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  1. Here is the history of the Dremel tool: https://www.dremel.com/us/en/about-us/a-90-year-tradition-of-excellence <~~short answer invented by an Austrian named Dremel, in the 1930s, in Wisconsin, and still Head-Quartered there.
  2. Is this: " Model #57224147 Official Craftsman rotary tool " The rotary tool you have? My local Home Depot carries Dremel rotary tools, the actual Dremel Brand® rotary tools. Dremel is a brand. It was the original rotary tool. All others are makers of similar tools who can't use the copyrighted name. I checked the Craftsman website and I think you are out of luck. There was a lot of "the manufacturer no longer makes this part . . ."
  3. No …is the short answer. —I used to watch car races of various kinds on TV. —I don’t go out of my way to watch anything competitive these days. —No plans at all for today. —I have no clue how beer pong is played so, I’d be lost if I tried to observe OR play. —I think the only Sportsball I could watch live today is on a streaming app (I spotted a soccer channel in there one time).
  4. I hope that this means coworker working the weekend? Doom should be shared. That sounds like this thing that was called COMOK that operated within CATIA. But I think I remember you mentioning your outfit used ProE ? (not CATIA?) But with COMOK each Engineer could stake out a defined volume within the airframe that was reserved: (my part goes here stay out!) for each drawing they were responsible for. The COMOK server ran nightly checks to see if any parts were bumping into each other or intersecting.
  5. It is ranging from 70° — 91°F, and there are rainstorms roaming what would otherwise be a Sunny, but largely flat, landscape. Not planning to go outdoors. Sun. Bugs. We hateses this, we does.
  6. There was a real event behind it… …the drowning of the celebrants in tequila, lime juice, and Mexican cerveza is the made-up-by-the-USA part… A General Zaragoza and his outnumbered raggedy not well equipped Mexican soldiers kicked the collective arses of a more numerous, well ordered, fully equipped European (French) army on the Fifth of May. You could just as easily, but very authentically celebrate by avoiding foods and wines that are French. No Vino no Croissants!
  7. Cinco de Mayo commemorates a battle — at least that is what my addlepated remembery thingus is telling me. Try looking up: Mexico “Cinco de Mayo” French together as search terms. That might dig it up. https://www.pbs.org/newshour/amp/nation/cinco-de-mayo-celebrates-mexican-american-culture-not-independence
  8. Wait, What nation is that anyway? I did not =plan= to take part. But I was extremely ill yesterday, and I ended up inadvertently (too weak to do otherwise) taking part, for a portion of Friday.
  9. The Vastness and Endless possibilities of the Setting. And lightsabers.
  10. Why is the bird at the top angry..? It makes sense otherwise.
  11. Yes. One or the other. Second one for sure. I can remember getting zapped by metal car door handles. “…Just because you can jolt somebody with electricity without killing them, doesn’t mean you should…” I think those ^ are Words To Live By. (But defibrillate as often as required !)
  12. Never mind the Escher drawing Larson turned that gallows into.
  13. Are you saying the packet contents are sometimes little spheres ?
  14. I need a big poster of that. Perhaps titled The Kitten of Wisdom.
  15. This could be discovered by means other than chewing. Not that I have ever been that curious about desiccant packs. Useful to know. Now I regret pitching several. Even more useful to know.
  16. If they are still playing hockey at this point they have a shot(?) right? My TV news just ended. The TalkingSportsHead just informed me that last year’s Stanley Champs are done and over after 7 games. So it could be anybody? The closest team to Reaper (Stars) are still in, so maybe Stars—Leafs for the cup?! I dunno how the brackets work in hockey—so I don’t know if that is possible.
  17. There is. …but it’s never going to happen.
  18. You would not have to force me, just need that unlimited budget. I would try to get the same hall they used when they filmed the various Hogwarts Movies. (The Great Hall of Christ Church College at Oxford was the inspiration.) Menu: I would try to have the cooks reproduce the Halloween Feast as described in the novels. I would consult with @Kuroneko for some authentic Scottish items to include and for suggestions regarding pies, cakes, and desserts. You will all need plane fare to Britain, except those already in the UK, obviously.
  19. Not as much as I would like. No, neither. If I deliberately try to keep plants alive they are doomed. (Benign indifference is the best I can offer—whatever survives that is what grows.)
  20. Benjamin Franklin meant to say . . . “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man stupid and blind in the eyes…” But he had stayed up quite late the night before, (there was much ale involved), then he woke up early, badly hungover, and a mangled version got into print.
  21. How does Lizard and Spock fit into the scheme?
  22. I suffered a total fail to recognize the face in the second partition. <<shrug>> F F F
  23. “Always available; Never free” Tell them you have a standing meeting then. In order to miss it; rates are Triple Time. x3 FTW Been there—done that. Do you at least have a reserved space close to the pedestrian gate? I didn’t. I could see my ride—way out in the lot we liked to call… “the south 40”.
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