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  1. I figured there were reasons. I managed to make it sound like I didn’t think there should be. My bad. That makes sense. Customer A must at least have an email address assigned to them by their internet SP that connects the sites to credit card service. I wonder if they know what it is. I used to have an: [email protected]… email address. (I wonder whatever happened to it?) I also once had a yahoo address but I think it died?
  2. If customer A hasn’t got an email address, they can’t “email one in”…? (How are they making contact now?) If you did get an email claiming to be from customer A how would your firm be certain it is them?
  3. Are there pix someplace? [ I hope so ]
  4. << Looks at Box** containing a Sophie’s Revenge frigate >> I am The King of Patience
  5. If only ^ this were true. If only I was on a bigger screen. Maybe I could see what the veg is. But it is too small to see. (Is it trying to point at the tomato sauce?) Mine had spinach leaves.
  6. The tots were better than I was led to believe by their commercials. Kindof a weird Amurican take on poutine I guess.
  7. The phrase "Avoid the Noid" seems to be appropriate for these circumstances. G' Luck GEM G.R.F.F.N FOOD LOG Stardate: 20230521 Free Pizza Spinach and Sausage And there was also this: That was “Philly Cheese Steak Tater Tots”. Seriously. Not kidding. There was also a 20oz bottle of Sprite tacked on to the order. Because I had to tack on something to go over $15 which was one of the arcane requisites of D-math. But “The Noid” got the Sprite.
  8. Miniatures Monday FTW. . ! For ghosts, Bretonnians and their Heraldry, Paladin types YES. For Orcses, Overlords, Chaos Warriors, YES, Black it is. Walnutty, Brown, Sepia Liner work good for some things. So Yes to this one as well. (?) Skeletons or Treemen ya know? I really have no idea which one I have done the most of.
  9. I would like to sip coffee, nibble on breakfast foods, while listening to the rain spatter on things. I like rain.
  10. Wish me luck. I have ordered free pizza. So far, free pizza has cost: $15.45
  11. Pray tell what did it link to? True story? Huh, what?
  12. Continuing the email shenanigans response: I don’t know if this story was early days. It involved Outlook, MS Outlook. Running under WindowsNT (?) The story begins with some fool of a jackanape programmer at Microsoft thinking, “how great would it be if Outlook could have Macros?” The next thing you know some ratfink(s) began writing macro-viruses. So, one fine afternoon one of these got loose in the cube farms and what it did was automatically open each persons contact list, and then promptly send itself to everyone on the contacts list, and then onward from those contact lists… I got about twenty emails with the same subject line. As did the whole company just about. Then the Mail Servers had a meltdown. Nobody received any spurious emails from me, however. I had never set up a Contacts List. Every copy I got of the virus crashed. So my outgoing Sent folder was clean. When I contacted the IT department by phone to talk clean up procedures I called Outlook “The Microsoft Macro Virus Propagation Environment software that was cleverly disguised as an email client”. He thought I’d made a funny and vowed to use it.
  13. I liked the first part where there was a T. rex.
  14. without knowing where or if it will fit . . . Yes. I’ve done that. No. I spend no time thinking about it at all while it is in route. It might never arrive. Online pictures never give decent size comparisons so there is almost never enough information to make a plan. Normally, there is no detailed plan. Formulation of a plan only happens after the gadget arrives and its size requirements become known. Looks at foam cutting table, still in box.
  15. I did see that happen. But I was a member of the group “ All “ rather than the sender. It was a bunch of dumb, snarky jokes. And that one turned out to be a CLM for the sender. Two days later a send-to-all, company wide, dictum went out which boiled down to: don’t any of you peons ever do that again.
  16. I kinda wanted to know where the engine is supposed to be. But then I figured the thing is just a shell welded together out of things found in a junk yard that has to be towed to photo opps.
  17. Nope. I was pretty good about keeping Outlook under control.
  18. I don’t think so. I don’t eat snack foods out of boredom. if I am stressed I don’t eat. I have been known to go 20 hours without food. My tum will finally start to growl at 21-23 hours… But—I have to be careful around bags of crisps, just can’t buy Oreos, candies can be bad. I’m the sort of “snacker” that will polish off a bag of snack food and end up having to call it a meal. I have meds to take that fall under the “TAKE WITH FOOD” warning category. So I’m always on the lookout for something that’s: —non-perishable —tasty but not addictively so, like Oreos —not too many calories It keeps changing because I get bored with the same thing over and over (except Oreos which are my kryptonite at this point). Maybe some others will have good suggestions.
  19. It would be kinda kool if your delivery van was self-driving. But you’d monitor its progress from your home computer system. You could hit the brakes if it went offline. There would be a robot/micro-forklift that would unload the van at each stop. You’d supervise that gadget too. You’d be the telepresence in charge and you could speak to the customers as it hauled their stuff inside. All very Jetsons.
  20. Never been lucky enough for that. I won’t know what a… Pie-Knot Grigg-EEE-ohh …even is, without googling it. No doubt I am mispronouncing it wrong. Long ago, I had an Art Professor named Grigg (rhymed with Dig or Big).
  21. I have an overachieving toaster! It can do all the colours at once. ( Why do I suspect @Pezler the Polychromatic ?) All the shades ^ on the same slice !! Witchcraft! Yes. Eat what you get. That’s the same attitude I get from my toaster.
  22. No Hobby store — it’s likely I went looking for something very specific, like brass tubing — chance of an impulse buy is good. Gaming store — plenty of times I have wandered in just to check out the place — diminished chance of an impulse buy, but I’ll rummage in discount bins, glance at Knick Knacks… Whatever store — I don’t feel any obligation “to buy something” I have the right to shop, to look, to decide . . . it’s the store’s job to convince me to buy things, not my job to sustain the store.
  23. The acronym of the super-secret-shadow organization that activated her turns out to be either: WOOF or MEOW (or very remote possibility: GRFFN) …only later does the significance of little cartoon doodles the crew kept finding of dogs or cats with word bubbles containing WOOF or MEOW finally make sense.
  24. APP_OVES ? Whut? This chellspecking is not approved by G.R.F.F.N!
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