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  1. flygyrl

    Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    I am so excited about the new date, I have not been able to go since 2014 since they moved it over my sons birthday in October. My room is booked and I am sooooo excited!!!!!
  2. flygyrl

    Non-Attendee VIP Bag

    I am also interested in the Dragon bust and cannot attend. Ever since they moved it to October I am unable to go since my sons's Birthday is October 22nd. I would love if they offered a way to get it online during ReaperCon.
  3. flygyrl

    Con Goers Sound Off

    I'm here, had a great scuplting textures class yesterday :)
  4. flygyrl

    2014 Class Schedule

    You can always try to talk with Schubert when he is at the artists tables and get his feedback then. I did that last year and he was very nice and gave me some really good constructive feedback.
  5. flygyrl

    Basing Materials vs. Cost

    You can never go wrong with Dark Chocolate :)
  6. flygyrl

    Basing Materials vs. Cost

    I prefer parchment paper over the wet pallet paper. It keeps the paint moist but not too wet and doesn't soak into the parchment. I also like the fact when you are done you throw the paper towel and the parchment paper away and you do not have to worry about mold and such.
  7. flygyrl

    Planning for RC '14- I have questions

    I picked up my small portable battery operated OTTlite at Joanne's on sale and got it for about $24.00. Make sure you pack plenty of extra batteries because it does go through them fast.
  8. flygyrl

    Painting on the go

    For brushes and files you can use a plastic traveling toothbrush holder.
  9. flygyrl

    Planning for RC '14- I have questions

    you may also want to bring your own light, a small ottlite or something preferably one that is battery operated since the number of power outlets could be limited.
  10. flygyrl

    Favorite Reaper Paints

    Blue Liner, I use it in hair, for shading, for mixing, and of course some for lining. Linen and Ghost white Walnut Brown Berrone Blue - it goes on so nicely Bucksin Pale Tanned Skin Nightmare black has become a new favorite Fireball orange and carrot top red - both great on red heads for highlights Red shadow
  11. flygyrl

    Choosing a color-scheme. Where to start?

    I usually pick out one item on the mini I really want to paint and figure out the color I want it, it could be hair, skin, dress, pouches, cloak just something. Once I get the first color down the rest usually falls into place. Another thing I do is look at my paint and see what color I have not used for a while and try using that as the main color for the mini.
  12. flygyrl

    The Visitation

    I saw the picture and then I saw the bottom of Corpore's post that says "oh, you mean I can put stuff here? Cool! not to think of something..." and it cracked me up.
  13. flygyrl

    Happy Birthday catdancer!

    Happy Birthday!!
  14. flygyrl

    Corporea's Desk of Progress

    I am always happy to see one of your postings because your work is absolutely gorgous, but this piece is just beyond words!