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  1. Who is head of house Frogwarts?

  2. Who knew an all veg sandwich could be good?

    1. Erifnogard


      I would assume any given vegan?

  3. Gedoppelposten is not German for I just double posted, but it should be. 

    1. Erifnogard


      The Googles tell me that 'Ich einfach doppelt gebucht' is German for I just double posted.  My German is about 25 years out of date so I can't speak to the accuracy.

  4. Proud Pizza Heathen — (or so I am reliably informed)

  5. I like rain in August...

  6. I need a dentist...it hurts... :-(

  7. € © £ ¢ ™ ° — ☆ ★ ...useful symbols.

  8. €©£¢™°— ...useful symbols.

  9. Fiddled with background a bit...9/17

  10. Downsized the Sig file a bit today...

  11. There is a hipster tavern name generator: http://www.hipsterbusiness.name/#

  12. YAD&SN !!

    1. TGP


      Yet Another Dark AND Stormy Night . . .

  13. Once again, it's a dark and stormy night... (again!)

    1. ub3r_n3rd


      sounds like the start to a scary story... "on a dark and stormy night..."

    2. TGP


      That was how Snoopy always started a story. On an related note: my cell-phone has squawked three times to give me Flash Flood Alerts.

  14. Tornadoes, Tornadoes, everywhere....

    1. ub3r_n3rd


      Click your heels together 3 times?

  15. About to hit 10K .... 9998 and counting.

    1. ub3r_n3rd


      Better make 10k significant and meaningful!

    2. TGP


      And Pingo added number 10,000...

  16. TGP

    Why, What, Hey? avatar was planets or star but has morphed to dnd pointy nosed Troll????

  17. www.terragenesis.co.uk is getting a new incarnation @: www.terragenesis.uk

  18. Found a new place to put pix online...some Google thing...it's kinda facebookey.

  19. I need a new place to put pix online...

  20. I don't remember how to connect to Imageshack... :down:

  21. TGP = The Great Pendrake (suggested by ReaperBryan) ***

  22. TGP = The Great Pendrake (suggested by ReaperBryan) ***

  23. TGP = The Great Pendrake (suggested by ReaperBryan)

  24. I wanted "Pendrake" as a logon; it was taken. "Pendrake from TerraGenesis" was too long, picked "TG,P" sans comma. TGP = The Griffin Picture was an afterthought.

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