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  1. I am so excited about the new date, I have not been able to go since 2014 since they moved it over my sons birthday in October. My room is booked and I am sooooo excited!!!!!
  2. I am also interested in the Dragon bust and cannot attend. Ever since they moved it to October I am unable to go since my sons's Birthday is October 22nd. I would love if they offered a way to get it online during ReaperCon.
  3. I'm here, had a great scuplting textures class yesterday :)
  4. You can always try to talk with Schubert when he is at the artists tables and get his feedback then. I did that last year and he was very nice and gave me some really good constructive feedback.
  5. You can never go wrong with Dark Chocolate :)
  6. I prefer parchment paper over the wet pallet paper. It keeps the paint moist but not too wet and doesn't soak into the parchment. I also like the fact when you are done you throw the paper towel and the parchment paper away and you do not have to worry about mold and such.
  7. I picked up my small portable battery operated OTTlite at Joanne's on sale and got it for about $24.00. Make sure you pack plenty of extra batteries because it does go through them fast.
  8. For brushes and files you can use a plastic traveling toothbrush holder.
  9. you may also want to bring your own light, a small ottlite or something preferably one that is battery operated since the number of power outlets could be limited.
  10. Blue Liner, I use it in hair, for shading, for mixing, and of course some for lining. Linen and Ghost white Walnut Brown Berrone Blue - it goes on so nicely Bucksin Pale Tanned Skin Nightmare black has become a new favorite Fireball orange and carrot top red - both great on red heads for highlights Red shadow
  11. I usually pick out one item on the mini I really want to paint and figure out the color I want it, it could be hair, skin, dress, pouches, cloak just something. Once I get the first color down the rest usually falls into place. Another thing I do is look at my paint and see what color I have not used for a while and try using that as the main color for the mini.
  12. I saw the picture and then I saw the bottom of Corpore's post that says "oh, you mean I can put stuff here? Cool! not to think of something..." and it cracked me up.
  13. I am always happy to see one of your postings because your work is absolutely gorgous, but this piece is just beyond words!
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