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  1. "I don't think he did Pandemic. ..." ^ You're right. Brain fart. My bad.
  2. And designed by the same person that made Arkham Horror and Pandemic...
  3. SURVEYS ARE OUT: Check your email. All backers should have one from Kickstarter, asking you to fill out your Kickstarter survey. Voting has begun!
  4. I'm sure I'll be updating the page by noon with that info... :)
  5. I just posted an update showing all the designs that are available as Kickstarter Exclusives...
  6. Just announced: Crafty is giving every backer an NPC background builder that uses the dice from the Kickstarter.
  7. Not sure if it is. I'll find out. Shoot me an email to remind me? ephealy (at) gamerati (dot) com
  8. For one-shots, I use one of the adventures they used at Gen Con. I always use pre-gens if I'm not sure a game will become a long-term thing. That goes for Mistborn, D&D, whatever...
  9. Only about 10 - mostly one-offs. We run Game Nights every week and like to teach new games to people. One of the guys that also runs the events has GM'd the Mistborn Adventure Game a few times as well. If you're in the Tacoma, WA are... join us!
  10. I usually start with, "Imagine Middle Earth, but Frodo kept the ring..." :)
  11. @uncas, have you found it east / hard to explain the Mistborn setting?
  12. The action-RPG (video game) is called Mistborn: Birthright. It was supposed to come out in 2015, but the last thing the publisher said was not good (and a year ago). It might be dead. I've spoken with Mr. Sanderson, both in person and on a podcast. He is 100% gamer. I think his favorite game just might be Magic: the Gathering.
  13. They look pretty cool - a nice niche between paper minis and full-on 3D painted ones.
  14. 20 years ago, today, Reaper Miniatures began. Awesome!
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