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  1. I'm down in the Lebanon/Albany area. I don't do a lot with Reaper's games, but do a lot with minis. I've been playing GW's LOTR for a year (just a friend and I) and just got into PP's Warmachine/Hordes. I don't do a lot of RPG type stuff anymore due to time and to many other hobbies. I did get some bones though through the kickstarter, mostly to try them to see if i like em, and to get the paint set. mostly paint at the moment, trying to get better at it. and hoping to get into the Warmachine tourney scene, which is decent in this area.


    There is a Privateer Press Press Ganger trying hard to get Borderlands to be better towards minis and wargaming. There are two LGS in Corvallis, one is kinda blah towards wargamers and the other is strictly GW games, or better said strictly Warhammer games. Just an FYI, Evolution Games in Eugene is all about wargaming. Good tables and regular players.


    anyways, I don't get out of my house much since its connected to my work. I'll be moving to near Albany come January and hope to be making trips to Salem to play Warmachine at Borderlands.


    hit me up with an email, [email protected]



  2. So I got some new Reaper paints in the mail today! (as well as a Isengard Troll! Happy Early Fathers Day for me!) And I quickly opened them up and gave them a good shake and started putting a drop of paint on each lid to better see the color. two of my bottles were clogged. not a drop would come out. I took off the top part, rinsed it out, and used a small needle to get rid of any gunk.


    my questions is this. What do you do (other than keep the bottles upright) to maintain your paints life and usability?

  3. I'm switching over from GW paints to Reaper/Vallejo paints as my old ones run out. I've been using Reaper black primer and it's amazing. I just put in a order for flow improver and a few triads for my dwarf rangers. my questions is this. how much flow improver to paint. I'm sure everyone has their preference, I'm looking for a general starting point so i'm not wasting paint and such while i'm figuring it out.


    and is it true that the reaper paints already have flow improver in them?

  4. Hey all.


    I'm new to these boards. Been wargaming since mage knight and got into the craft part of it about a year ago. I play GW LOTR SBG, but my friend and i have started buying Reaper minis to make our own characters. (I also started using Reaper paints after i got tired of GW's paints)


    I have a few questions about some of the monsters that Reaper makes.


    1) I've wanted to get some spiders. Hows the scale compared to that of GW? The giant spiders seem like a match to theirs.


    2) Are there any Reaper Dragons or Trolls that fit the scale?


    Thanks for answering to those who do.


    Oh, Any Oregon gamers on here? Seems like this state lacks in the gamers. :(



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