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  1. I've found that a drop or two of water will 'float' on the parchment paper, which I find is enough to thin the paint as and when I need to. It reduces the amount of too and fro, but I'm lazy!
  2. Thanks for all your generous comments everyone I think one of the reasons these are vibrant is I did them after spending a couple weeks doing a much more dour crowd for a commission
  3. These have been in the stash for a while and this week I finally got some paint on them. As usual, there are more pictures on my Blog.
  4. Thank you :-) They are all from North Star's Frostgrave range. http://www.northstarfigures.com/list.php?man=195&page=1
  5. Some figures recently completed for a small Frostgrave commission. Loads more pictures on my blog
  6. Back home. It was the Reaper Royal Purple Triad (9708). I extended the range by using some black, thinly glazed into the deepest shadows. At the other end I used Reaper Ghost White (9063) mixed with the Amethyst Purple (from the triad) for the top most highlight. I almost certainly mixed the triad colours to get some intermediary shades, So, in all at least 7 shades. Hope that helps.
  7. Thanks again for the compliments everyone. Limey 72 - I used one of the Reaper purple triads and used some other deep purple, at one extreme, and white at the other, to extend their range. I'm away from home for a few days - when get back I'll give you a more precise answer ;-)
  8. Thank you for all the generous comments folks. Jartyth - the things to get right for small work like that is to have an excellent brush with a really good point (mine for such work is a W&N series 7 000) and to make sure the paint is very mobile but not too wet. I never do such work at the start of a session, only once I've got my hand in. I think quite a bit of it is having practice and having built the muscle memory over time to get good control. It might also help to put a layer of gloss varnish on first, to reduce brush drag and so maybe make it a bit easier.
  9. This is a 28mm Reaper Miniatures figure from their Dark Heaven Legends range called 'Heinz Stargazer' (03291). There are more pictures over on my blog.
  10. Hi All I am thinking of joining the Bones III Kickstarter - time is short! I am thinking of pledging a total of $110 What experience with import tax and VAT have previous UK backers had please? TIA Chris
  11. It is less dangerous than using it as a saw. No hands near the fret saw blade at any time.
  12. Never. The elastic band comes off once in a while but the bottle is knocked away from the saw. I worry more about the lid coming off, but that has not happened yet either after using it hundreds of times.
  13. Thanks Marineal I had found the editor, but I didn't realise that there are 'quick' and 'full' versions and your advice made me look again and I found the latter. Your help is appreciated.
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