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  1. You would not have to force me, just need that unlimited budget. I would try to get the same hall they used when they filmed the various Hogwarts Movies. (The Great Hall of Christ Church College at Oxford was the inspiration.) Menu: I would try to have the cooks reproduce the Halloween Feast as described in the novels. I would consult with @Kuroneko for some authentic Scottish items to include and for suggestions regarding pies, cakes, and desserts. You will all need plane fare to Britain, except those already in the UK, obviously.
  2. Not as much as I would like. No, neither. If I deliberately try to keep plants alive they are doomed. (Benign indifference is the best I can offer—whatever survives that is what grows.)
  3. Benjamin Franklin meant to say . . . “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man stupid and blind in the eyes…” But he had stayed up quite late the night before, (there was much ale involved), then he woke up early, badly hungover, and a mangled version got into print.
  4. How does Lizard and Spock fit into the scheme?
  5. I suffered a total fail to recognize the face in the second partition. <<shrug>> F F F
  6. “Always available; Never free” Tell them you have a standing meeting then. In order to miss it; rates are Triple Time. x3 FTW Been there—done that. Do you at least have a reserved space close to the pedestrian gate? I didn’t. I could see my ride—way out in the lot we liked to call… “the south 40”.
  7. This is an Epic Level “own goal”. Is this fellow going to ask your firm to fix it? I don’t understand this part. Why didn’t the internet disconnect disable all passwords at all levels and cancel the whole blunder?
  8. Currently my internal clock is broken. Possibly beyond any hope of repair. I have been awake since at least 0200 today. DST Does. Not. Help. In the past, I detested: getting up early or people with a "Rise And Shine !!" attitude. I only ever got up early because I had to be somewhere. Nowadays, I might be asleep or awake at any time of the day or night.
  9. Most people call it a screen name these days. Why is new Catdancer wanting to use Peter when previous Catdancer was Paul? I don't understand that either.
  10. I have questions . . . If you decide to build a 45 foot tall, working replica, of a fire breathing dragon why would you not build it entirely out of fireproof materials ???
  11. ***Does cooking count? No miniatures were harmed by the application of paint. I didn’t take any pix…of minis. (so- No?) I could have taken pictures. (so— Yes?) ***I did practice perfecting my cheeseburger making . . .
  12. Zog is an impressively clever caveman. None of the rest of them thought of putting on their glasses !!
  13. If you think about it Civilization has yet to collapse. Specific societies have gone under—but these are only small setbacks, temporary downturns. Some examples: Minoan Empire — tsunami, but other societies carried on. Mayan City States — cause(s) unknown, but small villages have carried on to the present day. Carthage — war/conquest, but the victors went on to greater things. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ending Civilization ?? That is going to take another Chicxulub. Did any of you read that they might have found a Second! crater? The eight mile diameter Chicxulub impactor might have had a friend—it could have been a little moonlet, or it might have been flying in trail with the bigger object. They need to check the dates on the new crater discovered just off of Western Africa, this link goes to a Smithsonian Magazine article. Read all about it!
  14. I perish in the initial blast wave or epic tsunami. I’ve checked all the timelines. I don’t last long enough to contribute.
  15. “Following too closely...” Is always a bad idea.
  16. @Glitterwolf might have some xp with this as well. Gloss sealer? To smoothen a surface, perhaps.
  17. This is a @knarthex question. Generally, no, sanding resin is not a good idea. It has to do with the printer used, the resolution of the file, and perhaps the angle the model is tilted to on the build_plate. I have read about the practice of filling in lines with different substances.
  18. I wouldn’t say no to a second date. Vegan is not a deal breaker. I feel like I ought to recognize that actress(?) model(?) Does anyone else remember her from a TV show or anything?
  19. Hi Catdancer I remember you from back when and I hope you can recover the old account. I’m afraid you will need access to the old email address the Old Catdancer account used, whatever that was. Good Luck Edit: @Chaoswolf or @kit or other moderator: maybe combine this thread with its twin? ...and change the thread title? KWINDY NOTE: DO NOT combine threads until further notice. Thank you.
  20. Produce is, sadly, a hit or miss deal. Recently, I decided having a bit of fruit might be nice. I chose bananas. It listed them at 24¢ for one banana. I set the quantity for 2. A bunch (containing 6!) all connected was delivered. I ordered 2 but I got six. My working hypothesis is that a gormless order puller misread it as 2 pounds of bananas.
  21. My microwave. It has a clock in it—because[??]—someone decided it needed to double as a desk clock, I guess. Five days ago I wasted about twenty minutes trying to find out how to set that (obviously digital) clock. There is a menu system, with ten submenus, but with only a tiny six letter digital display. I got lost in there. I was afraid I would never escape—or worse, I might send the thing into "KAH Mode". That was a SouthPark reference, for anyone that has never seen that episode of SouthPark. No spoilers, but if any device should ever present, "Enter KAH Mode Y/N ?" as a menu option, the correct answer is: NO I have heard that exact phrase from my electric company. It also pretends to type on a keyboard if the human tries to talk to it. I wonder if it is the product of one vendor that has provided the wretched thing with slight customizations to many different client corporations. Important tip: She cannot understand complete sentences. I have waged war against my autocorrect subroutines on some of my devices. Perhaps it will be of some comfort to learn that I have taught them that their name is: autocorrupt. I know, that they know their name, because I only have to type "autocor " and they auto-complete their name in sullen obedience. Grocery shopping is something I do remotely, digitally, via websites now. I began this during the lockdowns and have not looked back. Although there are drawbacks to this. Wading in and out of a Walmart for groceries was worse. Many of these machines have the unmitigated gall to speak, offer backtalk, and loudly blurt out various messages. Unacceptable. You are so correct that the proper, sensible, bagging of groceries is a lost art. This is not nice, but Imma gonna say it, because it needs saying: In My Experience. Grocery Bagging is a task too complex for persons GenZ or younger to do. That is a sad thing.
  22. As stated, it was in the Air Fryer. Later, it was retrieved and added: The cheese is covering it pretty thoroughly (30 seconds of melting action).
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