothered to differentiate short versus average. Time first, Miles second, only a few military guys will estimate distances in “klicks” (kilometers). And they are usually crafting sentences like, “that tornado was about three klicks from my house”. No civilians thinking in kilometers** “round these here parts”. I will wait on the other two questions until those days arrive.
  6. That is a spectacular Magic 8 Ball table. Did you write it?
  7. At a certain point it seems like best practice to: …just close your umbrella and let it rain money. ??
  8. I think you should ask them Why they want option Z; what their reasons are; …innocently ask, “is there an aspect of Canada Tax laws that make option Z preferable?” Maybe ask why there are multiple cleaner accounts? It makes me wonder if somebody just created a new one when they decided the previous one had accumulated an excessively large balance. And CC your legal department because this whole thing sounds kinda dodgy. Did I understand that they have 3+ accounts with over 100K in each? How does that compare with the amount of normal paid business they are doing?
  9. How long has @buglips*the*goblin been teaching Goblin Math?
  10. Maybe soup was what they were trying for 4000 years ago when they invented beer. I see it now. Those could be wings. It also better explains the goggles, headgear, and radio headsets both ladies are wearing. Which begs the question: “if this is the future! where is my flying car !!”
  11. If that is their internal policy, I’m thinking it should be yours also! Don’t touch someone else’s work. It is also an instance where Rule 45 needs to be applied to that senior tech. Rule 45 Clean up the mess that you make.
  12. I notice they didn’t do flying cars. Car in background has wheels. Sad they got that right. Here is the car:
  13. If 60 kids have been invited to this party and half of them have concerned parents who want to vet details with parental unit who owns the venue . . . that could be a lot of phone calls for that person to field or call backs to make. Did your kid have any idea how big the invite list was?
  14. I think there is another Trek series of Captain Pike in charge of Enterprise. And ! I believe I can get the D&D movie on a streaming setup. I haven’t seen that. So no spoilers! Use spoiler tags!
  15. The rain thing happened today, I reacted by starting up a computer game while I listened to the rain spatter down. It lasted a good two hours. Game is ongoing. No contact with OpFor after 170+ turns. Very odd.
  16. I prefer dodecaphobia: A 12 letter word which is the fear of the number 12 — this might explain why the d12 is the least used dice type in RPGs.
  17. I figured there were reasons. I managed to make it sound like I didn’t think there should be. My bad. That makes sense. Customer A must at least have an email address assigned to them by their internet SP that connects the sites to credit card service. I wonder if they know what it is. I used to have an: [email protected]… email address. (I wonder whatever happened to it?) I also once had a yahoo address but I think it died?
  18. If customer A hasn’t got an email address, they can’t “email one in”…? (How are they making contact now?) If you did get an email claiming to be from customer A how would your firm be certain it is them?
  19. Are there pix someplace? [ I hope so ]
  20. << Looks at Box** containing a Sophie’s Revenge frigate >> I am The King of Patience
  21. If only ^ this were true. If only I was on a bigger screen. Maybe I could see what the veg is. But it is too small to see. (Is it trying to point at the tomato sauce?) Mine had spinach leaves.
  22. The tots were better than I was led to believe by their commercials. Kindof a weird Amurican take on poutine I guess.
  23. The phrase "Avoid the Noid" seems to be appropriate for these circumstances. G' Luck GEM G.R.F.F.N FOOD LOG Stardate: 20230521 Free Pizza Spinach and Sausage And there was also this: That was “Philly Cheese Steak Tater Tots”. Seriously. Not kidding. There was also a 20oz bottle of Sprite tacked on to the order. Because I had to tack on something to go over $15 which was one of the arcane requisites of D-math. But “The Noid” got the Sprite.
  24. Miniatures Monday FTW. . ! For ghosts, Bretonnians and their Heraldry, Paladin types YES. For Orcses, Overlords, Chaos Warriors, YES, Black it is. Walnutty, Brown, Sepia Liner work good for some things. So Yes to this one as well. (?) Skeletons or Treemen ya know? I really have no idea which one I have done the most of.
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